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  • Not sure about all this

    How can a team look so good yet so bad??

    You go from a god awful look offense to a unstoppable to a clumsy, to a powerhouse, to a dumb founded, to great.

    I can not get a read on this team at all? Are we good, lucky, average, or bad?? I just don't get it!

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    Re: Not sure about all this

    Originally posted by RamWraith
    How can a team look so good yet so bad??

    You go from a god awful look offense to a unstoppable to a clumsy, to a powerhouse, to a dumb founded, to great.

    I can not get a read on this team at all? Are we good, lucky, average, or bad?? I just don't get it!
    I'm thinking the same things, Jason.

    I guess sometimes it is better to be lucky than good.

    So many mistakes by both teams.

    Hard to believe these are the best football players in the world. Bunch of overpaid bums.



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      Re: Not sure about all this

      Tums,Rolaids and Pepcid Complete are gonna make a fortune off of me this season!!!


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        Re: Not sure about all this

        So many mistakes by both teams. --Ferter
        Those penalties, good grief! :clanram:


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          Re: Not sure about all this

          Originally posted by Aries51
          Tums,Rolaids and Pepcid Complete are gonna make a fortune off of me this season!!!
          As is the Anhieuser-Busch family getting richer from me.

          I never pop the top on the first beer until we make the first really good play.
          My beer was lukewarm when Arch made the interception.
          By the time he was in the endzone, 12 of those 16 ounces were gone...


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            Re: Not sure about all this

            You know, it is not just the penalties...

            It's the whole thing. Going from all world to all stink is worse. This is 3 weeks of just pure emotional rollercoster for us fans. I think we all need to know if we are a playoff team or not. After 3 weeks I know I can't answer that. MAN! I am drained.

            Originally posted by RealRam
            Those penalties, good grief! :clanram:


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            • rNemesis
              I dont see how a team could be so bad....
              by rNemesis
              YEt be better than our Rams.

              I mean I just dont get what it takes to win in this league man. I am just tired of hearing the SAME OLD RAMS talk from all these so called analysts and experts and whoever else. Whenever we are playing a great or good team, we never get the pick , and probably rightfully so. But whenever we play a bad team, no matter what their record is now, was then, or what they predict it to be this year, its like they always pick us to lose. I dont see how a team could lose 12 games a year yet be "better than us"

              I dont see how a team could be 2-14 yet be " better than us"

              I MEAN COME ON GUYS!!! WHAT THE HELL IS THAT!!! BULLISH!!!! You cannot sit here and tell me that EVERY team in the league is "LEAPS AND BOUNDS" ahead of us and that " they only need a couple of pieces" yet " we have so many gaping holes'

              Let me tell you what I have been doing the past 3 painful years. I have been watching closely ( and understanding) what it takes to win in this league. I have watch us play every team in the NFL over that period, I think. And at some point you have to wonder " OK, when is this losing going to stop"? We have played everyone from the Colts and Saints straight down to the Lions and Chiefs. SO you sit and wonder after every loss if you are ever going to win because you see all the mistakes you make and all of the lack of impact players. Now all that is pretty much addressed, aside from a couple more positions, we have some good players on this team and we have STILL NOT won a game? BULLISH!!!

              NOW think about THAT my friends!! Think about why some other teams "suck" yet they can find a way to win some games. Why cant we?

              Biggest question I have ever tried to find the answer to, and probably also the most annoying. Dont tell me its because we have too many holes.
              -09-17-2010, 01:56 PM
            • swatter555
              The Rams are terrible
              by swatter555
              I don't post very often, but I feel compelled to voice my frustration about what I see happening this year. Today, the Rams were BAD, BAD, BAD. At this point, they are as bad as any time last year. Maybe some players are putting forward a decent effort from start to finish, but the stupid penalties say it all about this team's focus, motivation, and attention to detail.

              Frankly, our offense is very offensive. Sure Boller made some bonehead decisions, but he was under constant pressure and the playcalling was such that he had no opporntunity to establish a rhythm (if that would have even been possible). In addition, what the heck is Jackson doing hauling the rock in a lost cause? Jackson is the only player at our skill positions that is worth a darn, and we are wearing him down for a terrible team. We are wasting and even worse, abusing his tremendous talent. On a team with a decent o-line and a passing game, Jackson is a superstar.

              On the other hand, the defense shows alot of potential. Too bad they are only the field the whole game. If you think about it, with only one or two high profile players, the defense does pretty damn well. Even with the injuries, they come to play.

              The only thing we have to look forward to at this point is the draft, four games into the season. Of course, the only thing the Rams excel at is drafting mediocre players in the first round.

              Thats how I see it; watching the game today just plain hurt.
              -10-04-2009, 06:22 PM
            • rNemesis
              Please read this!!! This is very important
              by rNemesis
              Hello again its me the Rams fan from the Bahamas. I have got something to say about this team that I am sure everyone will not only agree on but might disagree on and have feedback for. And this is not something that has just come up , it's been on my mind for a long time now. Its something that has a plague in STL for about 3-4 years or so. It is starting to make me sick. It's the losing. And losing so much and badly at times.

              What I don't understand is that every other dog gone team in this league is playing competitive and are in games ( even the lions who are 0-15). We are getting killed on defense in EVERY game and we are not doing much with the ball when we do finally get it back. I don't know if I asked this question b4 but what makes a team bad? One thing, yes. Two or more things definitely more so. We are pathetic on offense and defense which is why we are bad. But it can be fixed rite? Yes, but I 'm sure thats a lot easier said than done.

              I don't so much mind having a high pick in the draft as the results of a terrible season. What I hate though is when the ppl responsible for picking smart, athletic and talented workhorses fail to do such. And what's worse, I dont know where it starts, whether it be the HC or FO ( probably more input from them). To top it all off, we have been doing this for quite a while, which is why this team lacks the aformentioned type of players who win games, and smart coaches.

              We are ranked 9th best since the merger ( 1970) only behind the boys, niners, steel men, fish, pats skins, g-men, and raiders. We drafted a great future in Chris Long last year and Adam Carriker in 2007. But my concern is having a good draft so that we can improve dramatically like other teams did, looking towards FA and trades for help. Every team has a CULTURE, that is, what they normally would do and how successful they are because of it. BUT here's the big question. Why doesnt a teams culture change as the decades go by? And if it does, then why cant OURS?? Right now, even though this has changed a bit to a more passing balanced style, the Steelers are " run the football and stop the run and play good defense". Our culture has seemed to be high powered offense, but THAT isn't even a strength right now. We normally have opportunistic defense that feeds off of a good lead or just any lead, outscoring teams, defense breaking down badly BUT stiffing up when necessary.

              But as far as this season is concerned, I know we are bad. It was written off from 0-3. You dont need a genius to figure that out. Offensive line protection sucks, running game is a bit iffy, no real threat at WR, defense is very soft and gives up plenty big plays, and we lose BADLY all the time. It's like other teams dont lose BADLY all the time; they might lose badly here and there and then come back and get you there. But we never come back, never recover and we keep finding ways...
              -12-22-2008, 07:02 PM
            • theodus69
              I will weigh in now!!!!!!!!!!!!
              by theodus69
              I love this team. But like my kids , I will scold them too. This is a bad team. Bad contracts are gonna kill this team. If you are happy with great #'s by jack and Bulger except in the redzone. Well expect to keep losing. This is a very very bad team. I hope 0-16 isn't a possiblity, but oh it might become reality. Kurt.........Where are you. You were cast away when the line was at it's worst, but you were the blame.Not like the goldenboy or should I say the rotten egg, but hang in there kid. the rams organization will see what they gave u up for...............Nothing. that's gotta hurt!!!!!!!Faulk, why there was any contraversy between u and [email protected]$$0n. you will always be ten teirs above him. it's great to see the disabled FO let go of the disabled that play better than the crap they put all their money on. this is a time for rebuilding. Don't blame anyone . the FO, bad deals & players and bad coaching jobs, that's just a cop out. Just blame your TV screen.It's electronic not human!!!!!!
              -09-14-2008, 02:59 AM
            • bruce4life
              How are we so bad year in and year out????
              by bruce4life
              I love the rams but fml guys this is getting out of hand... To be the laughing stock of the league every year.... Speachless I am speachless I am...
              -10-23-2011, 06:11 PM