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  • Respect????

    After a fantastic and convincing victory over the Packers I visited and sure enough the playoff section was overloaded with Mcnabb propaganda.Tom Jackson has predicted an Eagles/Steelers Superbowl!What a joke!I know the Eagles deserve respect and are a very good team,but the media still loves to downplay the Rams success.Well let them.In week 1 we beat the Eagles with an out of sync offense and an inexperienced defense.We have improved dramatically since then,and yes,the Eagles have improved also,but our defense has made huge strides all season long.Right now Mcnabb is red-hot,but is he the Michael Jordan of football?What do you all think of this match-up?
    This is our last NFC opponent this season and every ClanRammers insights and opinions are important to this Rams fan.So what do you all expect to see against the Eagles?

    :angryram: GO RAMS! STAY FOCUSED! WIN!:shield:

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    I think the game next week will be tough one and I know we are going to be bombaded with how Mcnabb can run here and throw there. Boy are the media going to talk about that overtime win where the Eagles defence nearly had us!! I'll be sick of it by the end of the week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BUTTTTTTTTT

    1) OK our offence was off sinc yesterday but Martz will have that solved by next week!! We have seen their defence and MAD Martz will find those holes and attack them

    2) The Rams offence have seen those blitzes and the offensive line will be ready. Tucker we hope will be back but Jones did a good job last night as his replacement

    3)Troy Vincent had a groin injury yesterday and is uncertain for next week and he's their best cover CB

    4)OUR DEFENCE IT contained Mcnabb last time and his running lanes and with there confidence NOW, I see they will do it again, There recievers have improved from last time but Williams and Co will shut them down!!!!!!! We must watch for Chad Lewis he has become more involved during the last couple of weeks

    5) We will be playing at home on our terms and the DOME was rocking yesterday!

    :o I just don't care what MR. TOM OATES has to say, it is what happens on the field that counts and we will be laughing at the end. Lets face it, the league loves to knock the RAMS

    :angryram: RAMS FOREVER!!!
    "The breakfast Club":helmet:


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      As a Rams fan living in Philadelphia, I must say this will be an interesting week. I agree the national media is dissing the Rams, but I've grown numb to it and actually expect it. This type of coverage has provided the boys with the chip on their shoulder necessary to win it all.

      Like I said, I live in Philadelphia and will be hearing all the drunken drivel from Eagles fans for an entire week. Not to my surprise when I woke up this morning and turned on the local radio sports station, only to hear the whining about how they should have beaten the Rams in week 1. I guess they forgot that week 1 was the first game for a new defense with 8 new starters and that they had 6 months to prepare and we had to play on that ice skating rink they call turf at the Vet. I won't even mention that it was 17-3 and they Eagles got a lucky bounce off of Jeff Robinson's helmet for an interception as the Rams were preparing to score again. I won't mention the punt return for a touchdown that was called back. I won't mention alot of things, but this weekend will put the Eagles where they belong, below the Rams...

      Yes, the Donovan McNabb comparisions are in full flight. He is, as you all know, the second coming of Joe Montana with his pinpoint passing. Oh well, let the media say what they want, this game will be won by the best team, the Rams.

      I will keep you posted on the slop that is inevitably going to said this week in Philly. I feel an obligation to my fellow Ram fans to give an accurate depiction of what exactly is being said in Philadelphia.


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        Thanks for the Philly insight DUKE. I am originally from that area (about 90 miles north, Phillipsburg, NJ) and know all to well how the media and fans handle their Eagles. No one will mention the Rams defense of week 18, only the new defense of week 1. They can focus all they want on the fact that they almost won 18 weeks ago but the fact is, they lost then to a brand new defense with a brand new coach with brand new players at home. Kurt and Marshall hardly played in the preseason and were both pretty rusty for opening day. Let's see how they react to the pressure of playing on the road in the NFC Championship game against a defense that they really know nothing about. I hope they do gameplan using the week 1 tape. All the better for us.

        GO DEFENSE!!!!!


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          Hey RAMSWIN, you Stateliner you. I grew up in Easton across the river.

          You're right about the fan base up there, but since I moved down closer to Philly, I've got to say they are worse than you can imagine. You can't even call the sports radio station and have an intelligent conversation becuase they will just cut you off and call you a moron. I don't even try.


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            Hey Duke!

            Small world. No, I have to say that I hate everything about that town and the northeast in general. I claim it only because I have to claim somewhere. I haven't been to a P'Burg football game in 15 years and don't plan on going to one anytime soon. The only reason I go there at all is because I still have a sister there (poor girl). It's amazing to me how depressing the whole P'Burg, Easton area is. It's like post war depression up there. My wife has family in Macungie, Pa. (outside of Allentown) so we go up a couple of time a year. Used to live in Easton a few years back though on 5th Street, right off of Northampton by the State Theater.

            Go Rovers!!!!!


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              To H with respect, I want the trophy

              Its time to finally take into consideration what all the pundits and prognasticators don't realize: what they say means SQWAT!!!!! Merrill Hoge? Glad you quit playing before you became a mall walker. Terry Bradshaw? You won four Super Bowls, but I doubt an Emmy is coming your way anytime soon. Randy Cross? I don't think you have watched the Rams all year after the prediction of high scoring you made last week.

              All I care about is putting another Super Bowl trophy in Rams Park. Period. Let the Eagles, Steelers, and Pats have all the press.


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                All I care about is putting another Super Bowl trophy in Rams Park. Period. Let the Eagles, Steelers, and Pats have all the press.
                The perfect response. Couldn't agree more.


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                • gem18ram
                  Eagles Propaganda
                  by gem18ram
                  Hey fellow Ram fans. A buddy of mine (well not really) who is a Eagle fan sent me this:


                  'Rams love Eagles, tastes like chicken'...
                  -01-22-2002, 05:51 PM
                • RamWraith
                  And about this Philly crap!!!
                  by RamWraith
                  f I here one more media/football guru say how Philly gave us the game on Monday night I am going to puke and maybe even go postal!!

                  Last time I checked we won against Philly's #1 defense. The only person that sat from that game was Kearse on that side of the ball. We have beat this team how many other times with the same exact offense that is on the field now. Without Owens the Eagles are the exact team we have been beating since 1999.

                  So put that in your pipe and smoke it!!
                  -01-09-2005, 09:02 AM
                • Rambos
                  The Eagles should have beaten us on Monday night.
                  by Rambos
                  This could really come back and bit them. We are not the same team we where then just three weeks ago, not sure we belonged with the best of the best. But after the Eagles played soft against us and we won that game, here we are. We are a young, healthy, confident playoff team that has really just one two-playoff game in a row. We have momentum and we are getting better every week. The Eagles had the chance but decided to rest player. I’m not sure but we have won a big game ot two and with no TO hmmmm.
                  -01-09-2005, 07:01 AM
                • DJRamFan
                  [Eagles] A DAY AFTER ... TIME TO REGROUP
                  by DJRamFan
                  December 21, 2004
                  By DAVE SPADARO

                  As Terrell Owens moves one day closer to surgery on his injured right ankle/leg, the Eagles have a game against St. Louis to prepare for and a playoff season to face without T.O.
                  Reaction among the players to the news that Owens will be lost through the NFC playoffs was dramatic and the mood was upbeat: The Eagles will move on.

                  "We know what T.O. means to the team. He's a great player and we hope he comes back and helps us," said wide receiver Freddie Mitchell, who is expected to start in Owens' absence. "At the same time, we're a team. We have other great players to step up in and fill the void. That's our approach. The games continue. We didn't get to 13-1 because of one player. We've had this situation before and we know how to overcome these kinds of injuries."

                  Players like Greg Lewis have to step up
                  Head coach Andy Reid has yet to announce his plans for the two remaining regular season games -- at St. Louis on Monday night and home with the Bengals on January 2. He'll want to look at his offense, one would presume, without Owens.

                  That means the Eagles may continue to play quarterback Donovan McNabb a bit to develop timing and rhythm with other receivers, specifically second-year man Billy McMullen, who could hae a significant role in the final two games here.

                  "That's the approach I would take," said ESPN analyst and former Eagles quarterback Ron Jaworski. "You want to have a little something going once you get to the playoffs. You don't want to be right there in a playoff situation not having any kind of game experience to fall back on. So I would imagine Andy will play Donovan a little bit on Monday night, just so he can get a few throws out to his new group of receivers.

                  "I think it's a blow to lose T.O., but the Eagles are still the best team in the NFC. They still have weapons on offense. Brian Westbrook is still there. Andy and his staff are as good as anybody at scheming and coming up with favorable matchups. Not having T.O. makes it more difficult, but the coaching staff will find a way."

                  Said wide receiver Greg Lewis: "Obviously T.O. is a big part of our team, but this just means we have other players who need to contribute. You have to be ready in the NFL. They always say you're one play away. The time is now to take the next step. We don't have T.O. around for a while to make plays. It's on us."

                  These final regular season games are meaningless as far as the standings go, but they will provide a great testing group for the Eagles and the offense. Mitchell, Lewis, Todd Pinkston and McMullen now must be an even more integral part of the passing game.

                  While it's unlikely the Eagles will unveil any new tricks in the next two weeks, they do want to have confidence in the attack...
                  -12-21-2004, 10:38 AM
                • txramsfan
                  Philadelphia no shoo in
                  by txramsfan

                  An ominous omen for a season with all the potential to fulfill promises, or an excuse for frantic Eagles fans to fret?

                  Whether or not the sore right shoulder of Donovan McNabb proves to be a serious injury, the Eagles are hopeful McNabb can carry their offense in 2004. And after three consecutive failed attempts to journey beyond the NFC title game, the Eagles know any trip to Jacksonville is contingent on McNabb’s health.

                  Andy Reid says he’s not worried. Even after a pair of organized team activities in which Jeff Blake was the team’s No. 1 quarterback (No. 2 QB Koy Detmer recently underwent knee surgery), Reid believes nothing that happens in June can hinder the team in January. Always spinning positives, Reid told the media the injuries to the top two quarterbacks allowed them to get Blake the prescribed number of reps.

                  Sure, there is a lot of white space on the calendar between today and July 30, when veterans report to Eagles training camp, and we’re a full three months clear of the Eagles-Giants season opener. But the pressure of three failed bids to win the NFC title continues to build. If the Eagles’ window of opportunity is to remain open, Philadelphia has to show its fans the promised land.

                  The Eagles have broken from their usual financial strategy of spending only on their own emerging, under-30 stars in the offseason. The additions of impact free-agent talent that includes DE Jevon Kearse and WR Terrell Owens cost the Eagles $26.3 million up front, two players who haven’t played a full season in either of their last two. But their impact could be profound, and it must be for the Eagles to realize their Super Bowl dreams in Jacksonville. Owens’ presence should benefit the offense twofold. Obviously, he gives the Eagles a much-needed No. 1 target. With Todd Pinkston and James Thrash serving as McNabb’s top options in years past, Owens is a major upgrade. With Champ Bailey out of the division, McNabb should never enter a Tuesday film session fretting over a divisional matchup with Bailey. The best corner in the division is probably second-year Cowboys LCB Terence Newman unless Will Peterson comes back at 100 percent for the Giants.

                  Without the aid of an elite cornerback, every division foe should be expected to provide help in the form of a free safety or extra defensive back. Banking on steady double-teams on Owens is a major reason the Eagles are so amped about their running game. With a tremendous line of run blockers, expect breakout seasons from Correll Buckhalter and Brian Westbrook. Buckhalter has the build of an every-down back without being considered an upper-echelon runner. Reid and offensive coordinator Brad Childress plan to continue a rotation at the position, using scatback Westbrook as a change-of-pace back and do-it-all type. Reno Mahe...
                  -06-18-2004, 07:52 AM