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  • Drumroll please...

    ...this week we have a tie. Two predictions were off by 3, just in opposite directions. Those two are:

    RamDez 42-17
    joeramfan 48-17

    You guys are the bestest and get the bestest hugs.
    This time just a kiss on the cheek since I know the marital status of one but not the other. Sorry, that'll have to do.

    I was surprised that with 3 pages of predictions that we didn't have one that nailed it on the head. Predicting the Packers as the losers was the easy part.

    Runners up in no particular order are: k-platinum 41-19, Crumbwell 42-20, valerius 45-12, RAMSWIN 42-16! Hugs all around!

    Always though, the ultimate winners are the Rams getting that much closer to another pretty ring and the fans for getting to be a part of it all.

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    I guess I can accept an honorable mention for my score;) but I think I was the only one of the lot that picked a defensive TD:o . I hate to brag MSWISTRAM but that was the call of the weak!!! I had a Steeler fan tell me last week that the Rams had a "beautiful offense but no defense." I hope he was watching. This defense is not only good, they are simply awesome. It's funny to me how the blame is going to Brett Favre and virtually no credit is given to this D. That's a good thing. The press will continue to talk about our offense this week and neglect our defense. As the Eagles try to find a game plan to stop our offense (like the Packers did), the D will be waiting. I love it!! GO DEFENSE!!!!


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    • laram0
      Packers @ RAMS (Predictions)
      by laram0
      I'm really feeling like we can win this game.

      RAMS 38
      Packers 27

      Even though the Packers are going to be forced into a one dimensional offense (passing) they will be tough. I like how our defense matches up with the Packers. Especially our front 7. Rodgers is going to be pressured and I see us getting a few takeaways. Our defense is going to give our offense some short field situations and we will capitalize with TD's, finally!
      -10-18-2012, 03:34 PM
    • Guest's Avatar
      I want Game Predictions Banned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      by Guest
      Because every week you people sit here and pick the score. it does us no good so please i am asking you please stop with the game predictions. to tell you the truth it is a jinx, what it does is it get's all of us ram fans cocky and when we lose you go blaming the coaching staff. if God wanted us to win we would. so please stop doing game picks.:clanram:
      -12-19-2005, 10:19 AM
    • jjigga3000
      My Predictions for next season. Part I
      by jjigga3000
      How will the Rams shape up this year, here's my two cents, We know we have a pretty difficult schedule, so lets take a look at it.

      Carolina: They ranked 24 overall in offense, ranked 16 passing, and ranked 24 rushing. They ranked 7 overall, on defense, 4 against the pass, and 11 against the run. I would talk about major additions but that's way too much writing. Anyhow, we were unable to score against them last year, partly due to the lack of redzone weapons. With the addition of Bennett, and McMicheal, this offseasonn, that posses multiple options within the 20 yard line. Also with the game being at home I see a different outcome than last year. My prediction 24-10 Rams

      *****: 26 Overall offense, 29 passing, and 6 rushing, 26 overall defense, 26 against the pass, and 19 against the run. We split games with them last year, and anytime we play the *****, all bets are off. But with improved weapons on offense, and hopefully a defense that will be better against the run. I see the outcome of this game as a win. Prediction 31-17 Rams

      Typing all these rankings takes to long so I'm just going to type overall, you all can look up the rest of the stats for yourselves.

      Bucs: Offense 28, Defense 17. The Bucs were horrible last year, Although they did pick up Garcia, he doesn't have a lot of weapons to throw to. The do have a good back, but I don't see a problem, and we should be able to go into Tampa and leave with 3 in a row. I see a blow out.
      Prediction 42-14 Rams

      Cowboys: Offense 5, Defense 13. They were a pretty well balance team, and have a big threat at receiver in T.O. They also made to the playoffs with two different QB's. This game will be a battle, because who do we match up against T.O. I suspect that Haslett will have some nice blitz packages for Mr. Romo. This game will be close.
      Prediction 20-17

      The Redbirds: Offense 18, Defense 29. As with the ***** we split games. The cards have threats at receiver, but the lack of a O line washes out their run game, and we were good against the pass last year. So with the addition of our new offensive weapons, and a better defense, and a new coaching staff for them. The Rams are of to a fast start with 5 in row, they do that pretty much every year don't they.
      Prediction 28-7

      Ravens: Offense 17, Defense 1. Our first problem team, and the fact that they are an away team is deadly. The offense is not that potent, but the defense can score on you. The fact that Bulger got the ball under control in Linehan's system bodes well for us. The Ravens have weapons at all facets of Defense. They have a great D line, They have Ray Lewis at the Mike, and a great secondary. I don't know if we'll win this game or not, I hope we do
      Prediction 17-14 Ravens

      Seahawks: Offense 18, Defense 19. The Hawks are on a decline, the team is getting...
      -06-05-2007, 06:02 PM
    • macrammer
      Week 8 Rams V Packers predictions
      by macrammer
      The 7-0 Rams are finally back home after 3 consecutive road games. This week, the Packers. The Pack has a 5 game win streak against the Rams. This series match-up is tied at 46-46-2. A victory this week will give the Rams their best start since 1969.

      Rams 38
      Packers 24

      What say you?
      -10-24-2018, 08:37 AM
    • RamDez
      Lion Game predictions please
      by RamDez
      Please post your game predictions here please.

      I will pick the best and post it on the front page .... so hurry, thanks all
      -10-05-2001, 08:15 AM