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  • Get your CHAMPIONSHIP GAME predictions in now

    Lets get it on

    RAMS 42 ...... Eagles 10 :rolleyes: :shield:

    Keeping the Rams Nation Talking

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    I agree to the extent that Philly is much better team then the Pack, but, its not going to be close!!



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      The Eagle defense is much better than Green Bay's. But they haven't proven to me that their offense is all that good. When McNabb is running all over the place making plays because you don't have an answer for him they can score points. But if you can contain him, they don't score. Let's not forget that although they are spewing the fact that they almost won in week 1 (almost...), this same team lost to both Arizona and Washington this season. Washington in particular hounded McNabb all game with LaVar Arrington and frankly, he looked scared. The result: 3 points for the Eagles. If the Rams can contain him (and I think they can), the Eagles have nothing else. They have no running game even when he is on, and no passing game when he is off. The key to this game is containment.

      Early Prediction:

      Rams 31
      Eagles 10


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        I think it's gonna be a real tough close game and gonna have to go with:

        :ram: 31

        Eagles 21


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          Well, if the offense can get on track this week, and the defense keeps up its intensity – the RAMS will prevail and demolish whoever gets to play them in Super Bowl XXXVI.

          The Eagles played the RAMS tough in week one, but the defense was just getting started. This is a different team than the one who played them in the first game of the season.

          I gave Green Bay a chance last week. Philadelphia won’t be so lucky. :evil:

          Eagles 17
          RAMS 31

          Always a Rams Fan............

          Rex Allen Markel


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            I think it will be a relatively close game, speaking in Rams terms.

            Rams 38
            Eagles 17

            Rams finally finish what they started in week 1. This time though we put them away and it doesent come down to a fumbled kickoff. As long as McNabb is contained and he isn't allowed to run free it is not close. Lets just put it all on McNabb's shoulders to throw and try to beat us. I can't see it. They can't run and they manage the clock worse than any team in the league. Add the extra motivation of the national media disrespecting the Rams and sprinkle in some smack that is bound to come from Hugh Douglass and the rest of those load mouth Eagles fans and you've got the directions to New Orleans.


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              Not wavering from my 40's theme:

              Rams 47
              Eagles 3


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                I will stick with a close prediction just because.......

                RAMS 24 EAGLES 17

                :angryram: GO RAMS! STAY FOCUSED! WIN!:shield:


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                  The eagles look nasty. They will remember week one, we are not an unknown factor to them. This works both ways a realize, but that defense is scary. Ours is great too. McNabb has turned into a superstar. Warner has been one for a couple of years now. I just have a bad feeling about this one guys (and gals). Flame me if you must, kick me off of the board, ignore me or whatever, but I think it is going to be a tough day sunday.

                  Eagles - 24
                  Rams - 10

                  I pray I am wrong. I would love to come back here and have you all tell me what a loser I am for picking such a score.

                  GO RAMS!!! PLEASE prove me and Tom Jackson wrong.



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                    The key to this game is contain MCNABB!!!!!!

                    They did it in week 1 and now in the playoffs the EAGLES will be facing an even more confident bunch!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                    :o RAMS 35

                    :confused: EAGLES 13

                    :lid: ELEVEN MEN BELIEVED IN 99 AND THEY WILL DO IT AGAIN IN 2001
                    "The breakfast Club":helmet:


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                      Rams Dominate...

                      Rams 38
                      Wiggles 18


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                        radjohns, you're out of your mind. Get with it Bro. Everything is going to be okay. Believe it.

                        First thing you have to do is stop listening to Tom Jackson, he's an idiot.

                        Second thing you need to do is believe, my friend. This team is the real deal.

                        No one stops this team this year!!!
                        Last edited by Guest; -01-21-2002, 05:05 PM.


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                          NFC Championship score

                          :ram: 's 38
                          Pigeons 13

                          :shield: :king: See ya in New Orleans


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                            Rams 34
                            Eagles 10

                            Eagles can't run...(except for McNabb)...



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                              In keeping with my tradition of predicting a loss to guarantee a victory

                              Eagles 27
                              Rams 24
                              Last edited by Guest; -01-22-2002, 08:07 AM.


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                              • Guest's Avatar
                                One Fan's Prediction: Rams 13 - Eagles 31
                                by Guest
                                Unfortunately, I have to put this game down as a loss. :|

                                I know some of you want me to pick this from my heart, but that's never worked before. Knowing Linehan and Haslett were gonna struggle most of the game. Our offensive line will get Bulger killed because their out of shape and unprepared. Our horrible secondary will be chasing them all day. Andy Reid will be out-scheming us as usual and there will be numerous "big plays" that many will be excusing. Saying "if we'd gotten rid of that 30-40-50-60 yard touchdown run and pass we'd have had a close game". Most however will be immediately demanding Linehans job. That's the only positive I can imagine.

                                Rams - 13
                                Eagles - 31

                                Another long season I'm fraid.
                                -08-30-2008, 02:28 PM
                              • LA Rammer
                                Rams vs Eagles Predictions
                                by LA Rammer
                                Been reading how Philly fans are so sure they will demolish the Rams and it won't even be close. Here is my take, we were suppose to have a good defense. Defense looks like it's getting off to a slow start. Austin Davis at helm gives us possibility of scoring some points.

                                The Eagles were on the 5 yard line vs whiners and goal. What do they do? Pass 4 times and lose the game. They don't know how to utilize Sproles.

                                My prediction Rams 27 Eagles 13
                                -10-01-2014, 03:24 PM
                              • gem18ram
                                Eagles Propaganda
                                by gem18ram
                                Hey fellow Ram fans. A buddy of mine (well not really) who is a Eagle fan sent me this:


                                'Rams love Eagles, tastes like chicken'...
                                -01-22-2002, 05:51 PM
                              • macrammer
                                Week 14 Rams v Eagles Prediction
                                by macrammer
                                The 11-2 Rams take on the 6-7 Philadelphia Eagles this week in what amounts to a key game for the Ram's late in the season. There is plenty on the line for both teams. The Eagle's lead this series 21-19-1.....and they have a 5 game winning streak against the Rams. It appears Wentz will miss this game. The Eagles have a rather porous defense but it is Sunday night football.

                                I fully expect a bounce back from our boys.

                                Rams 30
                                Eagles 16

                                what say you?...
                                -12-12-2018, 10:39 AM
                              • dgr828
                                The Philadelphia Story: Rams will 'Fly Like An Eagle' to 'LINC' up in Phily opener
                                by dgr828
                                The 2008 Rams may have their chances to start the season 1-0 as they will travel to Philadlphia to challenge the Eagles (September 7, 2008 / Lincoln Financial Field). In order to do this, the Rams need to take of the business at hand through the Draft, Free Agency, Traing Camp and Signings.

                                THE STORY OF PHILADELPHIA

                                This is the 75th season in the National Football League for the Philadelphia Eagles (1933-2008).

                                The eagles won the last 3 games of the 2007 season to finish 8-8.

                                QB Donovan McNabb missed most of last season with injuries.

                                RB Brian Westbrook lead the Eagles in rushing (1,333), receptions (90) and TDs (12).

                                Eagle resign TE L. J. Smith, cut DE Jevon Kearse and LB Takeo Spikes.

                                Philadelphia holds the 19th pick in the 2008 Draft. (Reports have them shopping CB Lito Sheppard)

                                Rams will meet up with ol' friend WR Kevin Curtis. The Eagles were active in trying aquire WR Randy Moss and Larry Fitzgerald and are now looking into Chad Johnson.

                                The Eagles are coached by Andy Reid who's had off-the-field drug related issues involving his sons the past year. Reid a 2 times coach of the year has a winning percentage of .621 .

                                Eagles have a Strong RT in John Runyan. QB A. J. Feeley did a good job of filling in for an injured McNabb. Noticibles on the defense Asante Samuels, Brian Dawkins and Omar Gaither.

                                The Eagles will play on Thanksgiving day for the 1st time in 20 years, when they host the Arizona Cardinals.

                                Just a few thoughts on the Rams openning day opponent, though a bit early, Now is the time to prepare for the start of the new season.

                                Do the RAMS dare go into Philadelphia and take out the Eagles?

                                It Can Be Done! GO RAMS!
                                -04-20-2008, 03:20 PM