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  • Hate burns deep

    I spent many days pondering the thoughts I wrote in my last thread about how much our team is hated and what we fans have come to expect out of team.

    I have came up with onw conclusions and it took my Packer reletives to help me see it.


    This is the explanation I came up with on WHY we are the Rams...I LOVE IT

    Good Luck next week team!!!

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    So true. Think about how much we hated the 40whiners all those years..;)


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      I have my own theory on why the Rams are are disliked and not totally respected by the national media.

      1. Most of the coaches, players, fans and media types seem to only respect the old fashion traditional way that NFL football is played. If you listen to the national pregame shows or radio talk shows the the teams that play "smashmouth" football get the respect and admiration of the talking heads. It like if you don't run the ball 35 times a game you're not really playing football. I've even heard Parcells on his radio show say that he doesn't think anyone has really tested the Rams run defense. Old traditions die hard and until the Rams add a few more SB trophies they will never really be embraced by the media and fans of traditional NFL football. In a way it reminds me of how the ***** were perceived during their hayday under Bill Walsh....kinda of a highly skilled, finesse team run by an offensive genius. Anybody that watches Chris Berman's 2 minute drill or reads PFW know that they seldom give much credit to the Rams or don't pick them to win "big" games against the smashmouth teams.

      2. Mike Martz It seems like every other coach in the league plays not to lose and not to win. Since I live in Chicago I hear a lot of interviews with the Bears Off Coordinator John Shoop.....and he's just pathetic. I realize that the Bears don't have a lot of offensive talent but he's so afraid of making mistakes that they won't even take a chance to win a game.....even though they supposedly had a "great" defense. Shouldn't having a great defense allow you the luxury of taking some chances on offense? A lot of teams talk about being aggressive but Martz is the only coach I really see doing it and I think his counterparts take exception to this. Wouldn't Tony Dungy still have his job if he would have hired some like Martz to run his offense?

      3. Because the Rams are entertaining and score a lot of points the media perception of them is that they are arrogant, flashy pretty boys that don't like to get dirty and lack toughness. How else do you explain that every opponent seems to think that if they hit the Rams they'll curl up in the fetal position at midfield and quit playing? Nobody in the media ever gives them credit for being focused, tough, or how they win in all kinds of different ways and situations. All we ever hear are the stupid quotes of the week from the opposition, how many turnovers the Rams have or the typical formula to stop the Rams offense. Do any of these people do their homework?

      4. The media and fans still can't get over that the Rams went from being pathetic to an NFL power in such a short period of time. In the preaseson most down cast teams seem to think they can become the next Rams in the age of parity. They seem to forget that the Rams were good because they have talent, a good front office and an excellent coaching staff with great schemes. They weren't depending on a 5th place schedule and some luck to propel them to the playoffs.

      Sorry for being long winded.....just had to get this off my chest.




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        others have gotten over the rams getting better - it's the arrogant rams fans that haven't gotten over themselves...
        the hate has nothing to do with how good your team has everything to do with the fans not being respectable winners. enjoy your it will end at some point. then those of you who are too arrogant to see straight will have to go into hiding again!


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          right 1256, I had to chase half this thread into the smack area. If YOU want to continue, please post in the smack area, thanks :angryram: :evilram: :shield:

          Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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            right....sorry. didn't know that answering your fan's question of why people hate the rams was smack. but i WILL respect your request. which is A LOT more than.................


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              at least you have more balls than your team

              I have no problem with other fans posting in here as long as its, just football. When you cross the line (as is bound to happen) then the smack area is the safest place to be ;)

              Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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                here ya go! nice work by rams fans.....
                and you wonder why people hate you???????

                Author: Rich (
                Date: 01-21-02 22:06

                How the hell did you get into the playoffs? Freakin' hell, how could you be worse? I thought we were playing girl scouts last night. Could you be more embarrassed? And to top it off, you live in a little sh!thole of a punk town. HA HA HA HA HA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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                  why so bitter

                  you got it 1265. If only every existing rams fan in the world wasn't like this. And they were all like pack fans there wouldn't be one single smug or nasty rams fan in the world. Would there?
                  Last edited by rampower; -01-22-2002, 12:07 PM.
                  The Breakfast Club. You want cheese with that?


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                    another great ram fan.......

                    Author: 5621 (
                    Date: 01-21-02 16:15

                    Ok ***** need help *****...

                    I never claimed to be a tough guy...I just claimed you as my ***** and you are acting the part well *****.

                    Talk about language *****, you have mastered it...

                    You are a confused LITTLE man, ***** need help, this all bothers you way too much.

                    You see *****, its not the Packers I dislike, its the overgrown *****es LIKE YOU, that I despise...

                    By the way, have you posted your e-mail tough guy..*****



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                      12, thanks for pointing out that poster. We will send the ram police after them.

                      What the heck 12? Ok, Packer fans are the most loving, gentle, respectful, and non-threatening fans ever. They never talk unneccessary smack, they are always polite in public, and they never cause problems anywhere right?

                      Someone once said, sweep your own rug before you sweep someone elses. I'm sure that you can find several boards with Packers fans just mucking up the joint. I bet if you ask 10 Vikings fans on their board about Packers fans, you would get an earful of how terrible they are.


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                        SO WHAT ??

                        You have pointed out 2 Ram fans who are border line nutters and you are classing all Ram fans with the same brush ???

                        Oh brother. :rolleyes:

                        Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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                          Mmm, I will reply to you by pointing out that I know one fan board that automaticly BANS Packer fans because of their foul mouths.

                          You come on to THIS FORUM and try and pick a fight AFTER your team gets is collective butts whipped in front of an INTERNATIONAL AUDIENCE and you come crawling in here looking for us to diss other ram fans ...............

                          Man, How many times to I have to TELL you that if you want to do this, then get your self into the smack forum.

                          LAST WARNING :angryram:

                          Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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                          • RamWraith
                            Suck up to the networks, and other free advice for Martz
                            by RamWraith
                            BY JEFF GORDON
                            Post-Dispatch Online Sports Columnist

                            For the better part of two decades, I’ve campaigned vigorously to become a well-paid lackey for a professional sports coach.

                            Remember my impassioned defenses of Brian Sutter? When others decried the tedium of his dump-and-chase style, I steadfastly supported the truest of Blues. Hockey fans routinely accused me of being on the take as a result.

                            Remember the relentless pro-La Russa campaigns dating back into the 1990s? As the town continued to relish its memories of Whitey Herzog -– and disparage Tony La Russa in the process -– I diligently promoted all his successes here in Cardinal Nation.

                            Given La Russa’s generous support of abandoned pets, I found no shame in serving as Tony’s lapdog in the local media.

                            By and large, I’ve served as a Mike Martz apologist as well. Oh, sure, we’ve taken some gratuitous shots at Mad Mike here at, most vividly during the Chris Chandler debacle we saw coming a mile away.

                            But we kid because we care. We’ve consistently reminded fans that Martz is one of the more successful head coaches of his time and he is a better leader than he is given credit for.

                            So you can imagine my disappointment when I didn’t get a crack at the newly created position of Mike Martz Media Liaison at Rams Park. I have so much terrific advice to offer!

                            But the job went to a local radio personality instead, if sports talk radio reports and the various contributors to "Bernie’s Press Box" postings are accurate.

                            All I can do is collect my thoughts from more than 25 years of studying coaches and share some of them here, for free:

                            MY ADVICE TO MIKE

                            1. Ignore what is said or written in the media. Admittedly, following that suggestion would preclude him from getting this invaluable advice in this first place . . . but we all know that Mike is fully aware of everything said and written about him.

                            But this ought to be the last piece of media drivel he ever takes to heart. What do most of us REALLY know about football? Our job is to ask players, coaches, scouts, etc., for insights we can pass along to the fans.

                            Our job also is to rile up the fans and stir debate in the various mediums. Coaches should be generally aware of the media and public perception of them, but surfing the Net or listening to sports talk radio is a bad idea -– especially if they harbor any insecurity whatsoever.

                            Increasingly, reasoned discourse has given way to sophomoric name-calling in the sports media game. Coaches shouldn’t take any of it to heart.

                            2. Don’t admit all your screw-ups. It’s OK to acknowledge that particular plays didn’t pan out, but always give credit to the other side for executing an offensive play or making an excellent read on...
                            -06-07-2005, 03:25 PM
                          • RamsFanSam
                            Are the fans ruining the NFL?
                            by RamsFanSam
                            The behavior of football fans the past few seasons seems to have degraded into the abyss. There have been accounts of players being assaulted by snowballs, cups of beer, even physical altercations. Fans of visiting teams, while prepared for verbal taunts, are risking their safety when walking into the stands at some stadiums.

                            Then we have the so-called 'smack talking' fans.

                            Maybe MOM is onto something. She said that the 'everyone's a winner!' mentality is part of the problem. You know the kind - a kid goes into a soccer game (or other competition), doesn't do anything to contribute, and when the game is over, "Everyone Wins!!!" Or 'Johnny', the proverbial kid, gets promoted to the next grade level even though he can't read, can't add 1 + 1, and doesn't try to learn.

                            This does nothing but teach kids that they can get away with anything, and it's OK. You can't read? Well, we care about your self-esteem, so here's your high school diploma anyway. You kicked the soccer ball into the wrong goal? Oh, well, you're still a winner. You went to schhol, just like you should, so let's give you an award!

                            Teaching kids about winning AND losing is no longer being done. When you are 6 years old, losing a game can hurt. A good adult role model (parent, teacher, coach, etc.) should be able to feel that hurt with the child, dry the child's tears, explain that losing is OK as long as you tried your hardest, there is no shame in losing to a better opponent, and that the way to win is to practice, learn, and practice more until you are as good as you can be. One other thing we should be teaching our kids: You will never learn everything about anything. When the day comes that you think you know it all, you should retire, for you will never get any better.

                            We all know that there will always be fair-weather fans and bandwagon fans, just as there are die-hard fans. There are players that exhibit juvenile behavior (insert name of bratty, attention-seeking player here), and players who keep their mouth shut and let their performance speak for itself.

                            Players and fans need to learn that respect is earned. As long as they act like mentally impaired third grade felons, that is how the rest of the world will view them, and will treat them accordingly. A good example of this occured a couple of weeks ago, at the Saints-Cowboys game. The game was winding down, the Saints were up 42-17, 3:00 left in the fourth quarter, and had just gotten a first down on the Dallas 6 yard line. One play, and they could have scored, making the score 48-17. Instead of adding insult to injury, the Saints showed some class - they took a knee...four times. Dallas got the ball back, and did the same thing. No running up the score, no taunting, no name calling.

                            After showing a lot of class by their play this season, the Saints did one better - they showed how to be gracious in a victory....
                            -12-17-2006, 07:45 AM
                          • AvengerRam_old
                            Too Many Rams Fans Don't Know "Special" When They See It (Pre-Hiatus Thoughts)
                            by AvengerRam_old
                            I guess I thought you'd be here forever. Another illusion I chose to create. Don't know what you've got until its gone. And I found out a little too late. - Chicago

                            The logical side of my mind has struggled with this question for a while: how can people who identify themselves as Ram fans continually nitpick at aspects of the team that, though not perfect, hardly warrant such harsh criticism?

                            The way some fans talk about a coach with a very high winning percentage as if he's a clown with no business coaching... the way they can't wait to get rid of a QB with a 90+ lifetime QB rating... the way they look at a second year RB who is producing despite playing behind a patchwork line and talk about him like he's the problem...

                            It just makes no sense, unless...

                            I finally figured it out.

                            The problem is 1999. The greatest year in Rams history has had a nasty side effect. Certain fans just don't get how special that year was and, as a result, are unable to accept that a year like that may come only once in a lifetime.

                            How often does a team pick up key veterans and rookies, take the league by storm with a dynamic new offense, enjoy career years from several defensive players, make it through the season nearly injury free, find an MVP on the bench to replace the one key player who suffers a major injury, and have all the pieces fall into place for a playoff run ending in a Championship?

                            Why not ask fans of the Seahawks, Cardinals, Oilers/Titans, Chargers, Chiefs, Bills, Lions, Saints, Jets, and many others how long they've been waiting for a year like that.

                            Some fans have become so myopic as a result of that "dream season," that they see everything in black and white. If its not GSOT, it "sucks."

                            Well, my friends, that's not how the real world works. As a fan, you have to do more than describe everything as "good" or "bad." There's also "adequate," "improving," "promising," "declining," "limited," "situational," "underachieving," "overachieving," and "undetermined," to name a few.

                            To always seek perfection is to lose sight of just how special 1999 was. A year like that doesn't come around very often, so savor it, crave it, and seek it... but don't expect it.

                            Anyway, I obviously need to step away from this forum for a little while. I don't know how long I'll be gone. Maybe a day or two, maybe longer. Maybe I'll lurk about, maybe not.

                            I'll see you when I see you.
                            -12-13-2005, 01:15 PM
                          • RamsFanSam
                            Let's All Panic, Demand Firings, And Act Insane!!
                            by RamsFanSam
                            OMG! We just lost by 44 points! The sky just fell, and NO ONE was prepared for the Rams to lose this game!!! The world is ending!!! It's Armageddon!!!! Next thing you know, there will be a show about amateur singers on Fox!!!

                            OK, so I'm overreacting like 90% of you are. Step back and take a breath!

                            Haslett has a BIG job ahead of him. First, he has to take this "reject squad" Linehan put together, and get them to believe in themselves again. Some never gave up, but a lot of the guys did.

                            So where are the problems?

                            1. The O line - they have moments of brilliance, but for the most part, they ALL look pathetic.

                            2. Bulger. I was even yelling for him to be benched today - and you all know I rarely give up on our QB. Today, he looked as bad as Rosie O'Donnell in Spandex. I think he needs to sit until he remembers how to play like he did in 2006.

                            3. Our secondary. Clearly, half of these guys will be gone next year.

                            4. Our RB situation - we put all of our eggs in one basket. We just didn't know that basket had holes in it.

                            5. OUR FANS. We really need to look in the mirror. When you are at work, do you do better with a little belief and encouragement, or do you work better with people on your rear end all day long? Personally, if my co-workers and the hospital patients were only spouting negatives at me all day long, I'd be very vocal about things - then I'd tell them where to go, and it sure isn't going to be Tahiti. Seriously, I know it's hard to have faith in a team that sucks like a Hoover, but unless and until the fans change their attitude, the players won't want to change their attitude, either.

                            6. The coaching staff - seriously, guys, why do you insist on entering a marathon while you are still on crutches? Watch a movie called "What About Bob?". Then remember - BABY STEPS!!!

                            Rant over. Whine and gripe, then fall off what bandwagon is left, or offer some constructive discussion. It's up to you.
                            -11-09-2008, 01:09 PM
                          • UtterBlitz
                            Redskins's Synder under fire by the media and the fans
                            by UtterBlitz
                            here is an article about one of the coaches defending Dan Snyder, owner of the redskins. The media and the fans are all up in arms about Dan Snyder and the way he runs the team. I am happy to see it. The redskins are the first team that brought me into watching football and Snyder has pushed me away from the team. I can't stand the way the man runs the team and makes bad football decisions. The stadium is not that impressive and the prices are ridiculous. Recently, Gibbs was let go, and so were the OC and the DC. Jim Zorn from Seattle was brought in and made HC. He has no experience as a HC and he was suppose to be the play caller. I blame Dan Snyder for all the coaching changes. Gregg Williams would have been the better decision for head coach, but instead Jim Zorn QB coach got the position.

                            I personally hope that the fans and the media make their point. I wish Dan Snyder would sell the team, or step back and make no football decisions. The fan base is still strong, but they are angry now.

                            Have you heard anything about this in other parts of the country? It is everyday news here in DC.

                            Redskins Coach Breaks Silence, Defends Danny
                            Blache doesn't talk defense, but defends Snyder
                            By CHRIS NEEDHAM
                            Updated 10:15 AM EST, Fri, Nov 6, 2009

                            Print Email Share Buzz up! TWITTER FACEBOOK

                            Getty Images

                            Oh, so NOW Greg Blache wants to speak. The prickly defensive coordinator who doesn't like to answer questions, especially from no-nothings like you, has finally decided to speak up. And why? To defend the guy who signs his checks.

                            Blache has steadfastly avoided the media for weeks, circumventing the rules that require coaches to provide media availability by sending one of his underlings to answer questions, because he just didn't like the sass he was getting.

                            He decided he wanted to sound off, to defend not his team's defense, but his billionaire boss from John Riggins' assaults. How touching. The Times helpfully provides the transcript.

                            "I saw a comment that John Riggins had made about Mr. Snyder. It really bothered me. There has been a lot of criticism of him over the last few weeks. This is man I've known for six years and in the six years I've never seen John Riggins here."

                            And that means what? Outsiders can't have valid points? Outsiders can't come to the conclusion that the Snyder/Vinny relationship is killing the team?

                            "To hear such a vicious criticism of somebody I consider not just my employer, but a good friend, bothered me."

                            And that's an example of what's wrong with Snyder. He shouldn't be good friends with anyone on the team. That doesn't mean there shouldn't be a healthy respect or that they shouldn't like each other, but "good friend" implies there's not the level of distance there probably should be....
                            -11-06-2009, 12:46 PM