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  • Ram fever

    I have been a Ram fan for a long time and still get an absolutely
    incredible nervous stomach when I watch them! I can never
    relax! Loved the game yesterday but am already anxious about
    the game next week against the Eagles. Our defense needs to
    be on top of their game like yesterday. McNabb seems to be
    almost unstopable. Our Defense needs to be super Heroes
    like yesterday. Awesome! Oh gosh, I think I'm gonna throw up!:confused: :eek:
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    Easy Romanfan, its Monday.

    Glad you are here, welcome to the Clan. Big game this week, stay focused.




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      hehehe, I know the feeling mate :rolleyes:

      It never changes, I always feel nervous, even if we are playing a easy game like the aints heheheehe. :king:

      Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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        Same here, I'm ALWAYS nervous.. :eek:



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          Gabrielfan,Relax,take a deep breath,and say to yourself:theres no place like home,theres no place like home.Remember, we are playing this game in St.Louis and we are gonna win!

          :angryram: GO RAMS! STAY FOCUSED! WIN!:shield:


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            hear you!!

            I feel your pain bud...ALL WEEK is built with antisipation Sunday I am up at 4:30 am cause I am so worked up.


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              Don't worry mate, I think alot of us feel the same, I know I do, I'm nervous already and it's only TUESDAY!!!!

              I still have no voice left from shouting at the radio on sunday

              :lid: GO RAMS
              "The breakfast Club":helmet:


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                Just saying here! It's good to have a home now. I'm a displaced Rams fan...have been since they moved to St. Louis.

                I'm in the Air Force currently station in the DC all i get is Redskins/Ravens stuff! I was at Scott AFB IL from 87-98 so I miss the Rams terribly!



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                  hey Toxic Twin

                  Welcome to the ClanRam, were all Ram fans, the WORLD over, are welcome :shield: :ram: :shield:

                  Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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                    Much appreciated RamDez!:lid:


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                      Welcome Toxic Twin, I'm new here, too, but an avid Rams fan,
                      have been since the 70's. I know how you feel when you live
                      back east. We were stationed in VA in the early 80's and all
                      we got was the RedSkins, yuk! We're ex Navy BUT our son-in-
                      law is ex-AirForce!!!!! Anyway, I'm so glad to know that there
                      are others that go emotionally bonkers as I do when the Rams
                      are playing, especially in the play-offs! I just love them!!!!
                      Go Rams. :shield: :angryram: :evilram:


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                        Also a Gabriel fan, from 1966...

                        Hi Gabrielfan! Below is the reply I sent to Stlraminthebowl, I hope you don't mind. :o

                        [Self quoting] Hang in there Stlraminthebowl! I know what you mean, really.

                        After being a Rams fan for over 35 years (I remember the emotions quite vividly), my priorities and perspectives in life have changed. Although without a "psychosis in the stomach" ...I still feel the same passion for my NFL team as I did back then, but in a more "calmed" way.

                        Nevertheless, feeling a little anxious and apprehensive before a critical game is GOOD! It is something one can build on positively.

                        A bit of advice if I may: rely on the Rams potential this year. We've got a TERRIFIC TEAM right now. BIG time, i.e., thinking THE BIG ONE XXXVI.
                        I see the Rams not only as probable winners, but as better and more mature players and coaches than most teams have had in a long, long time. For now, at least for the sake of one's confidence and peace of mind, chances are e-x-c-e-l-l-e-n-t.
                        Come this Friday, eat well, rest well, think positively. [end quote] :cool:

                        GO RAMS!!! :lid:
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                          Re: hear you!!

                          Originally posted by J-Ram
                          I feel your pain bud...ALL WEEK is built with antisipation Sunday I am up at 4:30 am cause I am so worked up.
                          And does your wife think something is wrong when you do that?Mine does. She just doesn't get it. I'll be thinking about you next Sunday morning, we're all in this together.;) ;) ;)