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  • Eagles Turnovers

    This defense has been wreaking havoc as of late, starting with the whiners. Turnovers have been so key to the Rams success, so how many come our way this week? We get at least 2 in my view.
    0 -1 This would not be good
    2-3 good chance of a win
    3-4 Solid chance for a trip to the Big Easy
    5 or more Book them Dano, Super Bowl here we come
    Last edited by txramsfan; -01-21-2002, 06:36 PM.

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    Battering Rams...

    Good poll TXRamsfan!

    After yesterday's stampede, the Rams are still running wild and they know what it takes to blow high flying eagles out of the sky. Indeed, turnovers caused by our new, no-name demolishing Dee is a real buzz, so let's do it!

    I'll settle for three (say two INT's + one fumble) to create mayhem, momentum and motivate Rams "big O" to come back to stellar performance.

    :angryram: Go D-E-F-E-N-S-E!


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      I don't want to be greedy, but I'm feeling two interceptions (Bly, Polley) and one fumble recovery (Archueleta). That's really an understatment, but hey, we'll see on Sunday. Wouldn't it be nice to have McNabb on the run, Wistrom comes up from the rear, bashes the ball out of McNabb's hands, recovers, lateralls to a ram and they run it back for a TD? Anyway, go rams.


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        Guys I love watching our defence these days, I know that something is going to happen when they are on the field and I think we will get 2-3 turnovers this game. There confidence is skyhigh and I still don't think our defence is getting the respect it deserves, which I think is working in our FAVOUR, THEY ARE GOING TO BE FIRED UP!!!

        I just love watching POLLEY play, GUYS he is going to be a star!

        :o FINISH THE JOB!!!!
        "The breakfast Club":helmet:


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          i'm expecting another solid performance from the D, but prob not what we saw last week...


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            Very good poll TXRamsfan!!!!


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              Thanks Jorge and Toxic,

              and especially to Toxic, welcome to the Clan. Don't worry Toxic, Jorge won't mind me making sure YOU get the special thanks. :o


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                I think DJ makes a good point but only because 8 turnovers is unheard of for the most part. 3 to 5 is a good number because McNabb also tends to make mistakes when his team is down. This doesn't always translate into turnovers, but the way our D has played lately, it may turn out that way on Sunday. This defense has been very oportunistic as of late and I think that will continue this week.

                Great poll by the way TX!!!


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                  Originally posted by RAMSWIN
                  I think DJ makes a good point but only because 8 turnovers is unheard of for the most part. 3 to 5 is a good number because McNabb also tends to make mistakes when his team is down. This doesn't always translate into turnovers, but the way our D has played lately, it may turn out that way on Sunday. This defense has been very oportunistic as of late and I think that will continue this week.

                  Great poll by the way TX!!!
                  Actually Donovan tends to play his best ball and pull out all the stops when he's down. You should know. You had us in a 17-3 rut in the opener, before he really turned it on. Last week against the Bears, he brought us back twice from behind, including a TD drive that came immediately after he'd thrown an INT for a TD.

                  Donovan's a gamer. You're not going to break his spirit until the 60 minutes are over and you've got the higher number on the scoreboard.


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                    Can we PLEASE, PLEASE FORGET about Game 1?

                    It is about as revelant as the last pre-season game. Ok, all you Eagles fans that want to talk about how CLOSE you came then go ahead. If moral victories stoke the ****les of your heart then by all means use them. I for one would not refer to game 1 if I was an Eagles fan for numerous reasons:

                    1. YOU LOST. Slice it, dice it, make julian fries with it. YOU LOST. AT HOME.

                    2. That was the first full game the starting unit for the Rams O played a whole game together. AND YOU STILL LOST.

                    3. Wistrom did not play, and you STILL couldn't move the ball.

                    Oh yea, did I mention that YOU LOST.

                    Quit bringing up game 1. There are no moral victories. You lost to the Rams. If you wish to be the best, find a way to win. Period.


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                      More reasons to forget...

                      4. This is the NFC Championship game. It doesn't matter who won/lost game #1. Whoever wins this game will be in the SB...

                      5. Did we mention, YOU LOST???

                      Seriously, BOTH teams did not play that game well. BOTH teams have improved. BOTH teams have GREAT DEFENSES.

                      This game will be decided by Special Teams (RAMS scariest squad) and which ever offense is able to break which defense. If we (THE RAMS) don't give up a lot of points on special teams, I say we win the game...

                      GO RAMS GO!!!
                      This space for rent...


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                        I just cannot believe......

                        that I am the only one so far predicting more then 5 TOs.

                        After last weeks awesome showing bt our 'D', ya know they're really fired up!

                        I'm looking at 3 fumble recoveries & at least 2 picks!

                        Wistrom will shine on 'D' with 1 recovered fumble & 1 pick.


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                          Actually, i don't like to hear about that game because neither team deserved it. The Rams played nowhere near their capability. The Eagles showed themselves to be a better team later in the year too. It was an all-around bad game and not a benchmark for either team preparing for sunday.

                          ...that piece of crap of a turf didn't help anything either.


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                          • Aries51
                            by Aries51
                            After a fantastic and convincing victory over the Packers I visited and sure enough the playoff section was overloaded with Mcnabb propaganda.Tom Jackson has predicted an Eagles/Steelers Superbowl!What a joke!I know the Eagles deserve respect and are a very good team,but the media still loves to downplay the Rams success.Well let them.In week 1 we beat the Eagles with an out of sync offense and an inexperienced defense.We have improved dramatically since then,and yes,the Eagles have improved also,but our defense has made huge strides all season long.Right now Mcnabb is red-hot,but is he the Michael Jordan of football?What do you all think of this match-up?
                            This is our last NFC opponent this season and every ClanRammers insights and opinions are important to this Rams fan.So what do you all expect to see against the Eagles?

                            :angryram: GO RAMS! STAY FOCUSED! WIN!:shield:
                            -01-20-2002, 10:17 PM
                          • ZiaRam
                            Eagles didn't Beat us, We Beat ourselves
                            by ZiaRam
                            After taking a bit of time after the game to think about things I've come to a couple of conclusions:
                            When SJ39 went down it basically changed and effected our whole game plan and the game WOULD of changed if he would of stayed in the game. For crying out loud he only rushed two times and had a 56yard TD and your telling me if he is in there for a whole game it wouldn't have changed our results? I've seen him play hurt, it must of killed him to stay on the sidelines..

                            Sam looked a bit to wound up and uptight, not as loose and ice cold calm like he usually is today. He over threw TD passes, made poor choices throwing into coverage, and took to long at times. It might of been a combination of SJ not being there right next to him giving him his comfort zone and then thinking he had to do more than usual to make up for it? He seemed to put a little to much zing on some balls and not enough on others. I think this game was good to break him into the season so he can get his composure back.

                            Injuries, this by itself beat us if not by our own whim. Yes there were some bad calls but if we wouldn't have made them We literally still had 6 important people go down that are starters and team leaders. You can't tell me this didn't have a considerable impact on the outcome of the game! If we took out the same starters on the other side of the ball the Eagles would of had alot of our same problems. I'm sad to see Thad gone, but hey it's done what can u do now? Same with the WR's we let go, let it go, get over it they aren't with us any more.

                            I almost ripped my hair out with all the freaking drops by our players today, defensive and offensive!!! We should probably dedicate one whole day on how to catch a ball this week of practice from slow mow underhand Pop Warner style to all the way up to zipping it in there, Above all things this is what peaved me off the most today!!!

                            Very impressed with Carnell Williams today. He ran with heart , motivation, and determination. He isn't no Steven Jackson but he filled in nicely as a #2 running back.

                            And last but not least is WE LOST TO A GOOD TEAM, NOT A GREAT TEAM BUT A GOOD TEAM! I dont think they are better than us we just lost some key people (especially SJ)
                            to tip the scales in their favor. If they lost Vick or McCoy it would of been that in our favor. We made key mistakes: Sam's TD fumble, missed easy TD oppurtunities, third down conversions and coverages/alignments. We are rusty and had the jitters as you could see, this coaching staff is going to get this thing pointed in the right direction. Point is don't freak out, You think we were going to be the 07' Pats and go undefeated in the regular season? or go 13-3? Wake up, we are on the bubble of becoming a good team not a great team...yet... This season will be really promising for us! HOLD FAST!!! I know it's been a while since we have been respectable... let us take our course.
                            -09-11-2011, 11:10 PM
                          • gem18ram
                            Eagles Propaganda
                            by gem18ram
                            Hey fellow Ram fans. A buddy of mine (well not really) who is a Eagle fan sent me this:


                            'Rams love Eagles, tastes like chicken'
                            -01-22-2002, 05:51 PM
                          • stlouy
                            by stlouy
                            Mc Cleon will need to have play a LOT better Sun. then he did vs Philly. The Whiners will stress an Owens/Mac match-up. Bly will be tested also, he can't be hot-dogging it out there, there has to make SURE tackles to stop any YACs & force incompletions. Williams should hold up OK. Wistrom being back is a big + to pressure Garcia. We should also have Fields or Fletch spy Garcia as he is a threat to run. This will be a real test for our new 'D'. I think Lovie is up to the task!

                            Go RAMS!!!
                            -09-21-2001, 09:45 AM
                          • txramsfan
                            by txramsfan
                            How about THAT for a topic. Those of you who have read some of my posts, know that I have been intently focused on the D side of the ball. I LOVED Sunday. The Rams Defense outplayed the so called best D in football. I don't think the Rams D needs to prove anything now. Shut down the Eagles and the Dolphins running game (whiners don't really have one), two of the best running teams in the NFL. You shut down the run (have you seen the Ravens running game lately? pathetic) and make opponents throw, the Rams corners will come back big. Take a look at Bly yesterday, he played great. As did McCleon. I don't mind Williams getting penalties, he is not used to playing on a contender. He will settle down, those penalties will not come in later. Archuleta played the pass like a vet yesterday, saw him a couple times on double teaming the deep receiver, I just about lost my voice on an incomplete pass. lol With Wistrom back providing pash rush, Ahanotu stuffing the run, Polley looking good filling in for Fields, Herring providing stability in the secondary, Jackson being a nice surprise, I just love our D. Talk about the O all we want, we do have the best O ever. I just really love our Defense. Congrats to the D, they get my game ball. Imagine, if we could hold every team to under 20 points a game,.......
                            -10-01-2001, 03:19 PM