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Petition to the Fans in the Dome

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  • Petition to the Fans in the Dome

    Since Martz can't seem to figure it out, maybe the FANS should be toting signs into the dome that say "PULL THEM NOW!!!"

    He's quoted in the Post-Dispatch as being "stupid" for leaving in Faulk and Warner late in the game. Sure as he**, Warner gets DRILLED late in the game and bruises his ribs.

    When, Mr. Martz, are you going to get it???? Too often he is quoted as admitting something stupid. At the end of his second year as a head coach, he should have this figured out - and if not him, certainly the assistants should be saying "Get them the he** out of there!!!!"

    This tarnishes what would have been a perfect funeral for the GB Slackers. Not only that, an injured QB going into a game against a top-notch defense - one that hurt him in game 1 - evens out the odds considerably, thanks to a "stupid" mistake. That mistake could prove costly to every one of the Rams.