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    It's impossible for me to make it from Sunday to next Sunday, especially during the playoffs, like everyone else, I can't sleep on Saturdays, and I often watch old games on tape to get pysced for the game, I'll definately view the Packers slaughter from Sunday. I can feel the butterflies in my stomach already, and it's only Tuesday!

    Go RAMS!:angryram:

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    Easy does it...

    Hang in there Stlraminthebowl! I know what you mean, really.

    After being a Rams fan for over 35 years (I remember the emotions quite vividly), my priorities and perspectives in life have changed. Although without a "psychosis in the stomach" ...I still feel the same passion for my NFL team as I did back then, but in a more "calmed" way.

    Nevertheless, feeling a little anxious and apprehensive before a critical game is GOOD! It is something one can build on positively.

    A bit of advice if I may: rely on the Rams potential this year. We've got a TERRIFIC TEAM right now. BIG time, i.e., thinking THE BIG ONE XXXVI.

    I see the Rams not only as probable winners, but as better and more mature players and coaches than most teams have had in a long, long time. For now, at least for the sake of one's confidence and peace of mind, chances are e-x-c-e-l-l-e-n-t.
    Come this Friday, eat well, rest well, think positively. :cool:

    GO RAMS!!! :angryram: