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Keeping men in the game

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  • Keeping men in the game

    I do think that Martz has a problem in his coaching approach, though he apologized for it in his press conference, he always leaves guys in the game too long. Why was Trung Candidate not starting after the rams made it 38-10??? He is a very talented player and Warner should have also been taken out, especially with his spasming back, bruised ribs, etc. Yes, Martz said he wanted the d-fense to stay off the field, but Trung/Jamie can handle the pressure.:lid:

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    I agree

    I think Martz has it backwards. Margin of victory only counts in college ball.

    Heaven forbid he can't leave the starters in and score a couple of more TD's for good measure.

    I'll tell you something else too. He's setting himself up for an @$$whooping in the long run. Warner and Faulk wont be there for ever. The first chance someone gets to ring up 50 against the Rams, you better believe they'll do it. There might have been (at some point) a healthy professional respect between Martz and other coaches. I'm not so sure any more. I think he's asking for it myself. :mad: