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is there going to be a West Coast bash

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  • is there going to be a West Coast bash

    again this year? I may have tickets coming to me and would much rather join you all than do it alone like i did last year.

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    Re: is there going to be a West Coast bash

    Well there will be some tailgating, but in the 2 years me and BRM have been planning it, no one else showed up, so I'm not sure what exactly we'll do this year.


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      Re: is there going to be a West Coast bash

      i guess i was more wondering if there was going to be group from here attending that game. last year i sat in good seats that ended up being near a bunch of jerks and my friend and i left early. i'd rather sit among cool people this time around.


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        Re: is there going to be a West Coast bash

        I am always at the game.


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        • ramsanddodgers
          West Coast Bash
          by ramsanddodgers
          Is there to be a West Coast Bash this year on 4 October @ Candlestick? I am trying to figure out if it is feasible for me this year, but have no idea what decent seating is @ The Stick. What is the best (cost effeicient) way to get tickets, etc.

          Any ideas or suggestions?

          RnD :helmet:
          -06-20-2009, 09:11 PM
        • RamFan_Til_I_Die
          West Coast Bash
          by RamFan_Til_I_Die
          I know many of us in CA are planning to go to the Sun. Nov. 18 game against the Whiners in SF, so why don't we all get together to buy tickets in the same location?

          I know last year some of us hooked up to tailgate before hand but we were spread out all over the stadium.

          This year I still want to tailgate, but I think it would also be alot more fun for us all to sit together.

          If you are interested post here, and I will see about getting us all tickets. NOT for still have to pay.
          -05-11-2007, 11:41 AM
        • RamWraith
          Going to the Bash in style
          by RamWraith
          Just got word today...

 neighbor is a engineer for Pepsi. We will be going to this years bash first class. He got my family and I suite (Pepsi Corp.) tickets for the game in October at the Ed against the Browns.

          I hope I get the chance to meet each and every one of you!
          -07-27-2007, 07:07 PM
        • AlphaRam
          Bash Questionnaire
          by AlphaRam
          I figured I would start a dialog about the Bash for next season (2011).

          1. What prevented you from attending the Bash this year (if you didn't attend)?

          2. What should be added to the Bash?

          3. What should be subtracted from the Bash?

          4. If you have attended more than one Bash, which Bash did you like the best? Please elaborate.

          5. What other ideas do you have about the Bash?
          -11-19-2010, 05:31 PM
        • RamDez
          bash in the desert
          by RamDez
          will be a more subdued errort on my part this year.


          I did hire me a bright YELLOW Hummer for the week and I have it decked out in Ram crap.

          Photos will be posted and anyone wanting a ride in it, just let me know
          -09-19-2006, 05:02 PM