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I'll buy a drink at Jakes to the person...

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  • I'll buy a drink at Jakes to the person...

    Who comes the closest to picking the score of the UM vs. VaTech game on Saturday (what a great appetizer to main course of the Rams home opener!).

    Of course, you'll have to beat my pick...

    UMiami 27
    VaTech 23

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    Re: I'll buy a drink at Jakes to the person...

    OK, I'll bite.

    UM - 21
    VT - 28


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      Re: I'll buy a drink at Jakes to the person...

      Miami - 31
      VT - 21

      My appetizer however will be UCLA @ Stanford.


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        Re: I'll buy a drink at Jakes to the person...

        VT - 27

        Miami - 24

        Great call on the UCLA game Mike! That's the one I'm interested in too!
        I believe!:ram:


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          Re: I'll buy a drink at Jakes to the person...

          VT 24
          Miami 10


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            Re: I'll buy a drink at Jakes to the person...

            Okay, who got the drink??


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              Re: I'll buy a drink at Jakes to the person...

              ....and did you use Price is Right rules?

              I am needing for the Hurricanes to lose again this week. BOOMER SOONER!


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                Re: I'll buy a drink at Jakes to the person...

                Looks like I owe UtterBlitz a drink!


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                  Re: I'll buy a drink at Jakes to the person...

                  Originally posted by AvengerRam View Post
                  Looks like I owe UtterBlitz a drink!
                  What's the interest on waiting a year to get a drink??


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                    Re: I'll buy a drink at Jakes to the person...

                    I guess she gets a shot AND a beer.


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                      Re: I'll buy a drink at Jakes to the person...

                      Originally posted by AvengerRam View Post
                      I guess she gets a shot AND a beer.
                      Hope I can remember this little nugget for a whole year.


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                        I've always wanted to say this...
                        by AvengerRam_old
                        ... and now, given that I'm going to the Rams game, and I will see some of you there, I can!

                        So long, screwie!!!!

                        See you in St. Louie!!!
                        -09-08-2006, 02:54 PM
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                        Color Illusion: Big Spanish Castle
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                        Big Spanish Castle

                        Pretty trippy, huh? Any more color illusions or optical illusions/art (Escher, etc.) you could add would be fun.

                        -06-09-2006, 06:41 PM
                      • RealRam
                        And then ther were 53
                        by RealRam
                        HEY KIDS! JUST COPY AND PASTE!

                        MAKE YOUR OWN RAMROSTER!

                        :ramlogo: RAMS CURRENT ROSTER, Aug. 08, appears below w/85 team members.

                        > In BLUE ("DeepSkyBlue") are the players I'd like to see in the 53 man team.

                        > RED are the ones I think won't be there.

                        > WHITE might challenge the BLUE

                        AND THEN THERE WERE (53)

                        (1) 94 Adeyanju, Victor RDE 6-4 270 2/11/83 R Indiana
                        (2) 57 Alston, Jon WLB 6-0 221 6/4/83 R Stanford
                        20 Anderson, Dwight LCB 5-10 185 7/5/81 3 South Dakota
                        21 Atogwe, Oshiomogho FS 5-11 210 6/23/81 2 Stanford
                        33 Bagwell, Antoine RB 5-11 190 9/13/84 R California Penn
                        (3) 70 Barron, Alex RT 6-7 315 9/28/82 2 Florida State
                        (4) 32 Bartell, Ron RCB 6-1 200 2/22/82 2 Howard
                        (5) 55 Brooks, Jamal WLB 6-2 238 11/9/76 5 Hampton
                        (6) 34 Brown, Fakhir RCB 5-11 192 9/21/77 7 Grambling
                        (7) 80 Bruce, Isaac WR2 6-0 188 11/10/72 13 Memphis
                        (8) 10 Bulger, Marc QB 6-3 212 4/5/77 6 West Virginia
                        (9) 23 Butler, Jerametrius LCB 5-10 185 11/28/78 6 Kansas State
                        86 Byrd, Dominique TE 6-2 254 2/7/84 R Southern California
                        90 Calahan, Jeremy NT 6-2 300 7/7/83 2 Rice
                        27 Carpenter, Dwaine FS 6-1 208 11/4/76 4 North Carolina A&T
                        16 Carter, Jeremy WR 5-11 194 11/20/79 1 Western Carolina
                        (10) 42 Carter, Jerome SS 5-11 219 10/25/82 2 Florida State
                        (11) 25 Chavous, Corey SS 6-1 208 1/5/76 9 Vanderbilt
                        (12) 54 Chillar, Brandon SLB 6-3 242 10/21/82 3 UCLA
                        (13) 52 Coakley, Dexter WLB 5-10 230 10/20/72 10 Appalachian State
                        48 Collins, Jerome TE 6-4 270 8/18/82 2 Notre Dame
                        (14) 83 Curtis, Kevin WR2 5-11 186 7/17/78 4 Utah State
                        43 Eiland, Deandre SS 6-0 207 6/4/82 1 South Carolina
                        (15) 30 Fisher, Tony RB 6-1 223 10/12/79 5 Notre Dame
                        (16) 22 Fisher, Travis RCB 5-10 189 9/12/79 5 Central Florida
                        96 Fisk, Jason DT 6-3 300 9/4/72 12 Stanford
                        11 Fitzpatrick, Ryan QB 6-2 221 11/24/82 2 Harvard
                        (17) 12 Frerotte, Gus QB 6-3 233 7/31/71 13 Tulsa
                        (18) 97 Glover, La'Roi DT 6-2 290 7/4/74 11 San Diego State
                        (19) 53 Goolsby, Mike MLB 6-3 244 9/10/82 2 Notre Dame
                        (20) 93 Green, Brandon RDE 6-3 264 9/5/80 4 Rice
                        24 Groce, DeJuan LCB 5-10 191 2/17/80 4 Nebraska
                        4 Groom, Andy P 6-0 199 9/10/79 1 Ohio State
                        72 Haayer, Adam RT 6-6 311 2/22/77 5 Minnesota
                        15 Hagans, Marques WR2 5-10 205 12/29/82 R Virginia
                        2 Hamilton, Remy K 6-0 190 8/30/74 1...
                        -08-08-2006, 03:44 PM
                      • AvengerRam_old
                        The Flow Chart of Doom
                        by AvengerRam_old
                        It starts at the top...

                        THE OWNER
                        She's ill now, so obviously she
                        can't do anything to impact the
                        team's success. But even when
                        she was well, does anybody think
                        she added anything? Perhaps she
                        had a passion for the attention that
                        winning brings, but not for the
                        passion required to bring a winner.
                        THE FRONT OFFICE
                        Manned by individuals who know the
                        cost of everything, but the value of
                        nothing. Their talents are in business,
                        not football. Add a substantial helping
                        of ego, which has prevented them from
                        bringing in a true GM, and talent evaluation
                        has become a "blind squirrel" scenario. And
                        who's going to change this? Certainly not
                        the current owner.
                        THE COACHING STAFF
                        You get what you pay for. Pay for top notch
                        coaches, that's what you get. Hire from the
                        bargain rack, and sometimes you get lucky and
                        find a gem, but more often, you get what we have
                        now... a mess. The coaching staff is there to get
                        the most out of whatever talent is available. That
                        is not happening. And who's going to change this?
                        Certainly not the "bottom line first" front office.
                        THE TEAM
                        Talent levels in the NFL these days are fairly
                        close, even between the top and the bottom teams.
                        As a result, no team is ever too far away from rising
                        to the level of a playoff team. The Rams have been,
                        it seems close to that level for years. But who will get them
                        there? Certainly not the coaching staff, which lacks the
                        ability to maximize the talent we have. Certainly not
                        the front office, which knows money but not talent.
                        Certainly not the owner, who adds nothing to this team.

                        It all starts at the top for the Rams. Scott Linehan is a symptom of an overall problem that won't be corrected until the FLOW CHART OF DOOM is cut from the top. Get a new owner, hire a true football GM, bring in a new coaching staff, enhance the talent...

                        That, my friends, is the only formula that will bring sustained success.
                        -01-17-2008, 03:03 PM
                      • AvengerRam_old
                        *Final* AR Complete Round 1 Mock
                        by AvengerRam_old
                        This is my story, and I'm sticking to it!

                        1. Houston Texans: Reggie Bush, RB, USC
                        Don't be fooled by reports of negotiations with Mario Williams. He's just a pawn to get Bush's price down a bit. Bush is the "can't not take this guy" prospect in this draft.

                        2. New Orleans: Mario Williams, DE, NC State

                        Saints will get a guy who will be an impact rookie, and will a Pro Bowl selection within a few years. OTs in the NFC South will hate this pick.

                        3. Tennessee Titans: Vince Young, QB, Texas
                        For months, everyone has tried to find a reason to downgrade Young. The bottom line is, he's an exceptional performer on the football field, which is all that really should matter.

                        4. New York Jets: Vernon Davis, TE, Maryland
                        D'Brickashaw Ferguson would be the safer and, perhaps, the more logical choice, but the Jets are still a Broadway team, and Davis will make a lot more highlight film plays.

                        5. Green Bay Packers: A.J. Hawk, OLB, OhioState
                        With Williams gone, they will select the top remaining defensive player in the draft. Will be an instant impact player for the Packers.

                        6. San Francisco Niners: Michael Huff, DB, Texas
                        Niners will be a bit thrown by the selection of Davis at number 4, as he was likely their target. Huff will be touted as the next Ronnie Lott, though he's a different type of player.

                        7. Oakland Raiders: Matt Leinart, QB, USC
                        Leinart would have been the first pick in 2005, but he'll drop to number 7 in this draft. No problem – with his Hollywood image, he'll make up the money in endorsement contracts.

                        8. Buffalo Bills: D'Brickashaw Ferguson, OT, Virginia
                        Bills are surprised by Ferguson's fall, and will eagerly snatch him up. He'll start as a rookie, obviously.

                        9. Detroit Lions: Antonio Cromartie, DB, FSU
                        There always seem to be surprises coming out of Detroit, and this year is no exception. Cromartie's stock has been shooting up in recent weeks following his workout.

                        10. Arizona Cardinals: Jay Cutler, QB, Vanderbilt
                        Many teams (not the Rams, though) will try to trade up for Cutler but, in the end, he'll head to the Southwest to be Kurt Warner's short-term understudy.

                        11. St. Louis Rams: Haloti Ngata, DT, Oregon
                        Pickett, Lewis, Kennedy… will four times be the charm? Ram fans hope so, and Ngata is certainly a good prospect. Maybe the best prospect of the bunch.

                        12. Cleveland Browns: Brodrick Bunkley, DT, FSU
                        Fast rising Bunkley will be a welcome addition in Cleveland. They would have been happy with Ngata too.

                        13. Baltimore Ravens: Winston Justice, OT, USC
                        Will be a good RT initially, and will be the heir apparent to Jonathan Ogden, who is now 32. A good value pick.

                        14. Philadelphia Eagles: Chad Jackson, WR, Florida
                        While Eagles didn't miss TO's BS, they missed his...
                        -04-27-2006, 09:19 AM