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  • Thanks to All

    Just a big high five to everyone who came to town. Sorry to hear that locals Bob and CarolAnn succumbed to the flu Saturday (It got me on Monday).

    Great to actually share the action with the gang the second half, and see everyone get some great photos and autographs (Thanks to one VERY aggressive California gal!!)

    You have no idea how it makes my year to see everyone (Even misguided Eagle and Steeler fans (OOPS those mighty Steelers choked, so sad;) ), and special kudos to Julian, Steve and Liz, the best brits in the world (And I WILL come across the pond for a return visit with you "brilliant" people, this I vow !!) .

    Glad Steve could get to meet his "idol" Mr. Devaney, and we even met the infamous Miss California, Carrie Prejean, beau of Kyle Boller.

    Total bummer that Dez and Moira weren't able to come, though I didn't miss that OLD booze he brings (Never can find any NEW liquor in Scotland I guess!)

    Hope Maineram had a good time with his "roomie";)

    Also far more quiet with BigRed Man, always the life of the party, not there, nothing but best wishes for the big guy.

    Great bash, great prizes, once again.

    Best to all, and hope Renee finds work so she can come next year !!!!!

    Wish you all could be here every game, as it makes my Sundays a lot easier to swallow when we bite it.

    For awhile there, I though we might bring them some luck, but alas, it wasn't to be. At least we got to holler our lungs out as did the rest of the crowd, for half a game !!

    Whenever I'm out at Rams Park, I always tell everyone bout this bunch, and what great and loyal fans they are, and you all proved it once again !!!:ram:

    Barry Waller AKA RamHog
    Barry Waller

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    Re: Thanks to All

    Barry, it's always great to see you. You add so much insight not only in regards to the Rams but also players on other teams. I don't think the bash would be the same if you didn't make an appearance. (By the way, I know deep down inside you really have lots of love for the Eagles! LOL!) I look forward to seeing you again next year!


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      Re: Thanks to All

      I had to be aggressive! Steve almost had Devaney in tears, knowing we all came from so far, hugged us and took a pic with him also.

      Let's see who all we got pics with. (Looking at my football). Chris Long, ,Greco, Brown, Smith, Boller, (Missed Otogwe as we were taking a pic) , Miss California,(Had to get her over for Steve)lol. I have to go by numbers now. 3. 72. 45. 59. 57. 46. 55. 77. There is more, but I can't read their sigs. Liz has all the pics.

      Jackson? Didn't even look at the fans.(He wore a nice suit though).

      Thanks Barry for pointing out who they were.

      LOL, Rick was a perfect gent with his roomie! Thanks to Rick and Renee babysitting me I got around fine, except for one stalker guy who was a fan we met at Big Daddies. Had to block the jerk.

      Red will be here Saturday and I will have him download the pics I got, and Liz and Steve will send and no doubt post the pics with the players.

      OH! and don't forget Barry about the pics of us gals kissing you. I can only imagine if Red was there, wish the big guy was as with dez.

      Dez, Red gave me the message to give to Julian to get you cigars, (I'm sure he got them).

      I promoted Clanram, as I was somehow lured on stage with a band across from the dome.

      I'm sorry you got the bug Barry. Rick got a nasty cold or something also.

      Avenger? Your questions were to hard! But thank you for all the time and effort you put into the Bash.

      Red? Thanks for donating, very sweet of you.

      So Barry, it was great meeting you and everyone, and I hope to make it next year.(Don't forget the CD you promised me).

      I am glad Ramsfansam and his wife were ok after getting into a accident on their way.

      Thank you all for a great time!
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        Re: Thanks to All

        YouTube - Brenda Lee -I'm sorry (with Lyrics)
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          Re: Thanks to All

          Thanks Barry for coming out to the bash and for hanging with us in the stands. We have talked about that for years and now it has happened. Good seats too with the ability to stand for most the game. I always enjoy your company and your football knowledge. It is nice to share the misery of defeat with so many good people.

          Really missed Dez and Moira for this bash. Was bummed that Carol-Ann and Bob missed the game, all though I loved watching Carl put on a Rams shirt and go to the game. At least the Steelers lost so we did not have to hear that mouth running yet again.

          It was a great weekend. I have a scratchy throat also. I guess I got it too.


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            Re: Thanks to All

            Great to see you Barry, you are a Legend to US Britts sorry we didn't say bye and you best come over here, the Rams will hopefully come over here one day to play the LONDON game.....Lis still hasn't taken her Press pass off LOL

            Take care

            PLEASE POST MORE MATE..................

            steve and lis with her pass
            "The breakfast Club":helmet:


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              Re: Thanks to All

              Originally posted by UtterBlitz View Post

              It was a great weekend. I have a scratchy throat also. I guess I got it too.
              Add me to that list now...:disapointed:


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