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  • Blackouts???

    So how do you watch the games at home if they are blacked out?

    Do you turn on the ole AC Delco radio and hover around the speakers with a wet towel over your head?

    Do just read the boxscore the next morning?

    Do you ask a fellow fan who had the stones to go to the beat down?

    Or do you just come on here?

    Just curious.

    Edit: I dont expect a reply until Monday, if then. Thanks.
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    Re: Blackouts???

    You probably couldn't afford it but there is something called Directv, they have something called Sunday Ticket. You can see all the games.
    Save up maybe you can purchase it next season, as long as the street corners stay busy that is...


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      Re: Blackouts???

      Originally posted by cookie_KFAN

      Just curious.

      Edit: I dont expect a reply until Monday, if then. Thanks.
      Would that be bi-curious?

      I think your in the wrong bash and game forum.
      try this link

      The Breakfast Club. You want cheese with that?


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      • LA Rammer
        NFL Superfan?
        by LA Rammer
        I want to watch all my Ram games in HD, but Directv sells it separate from the NFL Ticket for $100.00. (Superfan) Last year some of the Clan was able to beat it by claiming cancellation and Directv let that person(s) keep it.

        Is this still possible? I got a big 64" for this season. NEED HD!!!
        -07-05-2007, 06:54 PM
      • Dodger
        Rams On the radio
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        I am not one of the lucky one's that can see the Rams play every Sunday. I don't have NFL Sunday Ticket. Does anyone know of a place on the internet that I could listen to Rams game for free?
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      • Large_Ant
        Attention NFL Sunday Ticket customers...
        by Large_Ant
        For you guys that get NFL Sunday Ticket but think it's obnoxious to pay an extra $100 bucks on top of it to get the "Super Fan" package (games in HD, the "Shortcut" replays of the games, etc.), here's something I read on a MB, tried it, and it worked.

        Call up DirecTV and threaten to cancel the NFL Sunday Ticket plan. Now relax. You'll never come close to them actually saying "Okay, it's cancelled." As soon as you tell them you want to do that, they transfer you to a department whose whole point in existence is to prevent you from cancelling it. These are the people you want to talk to anyway. Tell them that you wanted the games in HD and since you would have to pay an extra $100, you're just gonna cancel the whole package. As long as you had NFL Sunday Ticket last year, they will immediately offer you the SuperFan package free of charge for this year with no strings attached. Of course, if you don't call them before next season and tell them to cancel it, they'll auto renew you (and charge you) but you can easily call before then to do so.

        Point is, if you want the SuperFan package and you've already had DirecTV for a year, they'll give it to you free if you threaten to cancel it. For all the money they're chargin', might as well get something free when you can.
        -07-09-2006, 01:34 AM
      • UtterBlitz
        Watching the games? what do you do if they are not on tv
        by UtterBlitz
        I have a question. I had direct tv for many years and I had the NFL ticket so I am spoiled and I like to watch a lot of games. This year I switched over to cable because it was cheaper to do the package deal and I got high speed internet.

        My question is now that I have cable, what do I do without the NFL ticket? How do you guys manage to watch the games? I am planning on seeing a couple of the games in person, but what do I do about the other games? How do you far roaming people get to watch the games?
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        The NEXT Time
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        The next time you come onto the forum, use this link tell me what you think. :cool:
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