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Tailgating 9/11

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  • Tailgating 9/11

    If your interested let me know, Im making arrangements with some locales I talk to on FB,I know weve tried in the past, but this yr Im making power moves to keep us all together for the game.

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    Re: Tailgating 9/11

    Go for it, Tim! As long as we don't miss a single minute of football...


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    • RamsFanSam
      I'm going to be quiet this week.
      by RamsFanSam
      I thought I'd let everyone know that RamsFamily will probably not be visiting the website that much for this weekend. My father passed away Thursday at 2:30 A.M. I'd like to thank everyone in advance for the thoughts and prayers. Everyone yell a little harder for us when we beat the Pats this Sunday. We will be unable to watch the game or give our support.

      -Sam and the rest of the RamsFamily
      -11-04-2004, 08:22 AM
    • evil disco man
      Torry Holt Q & A
      by evil disco man
      Rams wide receiver Torry Holt discusses his charitable foundation, playing against his brother and his "Big Game" clothing line in an exclusive NFLPLAYERS.COM Q&A.

      Luke Sacks

      Talk a little bit about your Holt Family Foundation:
      The Foundation is doing well. We had a bowling event down in Raleigh, North Carolina a few months ago to raise some money. Were starting on a new program that benefits children with cancer and their families. Everything is going well and we are just trying to remain consistent with it and help out as many people as we can.

      Do you feel as a veteran player its part of your responsibility to encourage younger players to give something back to the community?
      I just try to lead by example. If guys want to reach out to me for information, thats great and I will provide them with as many details as I can to let them know there are ways to give back. But all I can do really is worry about the foundation my brother and I have and making sure we are doing all we can to help people. We are very fortunate to be where we are so we feel its important to give back all we can. If the younger guys want to reach out or want some information then Im more than willing to do that.

      How special is it having your brother playing in the NFL at the same time as you?
      Its a cool experience. We both grew up in the same house doing a lot of the same things so its very special for us both to be playing in the National Football League at the same time. Terrences main sport when we were growing up was basketball. Football was something he played just to pass the time really. And now hes going to be the starting free safety for the Detroit Lions this year and Im going into my seventh season with the Rams. Its been a lot of fun. Im very proud of him and our family is very proud of us.

      You and Terrence played against each other once before and will meet again this preseason. Is it strange looking across the field and seeing your brother on the opposite sideline?
      It makes me tear up a little bit to see him over there. I remember when we were roommates in college and we would lie awake and talk about making it to the NFL. We were just hoping for the chance to get there. So to see him standing there in his uniform and me in my uniform, it gives me a lot of excitement running through my body.

      If you came across the middle to make a catch do you think Terrence would lay a big hit on you?
      I think he would. He has a job to do and I have a job to do regardless of the brotherly love we have for each other. Its his responsibility to stop wide receivers so if it does come down to that, I need to make sure I am very precise on my routes so I can avoid that big hit whether its from Terrence or anyone else.

      You were part of ESPNs 2005 NFL Draft coverage...
      -07-10-2005, 02:28 PM
    • Pithyradish
      Been gone to long for sure
      by Pithyradish
      I apologize for not stopping by for so long. Was delighted to see your guys won last week. Trust me I can understand long losing seasons.

      Anyway just wanted to say hello and let you know that I'm back to being just The Radish over on the evil empires site, you know

      You also know I would never come over here and badmouth youse guys we've been casual friends for to many years. I like the looks of your new QB. Guess I'll get a better look first hand this weekend.

      I'm not going to say good luck this week cause its us, but my heart will be with you in other weeks. Don't we all share a loathing of that team in San Francisco?


      -09-29-2010, 07:21 PM
    • RamsFanSam
      I'm BACK! - maybe....
      by RamsFanSam
      In case you have been trapped in a cave, you probably know that the middle of the country has been hit with a nasty ice storm. We lost electricity and phone service Friday night, as did 75,000 other homes here.
      The hospital also lost power and phones on Friday, but we had generators and kept things going. The CEO said anyone needing a place to stay was welcome to spend the night, and a lot of people did. Power for the hospital was restored on Monday, phones on Tuesday. Our power was restored at home on Tuesday, and sometime overnight the phone service came back.

      We stayed home and dealt with it until Monday night when the temperature was suppossed to drop to 6 degrees. That night Tawn and Sami went to a hotel that had heat, and I stayed home and slept next to a couple of portable heaters - our dogs! (Hey, it works!)

      Of course, there has been good and bad shown during this time. The good thing has been seeing people who had heat open their homes, others giving away food, blankets, portable heaters, etc., to total strangers. The bad has been our utility company showing favortism to more financially prominent areas of town, one linesman killed by feedback from a generator improperly hooked up, a dozen or so looting instances, a lack of planning for the elderly and infirm who needed assistance and could not get any, and the utility company taking a holiday on Monday while thousands still had no power!

      The town Hubison and SFC live in is about 50% without power, and probably will be a few days longer.

      If anyone wants some free firewood, I have about 20 trees that self-destructed during the storm. I'll put some pictures up later today or tomorrow so those of you in warmer climates can see what we deal with during the winter.
      -01-17-2007, 03:55 AM
    • AvengerRam_old
      The Zen of AvengerRam
      by AvengerRam_old
      I don't know what it is.

      Maybe, its just that I have a lot of other things going on in my life.

      Maybe, its because I'm getting older.

      Whatever the reason, I just don't seem to have it in me to get angry about the inevitable criticism, teeth-gnashing, scapegoat hunting and condemnation of the Rams. In the past, I had a passion for providing counter-arguments for every over-the-top, knee-jerk, broad-brushed comment about the team, its players, the coaching staff and the ownership.

      I just don't have it in me any more.

      I see a lot of hope for this franchise. I believe that there is a young core of players that is bound to produce some significant contributers. I look at Kroenke's rise to power as a sign of good things to come. I believe that there will be more to cheer for this year than most believe there will be, and a playoff appearance within 2-3 years.

      I know there are some who doubt this, or wholly disagree. That's fine. I'm tired of arguing. I'm tired of having to explain such obvious concepts as "every team has injuries," or "a player who's been in the league for 3 games cannot be described as a bust."

      Its enough already.

      I just want to be a fan. To enjoy the anticipation of each Sunday. To cheer until the clock reads 0:00. To find reason for hope even when things are down.

      That's what made being a fan fun for me when I was a kid. Why should it be different now?

      For those "naysayers" out there... well... I've fought the good fight against you. I'll continue to try to drown you out with my optimism, but I'm done playing your game. Nothing will ever eradicate those types of "fans," so why bother trying?

      There's a big circle around 9/12/10 on my calendar. I get to travel to St. Louis once more and watch the start of another Rams season. I will do so with the belief, even if unrealistic, that this could be the year when it all turns around.

      I can't wait.
      -07-29-2010, 01:52 PM