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  • Those going to the bash

    Well guys it is almost here. As I write this it is 5 days and 9 hours. I just wanted to see if we were meeting somewhere before the game and about what time.

    Also I don't know about you guys but I will be screaming from the time the defense is lined up till they stop. I want to try and get everyone else screaming in the dome to so the offense can not hear. I was screaming most of the time at the whiners game last year and everyone around me seemed to get up after I did. So I figure since we are a bigger crowd we could get everyone else screaming too. We need to show the eagles what kind of 12th man we are. I think we can get the defense pumped up and get it to where vick is running for his life (and not succeeding).

    And one more thing isn't it possible to meet the players as they come out of the dome afterwords? If so is anyone else planning on staying for that? I thought some people told me that you could get signatures after the game but it was pretty cold when I went last time and we didn't have the proper jacket for it.

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    Re: Those going to the bash

    Wow, 4 days from now I'll be partying down at Laclede's Landing with my Rams buddies!

    Non-stop screaming and taunting of opposing fans is the only way I know how to act at a Rams game.

    I'm sure a lot of us will go to our section early. We'll see what we can work out, maybe exchange numbers.

    After the game, most hang out at the area between the Dome and the Drury where the Rams exit to talk with the players, get pictures, and autographs.


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      Re: Those going to the bash

      Originally posted by r8rh8rmike View Post
      Wow, 4 days from now I'll be partying down at Laclede's Landing with my Rams buddies!

      Non-stop screaming and taunting of opposing fans is the only way I know how to act at a Rams game.

      I'm sure a lot of us will go to our section early. We'll see what we can work out, maybe exchange numbers.

      After the game, most hang out at the area between the Dome and the Drury where the Rams exit to talk with the players, get pictures, and autographs.
      Well I am going to take some tylenol and bring some with me had a bad headache from screaming so much last time lol.

      I've got RamsFanSams now so I was going to call him when I got to the dome and see if he is with anyone yet.

      I will defintely be waiting with you guys. I missed out last time I won't miss out again. Trying to decide if I want to bring my Steven Jackson "fan" that I got a couple years back at the Rams Vikes game. I thought I might be able to get Steven to sign it. It was funny seeing all the Steven Jackson faces at the dome that day.

      Anyone else think we should make a banner? I thought about making one but we aren't that close to the endzone so I don't know if it would be seen. Thought it might be a way to show support for the team. Maybe something noting that we all are there from the ClanRam. We have to be some of the most die hard fans in the dome because we all spend a lot of time on here.

      Edit: btw 4 days till the game this is getting exciting.
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        Re: Those going to the bash

        Michele and I will be in STL around 4 or so Saturday. Staying at the Holiday inn at the convention center. Looking forward to meeting everyone.


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          Re: Those going to the bash

          I'll be arriving at about 9:30 a.m. on Saturday. I typically make a stop at Union Station on the way into downtown to stimulate the St. Louis economy/help pay for Sam Bradford's contract.

          After I check in, I might (depending on time) grab a burger at the Burger Bar at the Lumiere Casino. Trust me, they're good!

          Everything is set for the dinner. We have a confirmed reservation for up to 30 people (I'm expecting b/w 23-26) at The Old Spaghetti Factory. We'll do our traditional Trivia Raffle to raise money for the site. I'll be bringing some prizes - if anyone wants to bring more, they are welcome to do so!

          Sunday morning is always fun. The pre-game atmosphere in the park accross from the EJD is awesome, particularly on opening day. I'll be sporting my new throwback SJ jersey!

          Then... its gametime!


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            Re: Those going to the bash

            I will be arriving sometime after noon on Friday. Staying at the Crowne Plaza...and on Friday night will be at the Soulard Llywelyns for the Kickoff party.

            I will also be bringing along a "Rams Virgin" to appease the football gods. She is a little short...(OK, really short) so if you see a 6'2" tall guy toting a cute blonde around town on his shoulders, that's probably me...
            Seriously, Colleen's so short, her feet barely reach the ground!

            If anyone would like my cell number so you can contact me then just PM me and I will send it to you.
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            • r8rh8rmike
              A "Better Late Than Never" Bash Retrospective
              by r8rh8rmike
              Once again, it was a great weekend from start to finish. The win being the icing on the cake. We had members come out from Massachusetts, Florida, Southern California, Northern California, Washington State, Pennsylvania, and a few from the St. Louis area.

              I started by getting up at 3am on Friday, drove down to Palm Springs to catch my flight to Phoenix, where my brother joined me for the connecting flight to St. Louis. Everything was going way too smooth, so of course, something had to give. As we taxied out for takeoff, the captain announced that one of the engines had to be shut down because of a warning light, and that it had to be looked at by maintenance back at the gate. Suddenly, thoughts of a screwed up weekend overwhelmed me. So....back to the gate. After watching a bunch of guys run around the plane waving their arms and some banging noises, the captain announced a loose fitting was tightened, and we were good to go. Then it was off to St. Louis as I held my breath, hoping the engine wouldn't fall off as we took off.

              We got into St. Louis only an hour late and headed up to the Metrolink platform, where I noticed someone on the train looking at me through the tinted glass, and motioning to the person next to them. I'm thinking, what's going on here? The door opens, and it's Steve (Majorram) and his wife Liz, who had just flown in from London. I stepped in to say a quick hello, and the door closes, the train takes off, and I see my brother still on the platform glaring at me with a "what the hell are you doing" look. No problem. I call my brother and tell him to meet me at the hotel, and then have a nice chat with the Brits until we get downtown.

              Once downtown, I get a call from Curly Horns (Ed) and his wife Laurie. We meet down by the barricaded Arch, and decide to get an early dinner. I give laram0 (Mike) a call, but he's off giving his girlfriend a tour of the city, so we go eat. At dinner, Curly Horns chastises me for not contacting macrammer (Mike) and MoonJoe (Joe - go figure), to which I fired back that they had to see the "2013 Bash!" thread that had been started, and that they would respond. Turns out Curly Horns was right, and we never got the Friday crew together. Sorry guys.

              Saturday morning, I get ready to go to breakfast, and no wallet. Panic! Lose your wallet in downtown St. Louis, forget it. I call the front desk and they don't have it, but ask them to try the Irish restaurant in the hotel where we ate. Hallelujah, they have it! Dodged a bullet there. My wallet stayed in my front pocket the rest of the trip.

              After breakfast, I talk to Curly Horns, who is going to the Farmers Market with Laurie (what fun), and laram0, who is going to the Brewery with his girlfriend and buddy Chris. Been there, done that, so we decide to take the train to Union Station to maybe find some Rams crap, but the place is dead, and virtually no Rams gear, I mean...
              -10-10-2013, 07:40 PM
            • r8rh8rmike
              A Bash Weekend/Game Perspective (It's a long one)
              by r8rh8rmike
              Amazing Amazing Amazing! This was the best Bash weekend I've ever had. A whirlwind of good times from the minute I hit town until the minute I left.

              After getting off the train in downtown, my brother and I met laram0 and his friend Chris at our hotel, got some Pizza and then went over to the Arch, which is the second best thing to do in St. Louis. While talking outside the entrance, I decide to call Ferter to see what he was doing, and as I'm calling him, I turn around and surprise, I see this guy a few feet away, looking at me with a smile on his face, to which I ask, Ferter?? And sure enough, it was the man, the myth, the legend himself with this beautiful woman who was somehow his wife. I don’t know how they found us, but I guess it was fate (just by random chance, we were also at the same 17 story hotel, with our rooms on the same floor, directly across from each other). We all went over to the Irish bar next to our hotel and had some drinks, talked Rams football, Clanram moments, and of course, had the now infamous Marc Bulger discussion, where I was ridiculed and pummeled by everyone involved. Good thing we all laughed and joked through the entire discussion.

              Saturday morning, laram0, Chris, my brother and I took a cab to the Anheuser-Busch brewery for the tour. Talk about a good deal, not only is it an interesting tour, but it's free, and at the end, you can sit in the tasting room and have your fill of several of their beers. laram0, Chris and my brother did just that. By the time we took off, they’d left about 20 empty glasses on the table. What a bunch of lushes! We decided to walk the three miles back to the hotel and got a new perspective on the city.

              Then later in the evening, we all met up for the Bash. We were back at Jake’s, and had some good discussion and bonding before dinner. It was great to meet some new attendees and see some old friends, especially RamGram’s family, who despite recent difficulties, made the trip. After dinner, we had the raffle, and I was lucky enough to once again clean up with some nifty prizes. Here’s where I need to give thanks to my buddy laram0. My eyesight in low light, looking at small type isn’t what it used to be, so when I couldn’t see if my ticket numbers were called, laram0 was kind enough to alert AvengerRam with, “Hey, numbnuts here has it!” So again, I want to thank him for that! We finished up with a few drinks, some more Rams talk, and a few laughs before heading out.

              Let me just say some things about the people at this year’s Bash. laram0 is now a close friend who I always look forward to hanging out with every chance I get. AvengerRam is someone I have a great repoire with, and a guy who keeps this thing going every year, always doing a magnificent job. Ferter said it well in another thread, we got along like we’ve been friends for life. He is the great guy I knew he...
              -10-02-2012, 09:39 AM
            • Curly Horns
              Curly Horns Reporting From The Bash!!
              by Curly Horns
              We had a very good time at the Bash last night. We had a lot of good conversation about our Rams with varied opinions. For myself, the time goes by so fast. When I am amongst a group of Rams fans (which is almost never) it seems like the conversation could go on for days and time would still move too quickly.

              Today is the game!!!! I'm confident that we will win. Hopefully a win will give the team added confidence going forward. As a fan winning this game does nothing for my confidence going forward. I need to see the Rams win against a playoff caliber team before my confidence is restored.

              I hope the dome is near capacity and rocking with enthusiasm. That just adds to the excitement. I'm starting to get amped up as we are a little over three hours from kickoff.

              For those of you watching or following along at home - Enjoy!!!

              We will represent the Clan well and do our part in cheering for our Rams.
              -10-06-2013, 06:39 AM
            • RamFan_Til_I_Die
              Are bashes done?
              by RamFan_Til_I_Die
              So last year I got no interest when I tried to talk about the bash. It would be a shame if these died out.

              I know there's a lot of us on here that live in Cali and can easily plan it all out. Just not going to try if no one is interested.

              So are the bashes a thing of the past or was last year just a fluke?
              -08-22-2017, 03:09 PM
            • RamsFanSam
              OK, Bash Attendees
              by RamsFanSam
              Since this is my first bash, I want to make sure I cover my head with the newspaper and yell "Great Scott!" at the right times. (If you don't understand, you never will.)

              Tawn and I will be driving up on Saturday morning. I figure we can leave here about 8, be at her parent's house about 11:15, and be ready to hit the town by 1:00. We're staying at the Mayfair Hotel (Tawn likes antiques, that's why she went out with me in the first place). It's right across the street from the Renaissance, really close to the dome, half a mile from the Arch, and the price isn't too bad.

              I know we'll all meet at Jake's sometime Saturday night, but being the noob I'm curious about what goes on besides this.

              Oh, and count us out on the after-game party. We've got to drive back home and get Sami ready for school on Monday.
              -09-20-2009, 02:24 PM