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    Re: London Ticket

    I have a couple of tickets that I bought for the kids. Looks like they might not make it. I won't know for sure until they are back at Uni , early September. If you are still looking for a ticket then, get in touch

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  • clive
    Re: London Ticket

    Ticketmaster havn't released the tickets yet, if they are sold out now you might have to wait until gametime to buy one from a ticket tout at the stadium.

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  • Action_Jackson
    Re: London Ticket

    You will get a ticket no problem at Wembley Station before the game.

    Not the best way to get a ticket, but there is always hundreds of tickets available.

    I have been to Wembley 3 of the last 4 years

    ***Should add tickets are sold out, although some club seats might become available nearer the time***

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  • rampower
    Re: London Ticket

    There will be a few of us in london and we will meet up, keep an eye on this very forum!

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  • rampower
    Re: London Ticket

    try searching fot st louis rams on the uk version of ticketmaster

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  • ZiaRam
    started a topic London Ticket

    London Ticket

    Hello Mates and Laddies!! Lol I will be heading to London to watch our beloved Rams in October but can't find tickets anywhere!! Are we doing any seating as a clam together like at the bash or is it Everyman for himself? Lol going to stay a couple of days in London maybe a day and drive somewhere ( Scotland, wales) see something cool, go to Paris for a day then head to Amsterdam for two before coming home. Anyone, anywhere with any suggestions on tickets or things to do what be wonderful!! :P your bro Zia

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  • KevinDoyle
    London game v Bengals
    by KevinDoyle
    many folks heading to this?
    -06-25-2019, 04:23 AM
  • clarasDK
    Yea tickets for London
    by clarasDK
    Just good two tickets for the bucs vs pats game in London in october. I guess the bucs just won a fan for one day ;) Hope they beat up the pats.

    But I will come to the game in Rams jersey anyhow
    -01-10-2009, 06:00 PM
  • rampower
    London Rams Game seats
    by rampower
    I know this is early but who is going and where would they like to sit?
    Dont mind as long as I am there!
    Premium Club seating/hospitality
    Cheap as possible
    Good seats but nothing like $300!
    -01-21-2012, 02:35 AM
  • rampower
    Rams in London
    by rampower
    Anybody going to the rams London game V giants in twickenham?

    It would be nice to bump into people/Clan rammers.

    I might even have a spare face value ticket if anybody is struggling, but you'd be sat next to me :/

    I don't know the area so I don't know if there a pub that many will go to, but I am sure there will be a tailgate??
    -06-28-2016, 01:23 PM
  • Alec22
    Advice on Tickets
    by Alec22

    I attended a rams game 2 years ago, sat 50 yard line 3rd row up, amazing.

    This year though I will be buying a MUCH cheaper ticket, I was wondering as I do not remember:

    How easy is it to "move up" to better seats, as in How hard do the ushers check tickets?

    Do they not allow you to walk into the section without seeing your ticket? etc.

    I will be going to the home game vs the chargers on 10/17,

    Will this game sold out? Will I not be able to move up at all?
    -10-06-2010, 11:23 AM