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    I am going to the season opener for a second year in a row!!! Heading down to Detroit on Sat. for a round of gold and the game on Sunday. Anyone ever been to Ford Field? I am wondering about parking and how I should expect to be received as a Rams fan.

    Also, any other Clannies going?

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  • Ahmedrams81
    by Ahmedrams81
    Anyone here a fan of Soccer? I personally love watching the English Premier League and the Spanish League.
    -09-18-2009, 08:11 AM
  • benton45
    Niner fan here. Let's talk shop.
    by benton45
    Hey guys.

    I am a regular poster on forums.*****.com under the name benton45, and thought I would swing by to say a few things.

    First of all, here is to an injury free game, and a good contest.

    I am not here to talk crap, let me clarify that from the start.

    I grew up about an hour from Candlestick and am now in Phoenix, and suffice it to say the Cardinals fans seem to forget that their ****, in fact, does stink. It can get frustrating.

    My uncle John has been a Rams fan since the 50's and we love the matchups. Every year we bet on the games and watch them together. It is a fun time.

    I do not know much about your team this year. Not to sound rude, but they were not a team that I felt it necessary to familiarize myself with. With the rebuild I see you guys going through personnel just like any rebuilding team does.

    The Niners are playing some tough ball this year. I have been proud and fairly surprised at the level of intensity of which they play.

    With that being said, we are still one step from being a force in the league as far as I am concerned. This game is very big one for the Niners IMO, because it will show how they handle a tough loss..and a victory would make us 3-0 in the division through week 1. A loss, however, would be demoralizing as it would be 2 in a row..and (no offense) against an inferior squad.

    I heard that one of your starting receivers broke his leg.. Sorry to hear. I never like to see a guy get seriously hurt. I also know Bulger got hurt, but am not sure of his status. Is he playing? If not, how has Boller looked?

    We dont have Gore, as I am sure you know, which could really hurt us.

    Anyways. I am sorry for being so long winded. Hopefully we can have some good chat before, during and after the game.

    I promise, as a sportsman, if you guys beat us on sunday I will be here shortly after the game to pay my penence.
    -10-02-2009, 01:54 AM
  • svh01
    One excited Rams fan
    by svh01
    Just purchased tickets to see the Rams play the Bucs in a few weeks! Living in Tampa, I don't get to see many Rams games and plus the game will probably be blacked on TV anyway. Two lower level seats only 6 rows back for under 200, plus it's a very winable game for us! I can't wait

    Go Rams! :helmet:
    -10-01-2010, 07:21 PM
  • NJ Ramsfan1
    Would be interested in everyone's take
    by NJ Ramsfan1
    There are no two words guaranteed to stir the pot and enrage followers of a certain team like the words "True Fan". When one's loyalty is questioned or someone accuses someone else of being "less a fan" because they don't agree with them on a variety of issues, it is the equivalent of hitting below the belt. When phrases like "See Ya", "Don't let the Door hit you in the ***", Goodbye and Good Riddance" are thrown about, it is both insulting and juvenile.

    I submit to you the following scenarios:

    1. A guy decides to avoid being a slave to the television each Sunday and do something constructive instead of watching bad football. He chooses to play with his kids, do yard work, go to the gym or whatever. Can he no longer call himself a Rams fan?
    2. A guy decides to cancel his NFL ticket package because he doesn't want to pay good money for the "privilege" of being ticked off during Rams football in light of their 6 wins over the past three seasons. Is he no longer a true fan?
    3. A guy with Rams season tickets decides to give his tickets away/ sell at a reduced rate and not go to the games. Is he no longer a "True Rams Fan"?
    4. A guy pays $100.00 to go see the Rams on the road. The team is down 38-0 AT THE HALF. He elects to go home with 5 minutes left in the 3rd quarter to resist the urge of killing idiot home fans while watching a non-effort. Is he no longer a true fan? (By the way, this was me at last yrs. Rams-Jets disaster- the worst football game this franchise has ever played).
    5. Absolutely sick to death from losing and not having anything to cheer about, a fan rips the team and/or individual players/management on this forum or elsewhere. He is more negative than positive because there is much more negative than positive happening on the field, and it is his way to vent. Is he now considered less of a fan?

    I'm sorry, but in my opinion, if you answered anything other than "NO" to any of the above, you have it wrong. As far as I'm concerned, everyone on this board is a true fan for coming on here and commenting on this weekly gut ache called Rams football.

    Wondering what you think-
    -11-30-2009, 04:52 PM
  • RamsFan16
    It's going to take more than 0 - 4, to stop me from being a TRUE fan.
    by RamsFan16
    Saturday, October 10th at around 1:00 PM, I begin my journey to St. Louis to attend the (0 - 4) St. Louis Rams vs the powerful (4 - 0) Minnesota Vikings. I'm going with my father, best friend and his dad (whose a Vikings fan). We're going to be staying at the Holiday Inn (Convention Center). I''ll be decked out in my Rams gear for the game in Section 151. I of course care that we're 0 - 4, but it's going to take a hell of a lot more than that to prevent me from screaming until my lungs bleed to cheer on the Rams. I feel very good about this game, just remember. Last season we were supposed to get blown out by the "High Powered" Cowboys, and we blew them out.

    As the game draws closer, the more anticipated I become. We could be 0 - 15 and going into the final game of the season, and I'd still attend and scream our team on.

    We are all Rams brothers and sisters, who else will be joining me Sunday in St. Louis to watch our team lay it on the line for our home crowd?
    -10-06-2009, 12:59 PM