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Why are the posts so wide?

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  • Why are the posts so wide?

    I was just wondering why the posts are so wide?

    They are wider than my screen.

    I have to side scroll back and forth just to read what the members have posted.

    Just my opinion here, but it is terribly annoying having to scroll from side to side to read a post. Lately, I read one thread, log out and get the latest Rams news elsewhere, because I have had enough of side scrolling.

    Any help with this would be greatly appreciated!!

    Thank you!!

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    Re: Why are the posts so wide?

    I agree. It used to be more compact. Is there a setting on Internet Explorer that I am unaware of that can alleviate this problem?? Suggestions or ideas anyone??


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      Re: Why are the posts so wide?

      you can pull in the page and ignore the right hand side bar.

      that lets you view the forum at 800 res

      if thats not enough, I canny help.

      The forum is set to 1028 res, the standard resolution these days.

      Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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        Re: Why are the posts so wide?

        I've noticed that it's just the word association thread?


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          Re: Why are the posts so wide?

          if its the word associated page, this problem has been covered before.

          All you need to do is go into your usercp and adjust the amount of thread pages shown

          Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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            Re: Why are the posts so wide?

            It's just pages with a lot of pages, when you move to the right, it'll show more pages.

            Also maybe your resolution is too low?

            Start>Control Panel>Appearance and Themes>Change The Screen Resolution>On the left side, move the slider right

            ^ That is if you have the Windows XP control Panel Settings.

            You could just as easily right click on your desktop, click properties go to settings, and move the slider on the left to the right.


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              Re: Why are the posts so wide?

              The posts are not any wider than any NFL stadium. Besides, if you narrow the posts, it makes it harder for Wilkins to convert PATs and XPs.:tongue:


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                This post right here is taking me from 4,999 posts, to 5,000! Quite a accomplishment on this wonderful site! Thanks for being such good friends and such a good family!

                As I was just looking through the Under 18 forum, looking at all my older posts and things like that. My goodness, I can understand why some still don't care to much for me. Reading through my old posts, I had no logic on arguing, and no credibility whatsoever. One thread ( Best Coaches in Big 10 ), all I did was come back with But this, but that..., blah, blah, blah.. I was annoyed reading it.

                I'd like to thank this ClanRam family for dealing with me from the time I joined, until now, and into the future. Thanks for putting up with my immaturity, ignorance and arrogance.

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                Since we're ranting...
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                This isn't aimed at any one individual, but is based on multiple responses I've seen both recently and over the course of the season.

                It's my absolute honest belief that Dez has put together one of the best St. Louis Rams discussion sites on the 'net. If I didn't think that, I wouldn't have stayed here for more than six years, nor would I have agreed to help moderate the site to try and help out where I can.

                But it seems to me that lately, this season more than any in recent memory, some members have been making these snarky, disparaging, negative comments about other members, threads, or the board in general. It ranges from the borderline personal attacks of another poster to criticisms of a thread being pointless to comments about looking for a new board or questioning why they even come to this one. While these comments may not explicitly violate board rules, their negative effect to a thread or the board itself is obvious.

                Well, the simple truth is this: NO ONE is being forced to read this or any thread, just like no one is being forced to read another member's posts or even come to this site.

                If you don't like a topic or don't think it's a worthwhile discussion, don't read the thread. Click on the back button and find another one.

                If you don't like a poster's opinions and don't want to read any more of their posts, then don't. Go into your UserCP and put that person on your Ignore List.

                If you're considering leaving or questioning why you come here, then to be blunt, either **** or get off the pot. Don't post multiple responses about leaving, crying out for attention.

                No one is forcing you to come here, post here, read topics here, or "suffer" through someone else's opinion here. Those are YOUR CHOICES. You control your presence here and what you're exposed to.

                I think one of the main reasons I like the Clan is because I find there are many very intelligent, very knowledgeable football fans here that are ready and able to discuss all aspects of this game. Maybe it's a very positive, upbeat discussion, or maybe it's a critical discussion about problem areas on the team. But I find meaningful discussions every day on this board, not only about the Rams but about the NFL as a whole and specifically the draft and college prospects. I love engaging in these topics. Occasionally though, I find some discussions that, for whatever reason, I'd rather not be a part of because I don't see the point. When that happens, I simply move on to the next discussion. Trust me, it's not difficult.

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                My thread titles are never "BOLDED"
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