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    this is the greatest RAMS site on the world wide web for the greatest team in the world. I love it. There is just one problem
    Where the heck is our Lombardi Trophy. I do not see a picture of it on the site. I would love to see it right up front. It would take away the sting from 2-3-02 and intimidate visitors from other teams. Show that bad boy off. Many of the clan, like myself, waited 34 seasons for our first Lombardi. It is a beautiful thing.
    There must be a member in ST. LOUIS who can get a picture of our Lombardi so we can display it on the site and bask in its football glory. A little trophy icon in the smilies section would also be very cool. :cool:
    Curly ~ Horns

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    What a neat idea, maybe there should be a section with all the honours that the Rams have won including Superbowls, World Championships, Conference, Divisions etc. We`ll need to ask the Boss.:cool:


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      Re: Our Lombardi

      How about a page for all the Rams Hall of Famers.

      Adm. William "Bull" Halsey


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        Re: Our Lombardi

        all of this is very doable and I will get on it. Don't expect it right away though, I am trying to make our home as comfortable as possible

        Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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        • ram3057
          by ram3057
          I just submitted the following to the site:

          The St. Louis Rams made a number of milestones for the league and the Rams organization yesterday - yet there is not one mention of them on the site.

          I consistently sense a bias to one of the greatest football teams of all time on your site. And, I am not alone. Visit and you can see other comments such as this one.

          Chicago's lineman makes one play and it's all anyone hears about. Marshall Faulk just set league records - really, where is the justice???

          -01-07-2002, 11:10 AM
        • AlphaRam
          Troubleshooting of household items
          by AlphaRam
          Troubleshooting, Problems & Support by FixYa

          I did a search about a growling noise that our dishwasher was making and came across this site. Turns out, it has Q&A for all kinds of products within a home. You should check it out if something is troubling you at the house.

          I was able to fix my dishwasher in about 2 minutes and avoided the cost of a repairman at $75 an hour.

          This site has listings for computers, air cleaners, appliances...all sorts of things.
          -02-08-2008, 05:36 PM
        • Truth
          Communicate with Rams Legends!!
          by Truth
          I was listening to NFL radio on Sirius last night. Kevin Carter was a guest. He's started a new site called Homepage | School of the Legends. It's a great site. It's kind of like facebook/twitter for football. Lots of current and former Rams are members. It gives you an opportunity to communicate with the players, and ask questions. What strikes me as unique, is that the site is also setup to be instructional. there are short video clips (more to come) that give info about coaching, training, and nutrition. It is just starting up, and they need more clips, but you really need to check it out.

          I am not affiliated with the site in any way. I just heard about it, and signed up (free). It's not setup to take the place of a fan site like Clanram (BEST fan site I've seen). It's setup to enable players to communicate with current/former players, and for fans to communicate with players

          OK, so you can talk to other team's players as well. Who cares, we're Rams fans.
          -11-11-2010, 07:24 AM
        • Bingo
          Great site
          by Bingo
          Great site, I am glad iI found it
          -03-14-2002, 02:41 AM
        • Roy G. Biv
          Why I love this site, by Roy G. Biv
          by Roy G. Biv
          Fan boards are a dime a dozen. Anyone can start up a message board out of his mother's basement, and open up shop. And when you spend a little time at the vast majority of these boards, you will find one of two situations. Those boards will either be,

          1. as empty as opening night of "The X-rated Story of Rush & Rosie: The Musical"


          2. a beyotch fest filled with self-esteemed challenged young men who get off to the sound of their own keyboard while convincing themselves that THEY are the story, not just the observer of the story

          Here at ClanRam you find neither (for the most part), and THAT is what I love about it here. Numero uno as mentioned above is never a problem. There's always something going on, and I appreciate those who can keep even the offseason filled with witty threads. It sets this place apart from others.

          On the 2nd note, I can be almost as encouraged. With one glaring exception, this place is free of those practitioners of the verbal masterbatory arts. Nobody, except one, is so pretentious as to think they bring anything more than a fan's eye view to the table. Yet at the same time, everyone, except one, is able to bring a sharp eye with solid, empirical, perceptible evidence worthy of evaluation.

          Kudos to this place. To the posters that bring the proverbial variety being the proverbial spice of life. To the Mods that keep the roses growing while pruning the weeds. To Dez who keeps the life-blood pouring from his wallet into the site. Thank you all.
          -07-13-2007, 11:32 AM