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  • Theme Change?

    Is it possible to change my own theme when viewing this message board?

    I've slowed down my visits ever since the look went to a dark background. It gives me a headache or even a migraine to view it. I know I can change it in the browser to ignore background colors, but this causes other viewing problems.

    Is there a way to change our own themes? I'd like to go back to the one that was used here a little while ago.

    The Rams... Where dreams go to die.

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    Re: Theme Change?

    yes, at the very bottom on the left select the other skin CR1 that will put a light skin in place

    Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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      Re: Theme Change?

      Ooohhhh I like that Dez, no more black theme for me, and I get my little icon that indicates I posted in a particular thread back. wooohooo


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        Re: Theme Change?

        While we are on this subject, the reason that I have personally changed themes to CR1 is because I like the unread posts link that lets me see all the ones that I have not seen regardless of forum. I would appreciate if anyone could let me know where that option is under the new format and I would love to switch to it. I think the new format is very cool looking, I just can't find my favorite option.


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          Re: Theme Change?

          its under the quick links drop down menu

          Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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            Re: Theme Change?

            Check that out.....all the colors change with a simple click of the mouse.


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              Re: Theme Change?

              I feel like a real numbnut, but I dont see anything to change the theme. Nor do I see a reference to CR1..?
              The Rams... Where dreams go to die.


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                Re: Theme Change?

                scratch that.. it is on the left!
                The Rams... Where dreams go to die.


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                • RamFan©
                  Very Nice
                  by RamFan©
                  This is a very nice forum Dez. You have done an incredible job with the color scheme. It's easy on the eyes to say the least. BUT DEZ! Shouldn't you be working on our defense? hehehe.
                  Seriously though on my next mail out I will be sure that this forum is pointed out and linked. There is going to be many Rams Fans liking this place.
                  It Reminds me of when I first Walked into the new Pac Bell Park (Yea I am a SF Giants fan) last year my first thought was "This is what a ball park should look like." My first impressions of this forum reminded me of that. Absolutely incredibly well done.
                  Colors are awsome DEZ
                  -04-01-2001, 12:08 PM
                • DJRamFan
                  New Look
                  by DJRamFan
                  Love the new look Dez, you're always improving things in here. The big Forum should be high posting once the season starts and the boards are unlocked. Thanks for my new board

                  You do an awesome job and everyone loves it in here. :cool: :p
                  -07-22-2001, 01:46 PM
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                  Ringtones and Rams WAVS
                  by RamsFanSam
                  Recently, I've begun making ringtones for me & mama's phones. Sami has helped me make a few (mainly 80's metal), my other daughter helped me make some Futurama ringtones, and this morning Sami and I made a "Ramafana" ringtone from one of the songs Dez posted in the Gallery.
                  What I'm trying to do is find some wavs that are 100% Rams. While I like my 'Electric Funeral' and 'Bite my shiny metal a**' ringtones, I want something Rams related.
                  Anyone have suggestions on where to find wavs of the Rams?
                  -11-13-2005, 10:30 AM
                • AvengerRam_old
                  Coming soon...
                  by AvengerRam_old
                  As some may have noticed, I've been maintaining radio silence for last couple of weeks. Without getting into any details, let's just say I needed a break.

                  Part of my fatigue, if you will, was the result of being a primary board policeman for the last few years. While it is an important and necessary role, it also can be a bit of a thankless job at times.

                  So... after chatting with Dez, I've decided to make a change.

                  For now, my title is going to be Moderator Emeritus. What this denotes is that I will continue serving ClanRam in an advisory capacity, but I will cease taking direct actions on the boards. In other words, I will not edit, delete, give infractions, ban, etc. Rather, should I encounter an issue, I will simply report it to the other Mods, who will then decide the appropriate course of action.

                  This change will allow me to continue posting and "recharge my batteries." I may resume full Mod duties at a later time (we'll see how you all behave . That, however, will be a decision for another day.

                  So, if you have missed my comments, and you were wondering what I thought about Kenny Britt, or Bernie's latest column, or the draft, or any other topic... I'll be posting again soon.

                  And if you haven't missed my comments... well, I guess you just wasted 20 seconds of your life reading this. Sorry. :disapointed:
                  -03-26-2014, 11:11 AM
                • thoey
                  Too Political?
                  by thoey
                  RamWraith and All in general,

                  RW, I am posting this openly as I am really not trying to flame you for it. You made a judgement call on what you thought was right, whether I agree or not has nothing to do with it.

                  That being said, I think that in the general forum, a post asking for signatures to help persuede our government to consider putting poverty and AIDS victims on our agenda is not "too much political".

                  Please don't get me wrong, I am not a drum beater for every cause that comes along. I just happened to see this as a ad on my mailers web page. First ad like that I have EVER clicked on cause it was interesting.

                  The more I read about it, especially the fact that it wasn't asking for a dime out of my pocket, but asking for a signature to try to get a dollar of my tax money sent to help, the more it was easy for me.

                  This wasn't a REP vs. DEM or LIB vs Greenies debate. I didn't care if anyone posted back. It was more an informational thing. Maybe ten people saw it before it was deleted, but maybe one went and clicked. That was all I was after. I wouldn't have clicked if I didn't see it.

                  Now, I am not going to rant about censorship or anything. I just think the trigger was a little hastily pulled in this instance.
                  -05-24-2006, 08:37 PM