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  • Spiral Horn Books ?

    Hello all,

    I am new to this site, but definitely not new to Rams forum. I remember Averger and crew from gateway gridiron when they used to abuse me for my grammer and spelling... anyway I was trying to catch up on the spiral horn books but when I click on links most books have nothing there. What is the easiest link to get to all the books so I can read from beginning. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Spiral Horn Books ?

    Some are still there, while some may have been lost (though I've seen a few floating around - try a Google search).

    I've retired from writing the books, and the current version is being written by RamsFanSam.


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      Place to watch the Rams in Boston
      by leebier
      Hello everyone. I am (obviously) new to the forum and the search link doesn't seem to be working so I apologize in advance if this topic is well covered in the archives.

      Anyway, I just moved to Boston and am looking for a place to watch the Rams every week. I supose I could find any ole' bar with DirecTV, but was hoping there was some places where Rams fans gather.

      Thanks for the help!

      -10-10-2006, 08:41 PM
    • Watchdog
      The Watchdog is in the Huuse!
      by Watchdog
      Hello eveybody, i'm new here on Clan Rams. My name is watchdog,and I am the Rams Blogger on the new Aol Sportsblog. Some kinda cool site you got here. Feel right at home. Think i might hang out a while. Nice to be with my own kind. I spent the last week crashing the Seahawk blue forum, making a nuisance of myself. It's awesome, they get so pissed!!
      -10-14-2006, 07:01 PM
    • DistantRam
      Hello from sunnier climes
      by DistantRam
      Hi, all. I'm new to the forum and am possibly your only member to hail from sunny Mauritius! I was born and raised in London but have recently emigrated, as Britain is rapidly going downhill. Besides, the UK's too cold (despite global warming)... I must be getting old.

      This forum has loads of members from the UK and I'd be willing to bet that many of them began watching in the early- to mid-1980s, on Channel 4. That's when my interest in the NFL was kindled, too. The Rams were my chosen team right from the start: Dickerson, Slater, Ellard, Everett and others just caught my imagination.

      I wanted desperately to go to the American Bowl in 1987, when the Rams defeated the Broncos at Wembley, but was forced into a family holiday (I was only 15 at the time, so couldn't really say no) instead, so I've never seen my beloved Rams in the flesh.

      Hopefully, I'll be able to rectify that soon. I'm planning on coming over to St Louis next year (2009) for a game, work permitting. It's something that I've always wanted to do and it'll be great when it finally happens.

      I don't know if I'll be posting much on here, as my football knowledge wouldn't begin to compare with that of many of you, but I'll be looking forward to reading your views and seeing the Rams surprise many of the so-called "experts" this season. If Pace, Jackson and Little can keep fit, and the new draftees and second-season players can integrate, there's no reason why we can't cause a few upsets and sneak into the play-off frame, although the schedule is obviously daunting.

      Here's to a great 2008 for the Rams.
      -05-16-2008, 03:27 AM
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      Messing With Sasquatch
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      Have any of you seen the Jack Links beef jerky commercials where people in the woods discover Bigfoot and play practical jokes on him?

      If this link doesn't show up, do a Google search for Messing with Sasquatch.
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    • .ramfan.
      Download Free Version of Rams (Martz) Playbook
      by .ramfan.
      I was just over at the RRF forum and one of their member's "locharion" posted this. I just downloaded it and all I got to say is WOW! It's safe to download. Here is the original post and the links. Enjoy.

      BTW... Make sure you have a tylenol handy, very complex...

      again, the original post is below.
      Some coaches have uploaded various playbooks they have collected at this site. This is not a scam, trojan horse, or virus. As you can see from the tracker, it has been downloaded more than 1000 times.

      The file is in PDF format and is quite large. The book is over 400 plus pages but worth a read.


      P.S Here is another link if you are having trouble downloading...
      -02-17-2006, 10:33 AM