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    Dez a Question,

    Do I need something to do in order to appear on the members list or with time it will appear, just wanted to ask.


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    Re: members list

    I think you need to have 50 posts to show up on the members list. I finally got there just recently.


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      Re: members list

      Utter is right. I believe you also need that many points to give out reputation


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        Re: members list

        Thanks for light me I will try to post more.


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          Re: members list

          thx i was curious too


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          • AvengerRam_old
            There is such thing as bad publicity (A note to some of our new members)
            by AvengerRam_old
            NOTE: This is not a Rams topic, per se, but given my belief that this is an important message to our new members as we enter a new season, I'm exercising Moderator privilege and posting it here.

            Andy Warhol reportedly once said, "there's no such thing as bad publicity." Well, the otherwise unexplainable popularity of the Paris Hiltons of the world aside, I must respectfully disagree with that statement.

            This is particularly true with respect to ClanRam (you'll see my point in a moment).

            In my opinion, the thing that makes ClanRam the best Rams board on the Net is the fact that we have long-term members who use this site to form cyber-friendships, if you will, with other long-term members. Its a quality over quantity thing - we'd rather have a solid core of regulars than a huge roster of hit-and-run posters.

            Sometimes, new posters are so eager to be noticed by the regulars that they go overboard in making themselves stand out. Just recently, we've had new members who have spammed the boards mercilessly, initiated smack battles and then claimed to be Ram fans, picked "fights" with Moderators or regular members, or engaged other disingenuous tactics designed for one purpose: to get noticed.

            In the short run, such tactics do tend to get you noticed. However, contrary to Warhol's axiom, at ClanRam there most certainly is such a thing as bad publicity. Make no mistake - the Moderators and regular members will NOT allow this board to become a smack-filled, childish and superficial board like the defunct Rams site board or the PD board.

            That does not mean that posters, including new posters, should avoid posts that are compelling, controversial, unpopular, unconventional or even mildly inflamatory. The key is that posts of that type should be made because you truly hold a belief that differs from the majority. If you are posting controversial content just because you want to get noticed, I can assure you that you are fooling nobody, and the attention you receive will be short lived.

            So... as I don't want to end this on a negative note, let me say to all the new members that we are happy to have you here, and we look forward to getting to know you at the Clan continue's to grow.

            Submitted as this one Mod's opinion...

            -08-03-2006, 07:24 AM
          • Ducksauce
            by Ducksauce
            :seasux: Do we get sigs on this sight or do we get to make our own if u know what that is?
            -03-16-2007, 03:20 PM
          • r8rh8rmike
            Memorial Day Shout-Out To Our Military Members
            by r8rh8rmike
            I know we have several members of the Armed Forces here at ClanRam, and I wanted to take a quick moment to thank you guys for your service and sacrifice on this Memorial Day weekend. As the son of a career Marine and someone who grew up in the military, I know the hardships on you and your families. You honor your country every day. God Bless you all.
            -05-27-2012, 06:53 PM
          • RamsFan16
            Little: "Hochuli tell other members of his officiating crew there were two penalties"
            by RamsFan16
            Wow, change of events. Shows how much Seattle was favored by these refs....
            -10-15-2006, 08:04 PM
          • RamsFanSam
            Members we haven't seen in a while...
            by RamsFanSam
            131 members visited here today. Among them are some people we haven't seen for a long time.
            Welcome back...things have changed some, we have grown, but we are still the Clan.
            We have 11 new members...just today. Welcome, and enjoy yourselves.

            The 131 members are:

            .ramfan., 1st & Goal, Adam#31, Adamjk, AJD45, anonemousraver, ArchuletaFan31, Aries51, AvengerRam, azramsfan, big-foot33, Blankman71, BoomGoesTheDynamite!, brawleyramfan, bruce_wannabe, CarolinaRam, Chi-Town Ram, clan-ram01, cowboyhater, coy bacon, CRAZYHORNS, curley4me, DCowboys#1, DIEHARDRAMFAN, Dr MartinVonNostrand, Endzorn, Evil Disco Man, Fargo Ram Fan, Fat Pang, fearlessone, football_fan, general counsel, GeordieRam, godpraise, Hollywood & Vine, HUbison, JackieSlater, Jack_Youngblood, jay87, jaydees, Jimmyrid, jkramsfan, jupap7, KCRamFan, LA Rammer, laram0, LaRamsFanLongTime, Large_Ant, LDJOHN55, LegolasFD, Leics_Ram, letsgoramz, Liberi, lilant2398, live4ramin, MadMax, maineram, Marshall1, MauiRam, Me2BSecretly, MFranke, mh-i, MikeB1603, Milan, moklerman, MOM, MoonJoe, NickSeiler, NY RAMFAN, OldRamsfan, PaddyRam, Pithyradish, PowderedDonut, psycho9985, pt_mck, r8rh8rmike, RAMarkable, ramavenger, Ramblin` Ram, Rambos, ramdoggie, ramhard, Ramit, RamJackson39, RAMMAN68, RammieGirl, RamMyrow, Rampage39, rampo, rampower, RAMS FAN, rams2061, Rams232, rams8821, ramsbruce, RamsFan16, RamsFanSam, ramstiles, rams_fan81, RamWraith, rawkhrdr, RealRam, Richbert88, Rip32, Roy G. Biv, sbramfan, Scidog68, serkicker32, SFCRamFan, Shadesofgrey, shortman1984, SoccerRam, srblarams, stlramman, STLRAMSFAN, supachump, talkstoangels61, TexasCowboy, theodus69, tim, Tony Soprano, totalpakage, trapanatore, Truth, txramsfan, uclafan, UtterBlitz, VegasRam, viper3, Yodude

            The new members are:
            DIEHARDRAMFAN (1 Posts), football_fan (0 Posts), jaydees (1 Posts), Jimmyrid (0 Posts), lady_football_fan (0 Posts), Liberi (0 Posts), Me2BSecretly (0 Posts), Ramblin` Ram (0 Posts), RenoRamFan31 (0 Posts), TexasCowboy (3 Posts), uclafan (1 Posts)

            I think this is great....
            -01-02-2006, 02:06 PM