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  • The new nomenclature

    As I come back to the board after 3 days of Bar-B-Q and fireworks, I've noticed that we have a new "naming" system beside our posts. This looks similar to what we had over on the other board. I was just wondering if a member of administration would give us a list and the correlating number of posts. Thanks.
    The more things change, the more they stay the same.

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    Re: The new nomenclature

    rookie = 1 to 20 posts

    allocate = 20 to 40 posts

    practice squad = 40 to 60 posts

    friend = 60 to 100 posts

    regular = 100 to 200 posts

    vetern = 200 to 400 posts

    pro bowl = 400 to 600 posts

    warrior = 600 posts

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      Re: The new nomenclature

      thx i was curious too


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        Special Team Player (Minimum Posts: 55)
        Close to getting cut (Minimum Posts: 75)
        Made the Ram Roster (just) (Minimum Posts: 100)
        Veteran Ram (Minimum Posts: 250)
        Ram MVP (Minimum Posts: 500)
        Pro Bowl Ram (Minimum Posts: 700)
        Superbowl MVP (Minimum Posts: 1000)
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