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Need help to find photos from 1999-2000 season

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  • Need help to find photos from 1999-2000 season

    Hey all you Rams fans! I need some help here! I had downloaded a large amount of photos from some website (?) of all the games incl. post-season and superbowl xxxiv and they somehow (?) got erased from my computer! (I'm a quadriplegic and I depend on nurses, family members, etc. to run my computer:rolleyes: ) Anyway, now I am frantically searching to find those photos again and can't seem to do so :o ! Can anybody out there direct me to where I might once again find those photos? I will be forever grateful! Thankyou so much! ART

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    Treasure hunt...

    Hi Art!

    These addresses /links contain about 40 pictures of the Rams 99 season and plenty more of recent Ram memories,

    Sorry to hear of the vanishing of your collection, a "mystery" that happens :mad: all the time! I hope the links will help you find parts of your pix treasure (they've helped me find mine)! ;)

    Best wishes, GO RAMS!!!
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      Thanks for those pictures Jorge! I'm going to check them out myself. GO RAMS!