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Need help to find photos from 1999-2000 season

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  • Need help to find photos from 1999-2000 season

    Hey all you Rams fans! I need some help here! I had downloaded a large amount of photos from some website (?) of all the games incl. post-season and superbowl xxxiv and they somehow (?) got erased from my computer! (I'm a quadriplegic and I depend on nurses, family members, etc. to run my computer:rolleyes: ) Anyway, now I am frantically searching to find those photos again and can't seem to do so :o ! Can anybody out there direct me to where I might once again find those photos? I will be forever grateful! Thankyou so much! ART

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    Treasure hunt...

    Hi Art!

    These addresses /links contain about 40 pictures of the Rams 99 season and plenty more of recent Ram memories,

    Sorry to hear of the vanishing of your collection, a "mystery" that happens :mad: all the time! I hope the links will help you find parts of your pix treasure (they've helped me find mine)! ;)

    Best wishes, GO RAMS!!!
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      Thanks for those pictures Jorge! I'm going to check them out myself. GO RAMS!


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      • VegasRam
        Sung to the tune of...
        by VegasRam
        "Happy days are here again", (for those who are so inclined);)

        Rams are turning things around at last
        Shaw and Ziggy’s crap is in the past
        Spag's is here to stay, the die is cast
        Rams are back on track again

        Billy’s got his eyes upon the draft
        Showing everyone he’s honed his craft
        In our drafts before, the pundits laughed
        Rams are coming back again

        Bulger’s finally smiling just a bit
        His new center is a perfect fit
        Now at last he won’t get hit and hit
        Rams are going to win again

        Ron Bartell has got his corner spot
        And Atogwe’s going to still be hot
        Hill and Butler both will get their shot
        Rams are on the attack again

        D-Line’s finally got a touch of gray
        Looks like they may finally have their day
        Anyway, it’s clear they’re here to play
        Rams may get more sacks again

        Steven Jackson’s glad he’s now a Dad
        Contract’s done, so he’s no longer mad
        Gonna run like hell, and catch a tad
        Rams got running backs again

        Our receivers seem to lack some age
        Maybe so, but wait ‘til they engage
        Other team’s DBs, they will upstage
        Rams'll scare some D's again

        As a team, this all will take some time
        Lot of work ahead, an uphill climb
        And I just ran out of things that rhyme
        Rams are fun to watch again

        So OK, I hope this finds you well
        We’ll no longer hear the tolling bell
        Looks like character will finally tell
        Rams'll kick some 'A' again
        -03-25-2009, 03:23 PM
      • RealRam
        Common spelling mistakes -- for the fun of it.
        by RealRam
        Although proper spelling is certainly not a "requisite" and it may not necessarily improve the QUALITY of the CLAN, the opposite, bad orthography [i.e., spelling as a subject or science], may contribute a negative effect.

        Clan Moderators do not look for this, of course. And that is fair and good -- even though we do have a spelling checker. It is an open forum. But I believe that a post is not only its content, but its image, an image that may enhance or deteriorate the overall QUALITY of our CLAN. I'm not talking about typographical errors; those are mainly accidental.

        One of the ways I learn a different language is by paying close attention to the spelling of the vocabulary. It is a good linguistic tool (I still have other people find my errors when I don't myself). That has helped me considerably in learning English.

        For the fun of it, following are some common spelling mistakes observed in casual English writing. They are NOT mentioned here for the sake of criticism, rather as an observation that hopefully, will help us learn and/or exercise the nuances of written communication in and outside of this forum:


        believe / beleive
        receive / recieve ... Kevin Curtis is a fine receiver.
        then / than (or vice versa)
        effect / affect (or vice versa)
        there / their (or vice versa) / they're
        are / our (or vice versa)
        lose / loose (or vice versa)

        Do all NFL players spell correctly? Yeah, right!
        But as everyone else ought to, they should get their spelling checked when they write a Resume! It is common courtesy and respect for the reader.

        Please feel free to add correct / incorrect terminolgy. Thanks.
        -07-04-2006, 03:56 PM
      • OldRamsfan
        ans to do you remember
        by OldRamsfan
        Hope everybody got it and enjoyed : Here are names.

        Dick Bass

        Jon Arnett

        Ron Brown

        I have alot of different RAMS stuff old and new and nfl stuff too mostly RAMS things, If I can be help anyone I would be happy to do so If I can ..I have alot to learn yet
        and alot too find yet , Its seems like never ending story and I really enjoy it ...Thanks for let me share some of my RAMS things with you all...
        -11-23-2005, 12:15 AM
      • evil disco man
        Color Illusion: Big Spanish Castle
        by evil disco man
        I've always liked optical illusions, but I've never seen something like this before. Just follow the instructions on the page:

        Big Spanish Castle

        Pretty trippy, huh? Any more color illusions or optical illusions/art (Escher, etc.) you could add would be fun.

        -06-09-2006, 06:41 PM
      • ramsanddodgers
        Kewl pic for you guys
        by ramsanddodgers

        From NFL pic of the week selections......
        -12-02-2008, 08:45 PM