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ClanRam site problems?

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  • ClanRam site problems?

    I am not sure if this should be posted here, but I have not been able to log on to this site very often this week. Most days it says the link is broken. I have tried deleting cookies and other browsing data as well as using other browsers but usually I cannot open this site.

    Just wondering if I am the only one?

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    Re: ClanRam site problems?

    Its like that for me too. Sometimes it works fine and sometimes it just doesn't load. It hasn't been able to load on my iphone for about 2 weeks but it works on my computer half the time.


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      Re: ClanRam site problems?

      I haven't had a single problem on the desktop, laptop, OR my phone when logging on to the clan. However, the gf had a lot of trouble logging on to her college website yesterday, and I think this is an issue with the internet being overwhelmed at times due to people trying to search for info about the earthquake in Chile and the resulting tsunami. It seems to have cleared up this morning for her.

      One thing I have done in the past to solve this problem is to reset my IP address. Maybe you can try this to see if it clears up. Also, there is a recent Windows update that doesn't play very well with the system.


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        Re: ClanRam site problems?

        No issues with accessing the site for me... >8)

        GO RAMS!!


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          Re: ClanRam site problems?

          No answers of help here. I am still having problems. I couldn't even log on since yesterday to receive the msg that my thread got moved. AND its only this site for me.


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            Re: ClanRam site problems?

            OK, I know this is plainly obvous, but I still have to ask...

            Is your computer shared with anyone? If not, check the "keep me logged in" box.

            BTW, I moved your thread to the "Help" forum where it belongs. I hope that didn't anger you.


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              Re: ClanRam site problems?

              No worries about moving the thread. Sorry not to have it in the correct location.

              As for your question. I have that box checked. When I can get in I log in automatically. When I can't log in google tells me the site is broken


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