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Picking up viruses from this site.

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  • Picking up viruses from this site.

    Three times in as many days I have picked up Trojan:JS/Redirector.CI from this site. No harm was done since my virus protection stopped it and allowed me to delete it everytime, but still it's a concern. It has to be one of the ads, but I have no clue which one. My protection software locks the page up before I can see which one is doing it.

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    Re: Picking up viruses from this site.

    What AV are you using? It is likely a false positive, your AV software vendor should be aware of the issue if it is. If not, go over to the DSL Cable VOIP Security Satellite Fiber News Tips Reviews Community Tools - security forums, post a message about it, and if you wait, a poster named Cudni (or something like that) will help you out. Chances are, someone over there will be able to help you rather quickly.


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      Re: Picking up viruses from this site.

      It's possible it's a false positive. I've use Microsoft Security Essentials for awhile now and have had no problems until this week.


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