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    Any forum suggestions, get them in here :shield:

    Keeping the Rams Nation Talking

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    I love the pictures of the old media guides. What about posting pictures of the old yearbooks as well? I have pictures for about 15 of them if you need them. Most of them are very cool.



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      Email them to me in top quality mode please to [email protected] cheers :shield:

      Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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        You have mail!

        Thanks for considering.



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          Hey RAMble On,

          Got them and they are great, thanks.

          will get them up this week.

          Anyone who has yearbooks that are not on the list, please email me the cover, thanks :shield:

          Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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            How about running more contest every week and give a little something away. I know with all them great connections you have Dez maybe you get some prizes donated.

            I was thinking along the lines of predict the score etc...


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              Good idea. Has any member got a good buisness they would like to buy the prizes ?? We could use the ClanRam Sweatshirts.

              Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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                Hey Dez,

                I sent the cover to the '94 yearbook.

                I also have a video file of the Jim Rome vs. Jim “Chris” Everett interview that I could send to you for others to download. Everett won that IMO.

                Also, how about a Ram virus we could send to all non-Ram fans. One that would access a person’s email and send a message to all of their contacts like “I am a closet Ram Fan, all other teams suck.” Well, maybe not.


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                  Send the video, but I would hessitate to do the virus thing :evil:

                  Got the last (94) year book.

                  Just finishing things on the forum then I will post them, ta

                  Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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                    Ram impressive...

                    Dez and mods,

                    ClanRam is just becoming more and more top notch, like the St. Louis Rams. A world-class site; quality unique among the NFL teams. Simply Ram impressive!

                    I have some old Ram memorabilia (66 to 90), including an 1989 Rams calendar with many autographs: Coaches Robinson, Norv Turner, Ernie Zampese; Irv Pankey, Flipper Anderson, Kevin Green, Jim Everrett, Henry Ellard -- most of the team that year which our 8 yr. old son and I visited at Rams park the day after they defeated the Lions in L.A. / Anaheim.

                    ...We even "saw and secured" the autograph of Jack Younblood, Lawrence McCutcheon and others. I also have pictures of our son posing with Everrett, Wilcher, John Robinson and others.

                    Please advise as to how, if you wish, I may e-share these collectibles with the Clan.
                    GO RAMS!!!


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                      Hey JORGE, You can share this on the forum as long as you have the web space and a scanner. you can even upload them yourself

                      If you feel better me doing it, send all the stuff to me at my email address and I will put it up for you

                      Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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                        great site RamDez


                        this is a great site. Probably the best I've seen as far as structure, organization, and features. I wanted to give you some feedback... I have been on a very good Niners site for awhile now.

                        Don't get me wrong, I am definately a Rams fan, but this Niners site is fairly well organized and has the most traffic and best posters I've seen so far. I know that's totally subjective, but the core veteran posters there invite most opponents in to talk football wihtout mindless really makes for some good posts. You should check it out...txramsfan has beenin there often and he listed this site so I checked it out.

                        I just listed this site on their MB so there may be an influx of Niner fans in here soon. And that's my only criticism of this site...very little traffic compared to this Niners site.

                        Other than that, this is the most impressive site I've seen and I like the core posters so far.

                        I wanted to tell you specifically what I like about your MB:

                        -Well organized subjects...maybe too many though...the Niners site has four but everyone goes to one and posts.

                        -Excellent smilies and rams icons...great size and variety

                        -I like that, along with the "handle" of the poster, you include # of posts and where they live.

                        -I like the concept of "earning" the pics next to your name. I also think its great to allow opponents to earn their own team icons next to their names

                        - I really like the whole format of this site

                        - separating smack-talk is a good idea, but then the Rams regulars need to do a better job of policing and avoiding gratuitous smack in other areas of this MB

                        - I would really like to see more traffic on this site...and I think that comes from comradery amongst the regulars here and a welcoming attitude towards opposing teams' fans.

                        Anyway, those are my comments...thx to txramsfan for leading me here.


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                          Hey thanks for all that RAMFAN,

                          Remember this is still a "new forum" its only been open since April or March this year.

                          The ClanRam has been operational for 5 years but I have only just got round to adding this software.

                          I think that traffic will build up as you say.

                          Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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                            I too have been to many a forum, and this is by far the best organized.

                            It would be good to have a higher level of traffic. On the other hand, the lack of "too much traffic" has a lot to do with the quality of the posts and posters at the site. Higher traffic means more work will be needed to maintain the excellent quality of the site. Just something to think about.

                            It would be good to encourage other posters at other sites to join this one as long as consideration of the quality of the posters there is taken into account. Most moderators don't know the meaning of the word moderator, let along how to be objective and maintain a well balanced message board.

                            No doubt, RamDez and his fellow Mods, are a big part of this forum's uniqueness. We should all count ourselves lucky to be a part of their forum. So RamDez...This is to you.

                            :evilram: A token of my appreciation.


                            • #15

                              Sometimes Atlas you .....just..... bring a tear to my eye *sniff*

                              Dez...Do I got to come up with a crying Ram now

                              Serious...u do impress me sometimes bud :king:


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