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  • Attention: Thread Ratings

    Let's get some more ratings on the threads on your opinions, do it on as many as you can...just what you think.

    Dez works hard in here, let's use as many things as we can to make it all pay off.

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    J-Ram #1

    Make sure you all give J-Ram great remarks


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      I'm pretty sure Dez said that there needs to be 5 different people rating the thread before the stars show up. Therefore we all need to get involved on this one for it to work.

      The threads with 5 stars may be archived for our grand kids to see!


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        i don't think i want my grandkids seeing some of this stuff in 50 years


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          I actually have started rating threads. But, only ones that seem to be an extreme, one way or the other. If it's a very distasteful thread, then it gets a one. If it's a very good thread, then I give it a five. Most opinion threads, as long in good taste, I don't rate. I live in a free country and it's only an opinion. It's their right to express themselves without judgment from me.


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            that's a good point atlas, i've been rating the "well informed" opinion type pretty high, even if i don't agree, it's free speech and so i also respect it.


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