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Inserting youtube videos?

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  • Inserting youtube videos?

    On every other vBulletin forum I use there is a little button for inserting YouTube videos in a thread. Are those not activated here?

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    Never mind I just realized I had the advanced editor toggled off. Oops.


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      HA, you beat me to to it LOL

      Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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        Cool Videos Thread
        by thoey
        Instead of creating a new thread every time someone finds a cool link, maybe we can just use one.

        I'll start. Found this cool video of a new octopus moved into the big tank. There was concern that it would not know what to do with the add amount and size of predators.
        -08-10-2005, 10:18 AM
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        Here is what I want
        by RamWraith
        This is a message to all the YouTubers out there. Can you put together some clips for us all to see? Lets use this thread to make requests and if you people that are so talented could make the videos and place it on a site like YouTube for us all to enjoy that would be great.

        I would like to see Flipper's TD against the Giants in '89, when Flipper caught the ball and just keep running through the tunnel.


        Some highlights from Flippers record breaking 336 yard game.

        Can anyone help us out here??
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        I admit that I still kind of like...

        Barry Manilow.
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