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    I am having some issues getting my signature picture to show up. According to the settings page, the picture uploaded. On my posts, it has the HTML code, but no picture.

    A lot of you have successfully loaded sigpics - how can I get mine up there? Seriously - I WANT MY SIGNATURE PICTURE!

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    So no one knows how to get their signature pictures working?



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      I guess if I ever need help I'll know you're not the Mod that works in the "Help" forum? Check the "HELP" link at the bottom of any page. You'll find some info there on how to edit your signature along with many other topics. Perhaps they will be useful for your future Mod duties.


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        Okay, I'm sitting here working on my girlfriend's new computer, which she purchased at Best Buy and had the Geek Squad optimize, and I'm having some issues with Internet Explorer.

        It seems that every now and then whenever I try to load a webpage or click a link, my browser initiates a Google search for what looks like the URL to some kind of ad banner on the page trying to load.

        For instance, when trying to open this URL, her computer goes to that page for a second but then proceeds to perform a Google search for this.

        It happens off and on while navigating random sites I've been to, but occurs quite a bit when navigating Yahoo and Yahoo Mail, which is the client we both use for our e-mail. After having had this happen on the PC a couple of times, I've tried hitting escape while the page finishes loading certain objects, and that seems to stop it in some instances, but is a huge pain in the ass and only really works after you've been redirected since you know what you're trying to do is going to cause the redirect.

        Any idea what this could be? SpySweeper doesn't recognize any spyware on the computer and it was happening prior to the installation of Google's toolbar in her IE window, so I'm wondering if there's just a setting somewhere that I need to change so that the web page doesn't automatically initiate these kinds of searches.
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        New Signature Doesn't Show
        by thoey
        Added a new sig with that quote of Tyoka's, but it doesn't show. Even logged out and then back in. Is there a time period or some other sort of approval system?
        -10-14-2005, 02:39 AM
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        I've got a problem that maybe someone on this board can help with. I was the victim of a virus attack a week ago and had to recover my OS. I'm running XP, but the problem I now face is with my Norton Internet Security. I had to reload it and now it will not operate. Every time I try to configure my settings it does not respond. To make things worse, I can't view the internet with it installed. I've been to the Symantic web site but there is no help on this.
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        So my signature wants to hate me.
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        The crap just doesn't work.
        -12-31-2008, 01:05 AM