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    For me, the first post in any thread appears with a fairly dark brown background making it difficult for these old eyes to read. Can I change this, or is it a forum default? Thanks in advance.

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    I've got to admit, I don't like the color, or the difficulty it creates reading posts.Worth a try to do something different, but it doesn't work for me.


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      Thanks - so it is a forum default?


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        Originally posted by bltkmt View Post
        Thanks - so it is a forum default?
        Not sure, Dez would have to weigh in, but I agree with you that it makes post tough to read.


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          I highlight (select) the text before reading. It doesn't change the background, but it does surround the text with a white frame so I can read it easier.



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            I can read it. No difficult for me.
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              Is that better for you?

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                I have one little complaint
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                Ok, I know that I'm not respected or liked around here and it doesn't bother me, I know that I'm under 18 and I agree with Dez creating the Under 18 Forum for us under 18 because some of us young ones have been posting and starting stupid things however.I posted some ARTICLES that consisted of Rams News that hadn't been posted before under the Rams Talk because its a RAMS article and it got moved, so I'm wondering whats wrong with us starting threads containing to articles on the Rams under rams talk if it wasn't started? I understand if there has already been one posted but if it hadn't been posted and I post it under the Rams Talk and it gets moved whats up with that? I'm trying to cotribute articles there and they get moved.
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                Dez ... Could we get the sigs back?
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                yay! I clicked 3 times and I found home. Thanks Red and R8
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                Common spelling mistakes -- for the fun of it.
                by RealRam
                Although proper spelling is certainly not a "requisite" and it may not necessarily improve the QUALITY of the CLAN, the opposite, bad orthography [i.e., spelling as a subject or science], may contribute a negative effect.

                Clan Moderators do not look for this, of course. And that is fair and good -- even though we do have a spelling checker. It is an open forum. But I believe that a post is not only its content, but its image, an image that may enhance or deteriorate the overall QUALITY of our CLAN. I'm not talking about typographical errors; those are mainly accidental.

                One of the ways I learn a different language is by paying close attention to the spelling of the vocabulary. It is a good linguistic tool (I still have other people find my errors when I don't myself). That has helped me considerably in learning English.

                For the fun of it, following are some common spelling mistakes observed in casual English writing. They are NOT mentioned here for the sake of criticism, rather as an observation that hopefully, will help us learn and/or exercise the nuances of written communication in and outside of this forum:

                CORRECT / INCORRECT

                believe / beleive
                receive / recieve ... Kevin Curtis is a fine receiver.
                then / than (or vice versa)
                effect / affect (or vice versa)
                there / their (or vice versa) / they're
                are / our (or vice versa)
                lose / loose (or vice versa)

                Do all NFL players spell correctly? Yeah, right!
                But as everyone else ought to, they should get their spelling checked when they write a Resume! It is common courtesy and respect for the reader.

                Please feel free to add correct / incorrect terminolgy. Thanks.
                -07-04-2006, 03:56 PM
              • RamDez
                Forum Runner
                by RamDez
                This forum now supports Android and the iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad natively with Forum Runner!
                What is Forum Runner?
                Forum Runner is an Android/iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad App that allows you to browse this forum using a native client. This means faster access for those users since it only downloads the actual forum information rather than all the extraneous images that slow down the mobile connection.
                Forum Runner Feature List

                • Browse your favorite forums in an easy-to-use-interface with multiple notification types (private message, subscription, etc)
                • Fully customizable home screen with your favorite forums
                • PUSH NOTIFICATION SUPPORT : Get private message and subscribed thread updates from your favorite forums in the background!
                • Poll updates (private messages/subscriptions) from favorites on home screen - shows you a summary of which forums you have new messages or subscriptions on!
                • Image attachment thumbnail and full size viewing from threads
                • View a thread's image attachments in one convenient screen (much like the native iPhone "Photo" app)
                • Save thread images to your iPhone/iPod touch library
                • Fully search-able forums!
                • View embedded links without leaving the app, including YouTube videos
                • Supports portrait AND landscape mode
                • Full posting options (quote posts, start new thread, etc)
                • Attach unlimited photos from your library (or take a photo from the camera and attach it)
                • Full support for private messages and private message folders
                • Full support for thread subscriptions - track your favorite threads and be updated via push when they have new posts!

                Some screen shots of Forum Runner running on various devices:
                iPhone: Home Screen with customizable icons and notifications:

                Push notification updates while outside the app:

                Image attachment browser from a thread:

                Fully searchable forums:

                Full forum browsing:

                How can I get the Forum Runner iPhone Client?
                Either search "Forum Runner" in the App Store on your iPhone, or click the link below:
                Get Forum Runner from App Store[/URL]
                How can I get the Forum Runner Android Client?
                Either search "Forum Runner" in the Google Market on your Android device, or click the link below:
                Get Forum Runner from Google Market[/URL]...
                -09-24-2012, 02:10 PM