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  • Color scheme

    For me, the first post in any thread appears with a fairly dark brown background making it difficult for these old eyes to read. Can I change this, or is it a forum default? Thanks in advance.

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    I've got to admit, I don't like the color, or the difficulty it creates reading posts.Worth a try to do something different, but it doesn't work for me.


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      Thanks - so it is a forum default?


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        Originally posted by bltkmt View Post
        Thanks - so it is a forum default?
        Not sure, Dez would have to weigh in, but I agree with you that it makes post tough to read.


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          I highlight (select) the text before reading. It doesn't change the background, but it does surround the text with a white frame so I can read it easier.



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            I can read it. No difficult for me.
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              Is that better for you?

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