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Blue on Blue uniforms tonight

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    Re: Blue on Blue uniforms tonight

    Originally posted by r8rh8rmike View Post
    I'd like them a lot better without the stripe down the side, which would give a sleeker, faster look. If we win tonight in them, I'll love 'em!
    Agreed, it's the stripe that throws me off.


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      Re: Blue on Blue uniforms tonight

      Originally posted by laram0 View Post
      As long as the Bears are black & blue after this game, I don't care what colors the Rams wear.

      GO RAMS
      Agreed! And I hope that is the case too, LARAM0.

      I do not like this uniform at all. Too bad. BTW, who makes this decision on wearing this tonight?

      ...I would just don our regular colors for MNF and concentrate on winning.


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        Re: Blue on Blue uniforms tonight

        Originally posted by .ramfan. View Post
        I can't wait for tonights game! Blue on blue and the "white out" affect. Should be interesting to see how this team performs. We know they can dress the part, but will they be able to play it?
        It'll be interesting to see if the white out effect works. From the pre-game show I'm watching now, you would think it was a bears home game with all the "Let's Go Bears" chants.


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          Re: Blue on Blue uniforms tonight

          When I read the title of this thread Bobby Vinton popped into my head... kind of sums up the season so far but hopefully tonight our team can reverse the trend!

          "Blue on blue, heartache on heartache"

          I agree with the sentiments on the Romann Gabriel, Merlin Olsen, Jackie Slater, Dennis Harrah, etc. look..


          GO RAMS!!

          GO RAMS!!


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            Re: Blue on Blue uniforms tonight

            Watching ESPn and the Rams are warming up in their Blue and Golds.


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            • AvengerRam
              Rams want old school uniforms now - NFL says "no"
              by AvengerRam
              Rams want to wear blue and yellow uniforms more often, but NFL says no

              Posted by Michael David Smith on May 11, 2018, 9:51 AM EDT
              Getty Images

              Since the Rams moved back to Los Angeles, questions have raged about which uniforms they should wear: The blue and white of Merlin Olsen in the 1960s? The blue and yellow of Eric Dickerson in the 1980s? The blue and gold of the St. Louis years? Some combination?

              The Rams are working on a permanent answer, but in the meantime they’d like to wear the Dickerson-style throwbacks more. The NFL, however, has other ideas.

              Rams COO Kevin Demoff says the team has asked the NFL for permission to wear the blue and yellow throwbacks more often, but the NFL limited the Rams to wearing them twice last season. Demoff said he’s working on explaining to the league office that the fans would prefer those uniforms.

              “We have spent the year educating them on our fan base,” Demoff told the Los Angeles Times. “We forwarded them all of the fan complaints, the emails we get, so I think they’re well aware of our fans’ preferences.”

              Demoff said the Navy blue jerseys the Rams have worn aren’t anyone’s favorite.

              “It was always with the idea that we’d be able to revisit it during the offseason when there’s more time to plan,” he said. “Hopefully, they recognize the challenge we have and appreciate the connection the fan base has to the blue and yellow. If we can avoid wearing our Navy jerseys next year, we will.”

              It’s a bit odd that the NFL won’t let teams wear whatever uniforms they want, but it appears that the Rams still have some work to do to convince the league to let them wear those Dickerson-style uniforms on a full-time basis....
              -05-11-2018, 09:54 AM
            • dgr828
              Once again the Rams go Alternative
              by dgr828
              Last week in Philadelphia, the Rams sported their blue jerseys with white pants which didn't bring much luck. This week the Rams once again go with the alternative attire, this time the team will wear Blue on Blue (Blue jerseys, Blue pants). Hopefully the Rams are dressed for success!
              -09-14-2008, 09:37 AM
            • r8rh8rmike
              Rams Up Two Spots To No. 19 On NFL Uniform Watch List
              by r8rh8rmike
              Rams up two spots to No. 19 on NFL Uni Watch list

              Nick Wagoner, ESPN Staff Writer

              EARTH CITY, Mo. -- Lovers of the St. Louis Rams gold pants, rejoice. No, the Rams haven't committed to bringing the gold pants back but you do have an influential backer on your side in the form of ESPN athletics aesthetics expert Paul Lukas.

              On Thursday, Lukas revealed his latest round of best uniforms in the NFL, ranking the teams from 1-32. The Rams moved up two spots from No. 21 to No. 19 in this year's edition. Yes, I know, yet another ranking that includes the Rams sitting somewhere in the bottom part of the middle of the pack among teams.

              Lukas downgraded the Rams for using a neck roll and especially for repeatedly going with the blue on blue look. It's a look that become affectionately known around the team as the "blueberry" look and it seems to drive the fans crazy. Lukas would like to see the Rams bring back the gold pants and called the helmet design "the class of the league."

              But let's get to the reality. The Rams' throwback uniforms are among the best looking uniforms in the league. When they wore those, there's not a team in the league that looks better. And if they really wanted to get down to business, they could go back to the old blue and white uniforms of Rams teams long in the past.

              There are no changes coming this year but there has been plenty of speculation about that possibility in recent years, particularly if the team moves back to Los Angeles.

              Either way, in these all-important rankings, for the Rams to improve in the future they must look to the past.
              -05-22-2015, 03:03 PM
            • rampete
              blue pants this sunday?
              by rampete
              i've been reading (not sure if it's just a false rumor) that the rams will sport an all blue uni this sunday against the birds, in a show of players solidarity...

              hmm, never did fancy those gold trunks...

              please let me know if i'm mistaken girlfriend does...all the time...
              -11-18-2005, 09:26 PM
            • AvengerRam
              Looking at the crowd, one thing seems clear...
              by AvengerRam
              From what I saw, there is an overwhelming preference among the fans for the old royal blue/yellow color scheme over the current dark blue/gold. I'm guessing it won't be until the 2019 season when the new stadium opens, but I think the change is inevitable....
              -08-15-2016, 10:53 AM