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Maybe It's The Uniforms!!!!

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  • Maybe It's The Uniforms!!!!

    maybe it's just coincidence, but the Rams lost 1 Superbowl and 3 1st round playoff games since switching uniforms. maybe they need to go back to the old uni's. just a thought! it couldn't hurt. I'll take any change to see this team be successful again.

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    Re: Maybe It's The Uniforms!!!!

    wishful thinking Rebel.

    we may never see that day come. the rest of the orginization are idiots just like the HC. that is why he is still the HC. name any other team that would be stupid and idiotic enough to hire Martz as a HC? especially after his record of game management.

    Wannstedt was going to be fired ( before he stepped down ) for having a team with no talent ( who the Rams lost to ). why shouldn't Martz be fired for underachieving with talent.

    and for all you Martz supporters who want to blame it on the defense, Indy hasn't had a defense since Manning got there and you don't see them at 5-5.
    if Martz is such an offensive genius as you all claim, why can't he lead the team to wins without a defense like Indy does?


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    • Rams232
      by Rams232
      I appreciate the opinions of those who think Martz has been a great h.c. but let me share where I disagree a little. Martz did help construct the Rams offense to some degree but allot of those pieces were there already & some were Vermiel's doing. Martz only had one year of input in 99'. Martz' input was valuble but it's not like he constructed the team.

      One of the big differences between Vermiel & Martz was that even though Vermiel had his own opinions re: Faulk etc. he was always willing to listen to others' opinions & often defer when their expertise was better than his own something Martz has seemingly been reluctant to do. Remember Wilkins, Edwards, St. Clair, Manu, Sehorn, Crouch & a whole host of others? Martz is not known for changing his mind in deference to others.

      Martz did indeed inherit a SB team & although that team would have had changes regardless who the h.c. was b/c of the very nature of football these days, Martz' ability to deal w/ those changes ultimately lead in part to his demise & perhaps the Rams'. And I'm not just talking about player personnel. Hannifan's replacement, Lovie's replacement of Marmie. Flat out horrible decisions.

      He let Proehl, Conwell & the "Hammer" go. He thought Tucker was expendable & that St. Clair would be all-pro. Turley?(Need I say more?)There are conflicting stories re: Fletcher. But I do remember distinctly reading an interview w/ Fletcher after he left where he said the main reason he left was b/c Martz wouldn't even return his calls. He said it wasn't the money, it was about respect. Proehl & others have said similar things. Well, Wilkins, Edwards, Manu, St. Clair, & others turned out to not be very good replacements. Martz didn't have total control of all decisions but he did on many of those & his contract clearly states that he had veto power over all personnel decisions.

      Are we starting to see some of the differences between an o.c. & h.c.? Martz has great talent for many things, just not allot of the h.c. responsibilities imho.

      I understand where allot of you are coming from. I'd be willing to bet that the vast majority of those that want Martz to stay as h.c. & think he has done a great job, would be thrilled beyond measure if we got a new h.c. & Martz stayed on as o.c. I think many are just scared to death that we're gonna lose one of the greatest offenses to ever play in the NFL, & they were our Rams! The problem imho, is we lost that 3 years ago b/c Martz was our h.c. & not our o.c.

      Really guys, he's not the only offensive genius out there, in fact, I think overall Chow has a better mind than Martz b/c he's more level headed about his approach. But I digress. We haven't been the GSOT for some time now & not b/c Martz has lost it, but b/c he's never been the h.c. we all expected him to be, unjustifiably I might add....
      -10-28-2005, 05:47 PM
    • RamsFan16
      Why does everyone hate Martz?
      by RamsFan16
      I'm just wondering I love the guy. He is a good coach I think and I don't blame the Playoff losses on him. Face it last year vs the Falcons I knew we would lose we had no chance and the year before against the Panthers. If Holt wouldn't have tried to showboat that catch that went for one hand he would have caught it with two hands. But really why doesn't anyone like him?
      -10-26-2005, 04:35 PM
    • AvengerRam_old
      If Martz wants to return, and doctors approve, Rams CAN'T say no, unless...
      by AvengerRam_old
      Martz's current absence is covered by the Family and Medical Leave Act. Consequently, if he obtains a certification from a doctor stating that he's cleared to return, and he expresses the desire to return, the Rams are legally required to return him to his position (technically, its the same or an "equivalent" position, but I'd argue that there is no such thing in this case).

      The only real way out of this for the Rams would be to argue that Martz would have been fired during the last six weeks regardless of his leave. I think such an argument would be untenable.

      So, don't be surprised if the Rams bring Martz back, let him finish out the season, and then fire him when the season ends - particularly if the Rams don't make the playoffs.
      -11-29-2005, 01:05 PM
    • RamWraith
      Are some of us wrong??
      by RamWraith
      As time passes quickly, I have to ask myself if maybe Shaw is right about Martz. He does not appear to be drawing much interest from the football community like I thought he would. In fact, it now looks like the one interviewed he was in, the job is going to another candidate. Maybe the Rams organization isn't far off with this one. I guess only time will tell
      -01-17-2006, 04:26 AM
    • RamWraith
      Martz now in a lose, lose situation
      by RamWraith
      Martz can not win with the current situation. This could spell disaster for our coach. The three scenarios I see playing out for this team has Martz looking at the door.

      1) The Rams turn the season around under the new Vitt regime and Martz will be ridiculed for not doing things right.

      2) The Rams stay on the current track and Martz will be ridiculed for being underachievers and not improving the product.

      3) The Rams fall off the face of the earth and Martz is ridiculed for getting sick and not having the leadership to train the staff to perform in tight situations or perform every day functions.

      No matter what happens I think our poor coach is doomed. This should make some of you happy. Not sure who is going to do a better job though.
      -10-16-2005, 08:32 AM