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Rams vs. Bucs single color uniforms

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  • Rams vs. Bucs single color uniforms

    Some said it was like ketchup vs. mustard.

    I saw Flash vs. Reverse-Flash

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    Re: Rams vs. Bucs single color uniforms

    I thought the bucs were washed out and the Rams snappy

    Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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      I'd've liked to see a custom one on for sale,


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      • blood85
        Keys for Rams getting win vs Bucs
        by blood85
        Guys, I'm ready to move on, no reason to continue dwelling on the ******loss. What do you guys think we need to do offensively and defensively to stop the bucs and get a win?
        -09-17-2007, 05:39 PM
      • RAMMAN68
        TB vs DC
        by RAMMAN68
        So I'm watching the game, of course our pals from Sunday Night are calling it. The Skins D is man handling the Bucs O and all I hear is, Cadillac this, Gruden that, Galloway has speed.........:smoke:

        How about giving the Skins D some props for a change.
        -01-07-2006, 02:38 PM
      • laram0
        Mid Season Standings and remaining schedules
        by laram0
        Cardinals ( 6-2) (1-1 in Div)
        RAMS......(4-4) (3-0 in Div)
        Seabags.. (4-4) (1-1 in Div)

        Even though the Whiners are (3-6) I left them out of this on purpose...NO SHOT!

        Remaining Schedules:

        @ Sea
        vs Cincy
        @ SF
        @ Rams
        vs Minn
        @ Philly
        vs GB
        vs Sea

        vs Chi
        @ Balt
        @ Cincy
        vs AZ
        vs Det
        Vs TB
        @ Sea
        @ SF

        vs AZ
        vs SF
        vs Pitts
        @ Minn
        @ Balt
        vs Cleve
        vs Rams
        @ AZ

        The NFC West is still up for grabs and having our RAMS in the hunt is very exciting!!!!
        -11-09-2015, 07:52 AM
      • r8rh8rmike
        Rams vs. Bucs Game Day Thread
        by r8rh8rmike
        The million to one chance starts now.
        -12-23-2012, 10:18 AM
      • LARAM
        RAMS Color Rush uniforms coming soon
        by LARAM
        Apparently the uniforms we observed in the Thursday night Bills vs. Jets game is some sort of "Nike Color Rush Promo". Well get ready, I just read the Rams are going to have some kind of Yellow/Gold concoction vs. Tampa Bay (Red) for our Thursday night game in a few weeks....... Florescent Red (Bucs) vs. Florescent Yellow (Rams) ??????? Are they serious?
        -11-12-2015, 09:12 PM