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    does anyone know where you could find older rams jerseys ( before they went to the blue and gold after they won the superbowl)???????
    ive been looking around but no luck

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    Have u tried e-Bay???


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    • Guest's Avatar
      by Guest
      I know that the players who wear them are more important than the uniforms themselves, but I'm wondering if there is any desire amongst Rams fans to see us play a couple of games in retro uniforms. Plenty of teams have done so in the last few years, in the season just gone the Redskins, Bills, Eagles, Jets and Steelers all played in retro alternate kits, the glare from the yellow and blue Eagles shirt is burned permanantly into my retinas.

      I don't mind the Millennium blue and New Century gold uniforms, but I itch to see us play in royal blue and yellow again, that uniform was beautiful and really stood out from the crowd. Most NFL uniforms these days are all muted and dreary, look at that vile concoction they wear in Seattle, ugh.

      Maybe it's just me, I'd like to know, but I much prefer our 1973-1999 get up and even if we only broke out a retro kit twice a year, I'd be all the more happier for it.

      Oh and while I'm banging on about uniforms, I hope we don't muck about with navy or white pants in 2008 like we did this last year.
      -03-07-2008, 05:43 AM
    • AvengerRam
      Looking at the crowd, one thing seems clear...
      by AvengerRam
      From what I saw, there is an overwhelming preference among the fans for the old royal blue/yellow color scheme over the current dark blue/gold. I'm guessing it won't be until the 2019 season when the new stadium opens, but I think the change is inevitable....
      -08-15-2016, 10:53 AM
    • Guest's Avatar
      Gold Stripe Jersey's?
      by Guest
      Why Dont we use them anymore.
      -10-11-2005, 06:31 PM
    • RamDez
      Blue Uniforms
      by RamDez
      Sorry but I have to go there.

      The new blue top with the grad numbers are FANTASIC. The numbers stand out very well and look cool as.

      I would say I am not a fan of the blue on blue and would love to see the yellow pants with the blue tops, I think that would be the best look....
      -09-28-2020, 03:15 AM
    • totalpakage
      Throwback uniforms
      by totalpakage
      Are the rams going to use their throwbacks this year? If so, what games?
      -08-19-2010, 05:35 PM