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**RAMS MIX** Check this out!

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  • **RAMS MIX** Check this out!

    Ok, so I know this isn't the forum for the videos. But I figured since it's our first win of 2008 and of Haslett's Ram Head Coach career I'd post it here first.

    Also pumps you up, well it does me.

    I made it.

    Check it OUT!

    Watch it in High Quality.

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    Re: **RAMS MIX** Check this out!

    Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet! Way to conclude from the outset!!! Can't wait til Sunday!!!

    It's Jim not Chris


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      Re: **RAMS MIX** Check this out!

      Who does the song? It sounds like Hypocrisy.

      However, good video. I didn't get to watch the game, but when I heard the kick was good I ran around the house and out side. Then ran into the bird cage. haha. But I didn't care, I was happy!!!!


      For some reason I thought today was saturday, so I had all my Rams stuff ready for tomorrow. haha


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        Re: **RAMS MIX** Check this out!

        The song is Dying in Silence by Heaven Shall Burn (A heavy metal [obviously] band that has nothing to do with Heaven or Hell but of social injustice and racism.)

        Haha I thought the exact same thing. I kept telling my girlfriend that it was Saturday, she was getting mad until I figured out it was Friday then I was like Oh wow lol


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          Re: **RAMS MIX** Check this out!

          I think I have a perfect song for this video.(Great job by the way).

          See if this fits,

          Off to head down to IFLY. Yep, we are doing it.(After a few zees.

          Last edited by CaliGirlRamsFan; -10-18-2008, 02:28 AM.


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            Re: **RAMS MIX** Check this out!

            Totally awesome!!! Thanks for sharing, RF16!!! *Rams Salute*


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              Re: **RAMS MIX** Check this out!

              nice 16.... good to see you around and good to see some footage from that game.


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                Re: **RAMS MIX** Check this out!

                Nah man...I got the perfect song.....


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                  Re: **RAMS MIX** Check this out!

                  Originally posted by bigredman View Post
                  Nah man...I got the perfect song.....
                  You are such a brat.


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                    Re: **RAMS MIX** Check this out!

                    Thanks guys, glad you to see you liked it

                    I'm waiting for the Cowboys game to be uploaded. Then I'll start working on it


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                      Re: **RAMS MIX** Check this out!

                      Originally posted by RamsFan16 View Post
                      Thanks guys, glad you to see you liked it

                      I'm waiting for the Cowboys game to be uploaded. Then I'll start working on it
                      Yes please make another one....I like them 16. The music is way heavier than I usually listen too, but it sounds good with the Rams. has some pretty decent footage. Where are you getting yours?


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                        Re: **RAMS MIX** Check this out!


                        They upload all the games for downloads.

                        Sometimes in HD


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