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Chris Long in probably his 1st time infront on TV.

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  • Chris Long in probably his 1st time infront on TV.

    one for the ladies really..

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    Re: Chris Long in probably his 1st time infront on TV. that panned out well...


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    • Bar-bq
      With Less Than 12 Hours To Go, Here's What We're Certain Of...
      by Bar-bq

      Anyone who cites anything as a certainty at this point in time with regards to who we're picking is flat out lying.

      All we can do is make premonition on what we feel?

      With that said, here's how I'm feeling it out.

      Chris Long is the pick.

      Wide Receiver or OT in the second.

      The other in the third, depending on best value.

      With regards to players and personnel

      Carl Nicks could be a great fit for this franchise.

      Glenn Dorsey can cause problems for an offense...but he worth the rostering problems he'd create?

      Mike Jenkins is my favourite corner in this draft. Cromartie has the potential to be excellent, but Jenkins, IMO, is more rounded.

      Beau Bell is another of my favourites. He could be a stud for a 3-4 time. The Dolphins could use him to replace Zach Thomas.

      I don't think Calias Campbell will make the first round, alongside fellow potential dropouts Malcolm Kelly and Sam Baker.

      I have Duane Brown over Sam Baker at this stage, but I'd have Limas Sweed or DeSean Jackson over either of them.

      For a potential surprise, look for the Jets and Matt Ryan.

      New Orleans has great potential to swing some type of trade in the first 2 rounds, be it for Dorsey, Ellis or acquiring Jeremy Shockey from the Giants.

      Atlanta and Kansas City are my early favuorites for "best draft".

      Someone will have a steal in Tommy Kelly, or Jack Ikegwuonu, if they can hold themselves together.

      "Ikegwuonu and his twin brother Bill were arrested in November 2006 after they allegedly broke into an apartment and stole an X-box video game system"-- The Sports Xchange.

      Tom Zibrowski could be a mid-round find.

      AND FINALLY....

      This will be a great day! I can't wait!
      -04-26-2008, 12:31 AM
    • tomahawk247
      Chris Long and the four point stance
      by tomahawk247
      Have you seen that four point stance that Long lines up in? It looks odd, but cool at the same time, like he is about to pounce!

      What an awesome season this guy is having. In a season where the Rams are struggling, he is playing so well. Considering that teams can run on this D with ease and don't need to pass much due to being in the lead often, the fact he has been able to rack up 10 sacks is ridiculous.

      NFL Sack Stats
      1. DeMarcus Ware 14
      2. Jared Allen 13.5
      3. Von Miller 10.5
      3. Jason Pierre-Paul 10.5
      5. Jason Babin 10
      5. Chris Long 10

      Just think: If Rod Hood hadn't pointlessly held his guy on Sunday, Chris Long would have got another sack and would be 3rd in the league!!
      -11-29-2011, 02:32 AM
    • Molotov
      Chris Long Brings It
      by Molotov
      Did anyone notice that Chris Long caused the fumble (the one Clifton Ryan won't soon forget) and had a few other solid pressures? Too bad he doesn't get credit for any sacks. He had a great game.
      -09-18-2010, 12:07 AM
    • AvengerRam_old
      Chris Long off to good start
      by AvengerRam_old
      Chris Long has 16 tackles in 4 games - most of any rookie DL.

      He also has 2 sacks - tied for most among rookies.

      So far, so good.
      -09-29-2008, 08:30 AM
    • 39thebeast
      Chris Long in Perspective
      by 39thebeast
      How many pure (Don't also play lb like Brian Orakpo or are in the 3-4) DE's in there first or second year have more sacks than Chris Long? The answer 2 Cliff Avril and Kroy Bierman with 4.5 and 5.
      -12-26-2009, 08:26 PM