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Bulger To Avery Flea Flicker W7 09

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  • Bulger To Avery Flea Flicker W7 09

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    YouTube - Bulger To Avery Flea Flicker W7 09

    Best Play of The Game! One Of the few bright sides to this game against the Colts

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    Re: Bulger To Avery Flea Flicker W7 09

    such a good play call, the trick plays are always so cool to watch. i wish avery didnt fall that would have tied the game up


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      Re: Bulger To Avery Flea Flicker W7 09

      I know huh? It would have gave the Rams a little confidence...but seems like everytime we get into the redzone...another fumble, int, or field goal


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        Re: Bulger To Avery Flea Flicker W7 09

        You'd think we would have scored a touchdown off of that since he got us near the 10 yard line, but we kicked another field goal.


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          Re: Bulger To Avery Flea Flicker W7 09

          It was a thing of beauty. At least it shows a little creativity in the offensive play calling.


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          • RamsInfiniti
            Donnie Avery! :-)
            by RamsInfiniti
            Kid looked impressive with the ball in his hands. Incredible burst of speed on the first screen. No idea why he was not on the field all day ...

            Look at the highlights. He totally schooled the DB on the pass where Bulger was picked. Bulger throws that ball 50 yards downfield and Donnie runs under it for a TD. Watch the tape, as he made a pretty sick move ...

            This kid would be putting up D. Jackson type numbers if he played for Philly, I have no doubt ...
            -09-21-2008, 10:42 PM
          • macrammer
            Donny Avery
            by macrammer
            34 receptions 454 yards for the Colts.......
            -11-05-2012, 10:39 AM
          • 1980RAMS
            Time to call up Avery,,,
            by 1980RAMS
            Amendolla looks real bad,,,,, we are going to call Avery back up
            -09-11-2011, 02:57 PM
          • RamWraith
            Avery: 'I guess I'm a playmaker'
            by RamWraith
            By Bill Coats
            Monday, Oct. 13 2008
            LANDOVER, MD. As the referee reviewed wide receiver Donnie Avery's diving
            grab at Washington's 16-yard line with 39 seconds remaining Sunday, the Rams
            rookie insisted that he wasn't worried.

            "No doubt in my mind that I had the ball," Avery said. "I knew it was a catch
            ... and I knew it was a fantastic catch at that."

            Avery laid out to haul in the toss from quarterback Marc Bulger for a 43-yard
            pickup on a third-and-13 play. Three snaps later, Josh Brown's 49-yard field
            goal gave the Rams a 19-17 victory.

            Offensive coordinator Al Saunders ordered play "999" the same one that Kurt
            Warner and Isaac Bruce completed for the decisive 73-yard touchdown in Super
            Bowl XXXIV.

            "And it looked like that," said wideout Torry Holt, who sprinted
            stride-for-stride with Bruce to the end zone on Jan. 30, 2000, in Atlanta. "At
            that point, it comes down to the individual. And Donnie did a great job of
            stopping, finding the flight of the ball, and cutting back inside and catching

            Avery, a 5-foot-11, 184-pound speedster from the University of Houston, was the
            Rams' second-round draft pick (No. 33 overall) the first wideout selected. A
            pelvic fracture in training camp and then a knee injury that kept him out of
            the season opener delayed Avery's chance to prove that he deserved such status.

            "The kid's going to go through a learning experience," coach Jim Haslett said.
            "But he did a nice job."

            Running back Steven Jackson recalled the oft-repeated subject of playmakers
            getting opportunities to make plays during the week leading up to the game.
            "And (Avery) showed why Coach Haslett referenced him as one of the guys that
            needs to touch the ball," Jackson said.

            With a broad smile, Avery said, "I guess I'm a playmaker, huh?"

            On the same route earlier, he didn't make the play, as Bulger's pass fell short
            of the streaking Avery. Wide receivers coach Henry Ellard, a pass catcher of
            considerable repute during his 16-year NFL career, had some advice for the

            "He told me to come back to the ball; I tend to fade away from the ball," Avery
            explained. "I saw the ball in the air for a long time, and I knew I was behind
            the cornerback (Leigh Torrence), so I knew I had to come back to the ball, and
            that's what I did."

            Bulger unloaded with "pretty much all I had," he said. "It's tough to overthrow
            Donnie, and with that one-on-one matchup, it was perfect."

            Center Nick Leckey had a good look as Avery stretched out. "I...
            -10-13-2008, 11:38 AM
          • RamWraith
            Season wears on Avery
            by RamWraith
            By Jim Thomas
            Thursday, Dec. 18 2008

            Like many NFL neophytes, Rams wide receiver Donnie Avery hit the rookie wall.
            But he's over it now.

            "I've climbed over the wall," Avery said. "I can't say I went through it. I had
            to spend more time climbing over it."

            The climb was painful. That's because a recent MRI exam revealed that the
            fractured hip Avery suffered July 28 at training camp in Mequon, Wis., never
            fully healed.

            "I've still got a cracked hip," Avery said. "It's not healed."

            After missing a couple of weeks of practice, Avery returned for the Rams' third
            preseason game and has been playing ever since. Avery said he never had an MRI
            when he returned in mid-August.

            "So I've been playing on it the whole season," he said.

            When asked why he came back before the injury was fully healed, Avery said,
            "It's more about trying to be a team player. You help the team as much as
            possible without, I guess, going overboard and ending your career."

            Avery said he got through the discomfort by "psyching" himself up,
            concentrating on drills ... "and then, painkillers, too."

            Avery doesn't think he made the injury worse by playing on it, and has been
            told by team doctors to stay off the hip for eight to 10 weeks once the
            season's over to let the hairline fracture finally heal.

            Even without the injury, Avery showed all the signs in late November and early
            December of hitting the wall. That's the time of year when most college seasons
            are finished.

            "People are right. They say the NFL season is long, and there's training camp,
            and you play more games (than college)," said Billy Devaney, the Rams'
            executive vice president of player personnel. "But it's beyond that.

            "Any senior preparing for the draft, they show up in August for their last year
            in college, go through all of camp, go through their college season. As soon as
            the college season is over, Avery was in the Senior Bowl. They're preparing for
            the (scouting) combine, individual workouts. The draft comes. You've got
            minicamps two weeks later, all the offseason workouts."

            And the NFL season starts. So except for about a three-week period from the end
            of spring practices to the start of training camp, NFL rookies are going nearly
            nonstop for a year and a half.

            "These kids and I'm talking leaguewide it is a marathon," Devaney said. "So
            they are really worn down."

            Keep in mind, Avery isn't the biggest wide receiver around, at 5-11, 184
            pounds, making it easier for him...
            -12-18-2008, 05:29 AM