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Steven Jackson Carries The Rams W7 09

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  • Steven Jackson Carries The Rams W7 09

    YouTube - SJ carries the Rams

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    Steven Jackson bulldozes his way through the Colts. He takes a breather and we end up with another field goal...

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    Re: Steven Jackson Carries The Rams W7 09

    The offensive line looked great in run blocking in the second half. Possibly something to look forward to and maybe in the next game SJax will be able to stay in the game once he gets the Rams into the redzone. It would also help me a lot in fantasy if he were able to finally score a TD.


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    • Bears5490
      Steven Jackson. playing, starting?
      by Bears5490
      I have Jackson in fantasy football. What's the local vibe? Is he playing, do most think he will start? If he starts he is going to get a normal amount of touches?
      -09-23-2012, 06:05 AM
    • dgr828
      Jackson is still the Dancin' Machine
      by dgr828
      Steven Jackson just can't seem to stop dancing before hitting to holes. He would have much more success if he could just run straight through the tackles. He had one breakout run for a TD, which was nice, but most of the time he's stuttter stepping, dancing back and forth, sometimes with unnecessary jukes that leads to being stuffed at the line or loss of yardage. Steven would do best to leave the dancing to his brother, Michael!
      -11-25-2007, 04:42 PM
    • RamsFanLSUMan
      Steven "Action" Jackson...
      by RamsFanLSUMan
      I'm proud to say that our very own Steven Jackson will be on the cover of ESPN's 2007 Fantasy Football Magazine. I already went to to ordered me a copy. The magazine is expected to hit newstands September 13.

      That's gotta make you smile. Marshall Faulk easily is the greatest fantasy player of all time. Now, Steven Jackson, Marshall's predecessor is one of the leagues top backs.

      PRAISE GOD!!!
      -07-05-2007, 04:01 PM
    • GoChiefs
      Steven Jackson NUDE on
      by GoChiefs
      Dude is a tank.

      ESPN The Magazine: Bodies We Want 2011 Photo Gallery - ESPN

      -10-05-2011, 09:33 AM
    • eldfan
      Who runs behind Steven Jackson?
      by eldfan
      Who runs behind Steven Jackson?
      by VanRam on Mar 4, 2009 6:49 AM CST in 2009 Off-Season 10 comments
      Here's something to parse at the water cooler this morning: what kind of running back should the Rams get to backup/split time with Steven Jackson?
      One need the Rams have to save wear and tear on feature back Steven Jackson. No. 39 has spent some time on the bench because of injuries; however, playing behind a wall of wet toilet paper for an o-line the past couple of years have, in my opinion, had a lot to do with that, except maybe for Jackson's ill-conceived notion to try and play against Arizona this season when his thigh wasn't 100%. Ideally, a number two back would complement Jackson's strengths and pick up enough carries to be something slightly more than a backup, mirroring the trend we're seeing in the NFL recently with the two RB systems, like Carolina.
      Jackson at 6'2" 235 lbs is a powerful runner who can move through traffic well and punish would-be tacklers, but more impressive is his ability to see the field so well, waiting for blocks and using his footwork and burst of speed to move the ball. How else could he rack up 1,000 yard seasons with the Rams recent o-lines? He's also one helluva pass catcher. Besides marginal pass blocking, the he lacks that open field acceleration of a true speed guy.
      So maybe a speedy guy, not quite the bruising runner that Jackson is. That seems to be the conventional wisdom on the twin runners philosophy. We thought we might have had that in Antonio Pittman, but he just doesn't seem to be quite at that level. Maybe he'll improve with better blocking.

      Javon Ringer, RB, Michigan State A workhorse, Ringer carried 390 times in his senior season. Not a big guy, but a decent all-around type who can catch passes. Could be a good third round pick up.
      Rashad Jennings, RB, Liberty Small school haters beware, Jennings made a name for himself rushing for more than 1,500 yards...against other small schools. However, at 6'1" 235 lbs he could be a grinder for a change of pace back with the Rams. Third rounder...or later if the small school label sticks the wrong way.
      Jeremiah Johnson, RB, Oregon Besides having a cool-as-hell name (remember the movie?), Johnson ran for 1200+ yards this season after coming back from a knee injury in his junior year. He's small, 5'9" 208 lbs, but could still be a nice change of pace back. Probably a third rounder too.
      -03-04-2009, 11:43 AM