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SJ39 vs. Lions

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  • SJ39 vs. Lions

    YouTube - WK 8: Steven Jackson highlights

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    Re: SJ39 vs. Lions

    Great video. Thanks for sharing. It was great to watch that play of him running over the umpire!


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      Re: SJ39 vs. Lions

      it funny to see Bell clap during sjax run at 43 seconds while jackson is carrying lions on his back.
      also the run that started at one minute fifteen seconds, that was so important of jackson to break the first tackle beacuse that looked like it would have been a saftey, its amazing at how many tackles jackson breaks, or is it more of the lions just not being able to tackle anyone.


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        Re: SJ39 vs. Lions

        What your friend can do to you! Merry Christmas - Cheri Hamilton-Stinson's MySpace Blog |

        Merry Christmas everyone. Dez? Don't know if this should be in the lounge or under here.
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        • Rambos
          Rams vs the Lions in more ways then one
          by Rambos
          We open against the Lions in week one and the Lions maybe missing some key players...

          This could be a good thing for the Rams... But I have to ask. Will the Rams be facing the same kind of issues following the 2012 season with our risky draft class?

          Add in Ndamukong Suh ejected after stomping on a player and the car issue when he was suspended and things are adding up fast for the Lions.

          As a Rams fan I read that Fisher has the experience too handle these types of players but that's what the Lions thought. Jim Schwartz' knows how to handle players that have issues.

          I hope the Rams locker room can keep these young men on lock down or we may be in the same boat.

          This reads like the Rams draft class... I hope not!...
          -05-31-2012, 03:26 PM
        • LA Rammer
          Detroit vs Seattle
          by LA Rammer
          Predict the score.

          Lions 42 Shesquawks 6

          Martz's offense stuns Seattle
          -09-04-2006, 10:41 PM
        • general counsel
          Tiebreakers vs detroit
          by general counsel
          where are we on the tiebreakers vs the lions. Put another way, if we win next week and the lions lose, do we still pick first (or what are the scenarios)

          Ramming speed to all

          general counsel
          -12-27-2009, 04:15 PM
        • general counsel
          rams vs lions, why are the lions 5-0 while we are a disgrace
          by general counsel
          I am sure that there are many answers to this question, however, sometimes the luck of the draw is really critical. Let me put it this way, who would you rather have, jason smith and chris long of kong suh and calvin johnson?

          For all the criticism of the rams draft selections, you can only select from what is available when you pick. Both the rams and lions used the #1 overall to draft franchise qb's. But the rams have fared very poorly with their two recent #2 picks. Smith is looking like a bust, although i am not giving up, i will point out that he has added almost nothing to this point in his career and certainly for the money we are paying him and the fact that he is at right tackle, he is a major major disappointment. He certainly doesnt remind anyone of jake long and seems to look at lot more like robert gallery.

          Chris Long we all like. He is an above average player, plays very hard, is clean cut, causes no trouble and may still improve. But i personally dont see him as enough of an impact player for a #2 overall pick. This is not really a knock on long, i think he has done better than glen dorsey and i dont recall anyone screaming at the time to draft matt ryan. However, for a #2 overall pick, he has certainly not been great value. Ok, sure, but not great.

          On the lions side, Kong is one of the best #2 overall picks ever and Calvin Johnson is a major impact player that has assisted Staffords development in a major way.

          Sometimes its luck. The rams would have taken johnson and Suh if they had the shot at them. Both guys are playing major roles in the lions season. The rams took what was available. Smith is killing us and LOng, while productive, is not exactly causing havoc out there on a weekly basis.

          Ramming speed to all

          general counsel
          -10-11-2011, 08:21 PM
        • general counsel
          Matt Millen and the Lions
          by general counsel
          How is it even remotely possible that Matt Millen still has a job? THe Lions are like the Rams, with the big difference being that the Lions didnt have the greatest show on turf and the one super bowl title in the last ten years.

          He must have pictures of William Clay Ford naked engaging in unatural actus with animals.

          ramming speed to all

          general counsel
          -09-15-2008, 09:24 AM