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Laurent Robinson At the Scouting Combine

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  • Laurent Robinson At the Scouting Combine

    Just found this video that Laurent posted on his facebook page. Its him at the 2007 NFL scouting combine. If you haven't noticed, there's a shortage of footage on Laurent on the internet so I thought this was a good look for him posting this.

    Sorry I could not embed this onto the page. Again, mods check it out, it is definetely not spam/virus/etc.

    Videos posted by Laurent Robinson Fan Page: NFL Scouting Combine, '07 [HQ] | Facebook

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    Re: Laurent Robinson At the Scouting Combine

    I really hope he can stay healthy this year, I think he has a lot of potential.

    He gave us the first TD last year, I hope he will give us many this year

    Just get Bradford signed now so that he can begin building up chemistry with the receivers.


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      Re: Laurent Robinson At the Scouting Combine

      Get this man some rep points. I just hope that he can put it all together and become a special WR for us.


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        Re: Laurent Robinson At the Scouting Combine

        I know some of the clan feel that WR is a weakness. I believe the Rams have alot of young talent that will surprise alot of fantasy football owners if the Rams can protect Bradford and run block of Mr. Jackson.

        Go Rams


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          Re: Laurent Robinson At the Scouting Combine

          Laurent Robinson has the ability to be a good #1 WR. And with Bradford throwing to him, that makes him even more dangerous.


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            Originally posted by Dominating D
            I know some of the clan feel that WR is a weakness. I believe the Rams have alot of young talent that will surprise alot of fantasy football owners if the Rams can protect Bradford and run block of Mr. Jackson.

            Go Rams
            Same thought's you have, but the overiding theme is these players are injury prone. That's the reason that Robinson didnt stick at Atlanta and was traded.
            He could still prove to be a good player for us and was probably worth the gamble we took to get him.
            People complain we dont have that true No.1 just because most the Wideouts are smallish. Bruce and Holt were both only just 6ft but were no doubt No 1's.
            Their is an obsession with height, build, speed at the moment in the NFL which isnt truly warranted.
            GO RAMS:helmet:
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            • Nick
              Interesting behind-the-scenes Greg Robinson Combine article
              by Nick
              Solid On The Line
              February 24, 2014
              Auburn offensive tackle Greg Robinson granted Sports on Earth exclusive access to his NFL scouting combine experience.

              INDIANAPOLIS -- The NFL scouting combine may be the most important test of a 21-year-old's life. Certainly, it is the most intimidating. Agents invest tens of thousands of dollars so their athletes can reach a peak physically and mentally.

              Getting to that peak was a challenge for Greg Robinson. The week before the combine, the Auburn offensive tackle caught a head cold. It settled in his nose and throat, and it hung on. He took a decongestant the whole week and quietly went about his business. Every night in Indianapolis, before bed he went through a light workout to try to "sweat it out." No one ever asked if he needed a Kleenex.

              Discomfort is relative. Going with the flow can become a survival method. When Robinson was 11, Hurricane Katrina forced his family to evacuate their home in Houma, La. When they arrived in Houston, mom announced they were going to stay there awhile. Robinson didn't go home for two years. "When we got back, some of our things had been destroyed," he said. "But we packed just about everything we had. I didn't have much."

              His first night in Indy, staying at the Crown Plaza Hotel, Robinson slept on a double bed in a room with Cal tight end Richard Rodgers. The next day, he was diagnosed with pinkeye. He was given eye drops and a new room with no roommate and a king size bed. He would not be spending much time in that bed though.

              On Wednesday, Robinson was up before the sun rose for medical exams. There was orientation, a blood test ("They took about a gallon of blood, filled up six tubes," he said), a kidney test, heart test and more. Many different doctors from different teams wanted to get their own hands on Robinson, and they did. Much pulling, bending and twisting ensued. They wanted to know about past injuries. Robinson, who is as transparent as he is big, volunteered to doctors that he hurt his ankle last February when he fell off a golf cart and the cart rolled on his leg. "It was something I wanted them to know about so they could see it didn't affect anything," he said. "I said, 'Check it out.'"

              They wanted to know if he ever had surgery. He told them he did, on his right lateral meniscus. They ordered an MRI of both knees, and another on his spine. Putting the massive Robinson in a closed MRI tube was a little like fitting a watermelon into a mini-fridge. They told him to make his frame as narrow as possible in order to slide him in. Once he was crammed in, he listened to relaxing music and dozed off. The MRI on his spine took 45 minutes. The left knee MRI took 65 minutes. The right knee MRI took 70 minutes. All told, the MRI process took more than four hours.

              That meant no time for dinner. It also meant...
              -02-24-2014, 07:06 PM
            • rollrams
              Laurent Robinson is out for the season
              by rollrams
              Laurent Robinson is out for the season with a broken fibula per 101 ESPN
              -09-28-2009, 12:37 PM
            • 39thebeast
              How much do we miss Robinson?
              by 39thebeast
              Stats via Mike Sandos Blog. Even though Robinson was hurt week 3 he still has the same amount of third down targets as Avery and Burton with 7. Steven Jackson leads the team in third down targets with 9. Throwing to Robinson on third down Bulgers rating is 110.7 Burton and Avery with the exact same amount of targets are hovering around 67. Among guys with a minimum of 10 targets Bulgers passer rating when throwing to Robinson is 91.2, he only has a higher rating throwing to Burton at 100.9.

              You can interpret this allot of ways. Bulger needs a true number 1 to be good, Robinson is really good, our other receivers suck, and so on.

              To me there is a combination in the lack of faith in Bulger and to a much larger extent the WRs. We only threw the deep post or deep out to Robinson and now we don't do that nearly as much.
              -11-13-2009, 08:59 PM
            • r8rh8rmike
              Morning Ram-blings: Greg Robinson Upside
              by r8rh8rmike
              Morning Ram-blings: Greg Robinson's upside

              Nick Wagoner, ESPN Staff Writer

              EARTH CITY, Mo. -- Over at earlier this week, Greg A. Bedard wrote an excellent Memorial Day tribute but buried deeper in the piece was an interesting take on St. Louis Rams left tackle Greg Robinson.

              In the part where it discusses Robinson, Bedard has words from offensive line coach Paul Boudreau about the difficulty of getting young linemen up to speed on shorter notice. In some ways, it's not much different than a quarterback transitioning from a spread offense to the NFL. Robinson didn't come with much polish and certainly had no experience playing in a pro-style offense at Auburn.

              So Robinson's learning curve was steeper and that was evident in the mixed results he offered. But more notable than that was what Boudreau had to say about Robinson's potential.

              "Now, I coached Willie Roaf when Willie was a rookie," Boudreau told Bedard. "Willie's in the Hall of Fame. And I can tell you from a coach who coached Willie and now coaches Greg Robinson: Greg Robinson as a rookie has more talent and is a better player than Willie. Willie had a great coach at Louisiana Tech, and Willie was ahead of the curve because of the techniques he was taught, just like how we talk about preferring the Wisconsin, Iowa, Stanford and Notre Dame guys. They have one up on the guys from the spread. I'm not going to tell a spread coach he can't do it anymore. What I'm saying to the NFL is, 'Give me a chance to change this spread guy to an NFL guy. Don't restrict me.' Back in the day, we could take the Wing-T guys and convert them because we had the time. Just give me a chance to coach my guys and don't tell me I can only have them for four hours.”

              Putting Robinson in company with Roaf, even on a basic talent level, is pretty high praise for the Rams' second-year tackle. Robinson undoubtedly has the physical ability to be a star. But whether he maxes out his potential will come down to mastering the intricacies of the position. If he can do it sooner than later, it'd be a boon for the Rams in 2015.


              A roundup of Wednesday's Rams stories appearing on ... In the Ram-blings, we opened the day with a look at St. Louis' plan B in case a stadium plan can't get done. ... In this week's Buzz video, I discuss the Rams' late start to organized team activities. ... Football Outsiders says the Rams' biggest weakness is wide receiver but is it? ... In the on going offseason roster review, we looked at the Rams' running back group.
              -05-29-2015, 11:21 AM
            • Rambos
              Robinson Making a Statement
              by Rambos
              Robinson Making a Statement
              Saturday, August 22, 2009

              Text A A A | RSS | Print | ShareThis

              By Nick Wagoner
              Senior Writer

              Of the many moves the Rams made during the past offseason, from hiring a new head coach to bringing in big dollar free agents and picking near the top of the NFL Draft, there was one that perhaps flew under the radar without proper acclaim.

              It certainly didn’t garner any headlines on ESPN, barely qualifying for bottom line status but on April 6, the Rams swapped their fifth and sixth round picks to Atlanta for the Falcons’ fifth and sixth round picks and receiver Laurent Robinson.

              At the time, it seemed like a low-risk, high reward move. And though there is a lot of football left to be played before anyone can stamp the high reward portion of that deal, Robinson is certainly off to a promising start.

              “I feel good,” Robinson said. “I’m just working hard every day in practice, going out there trying to be the best I can be everyday, listening to the coach…I mean, and just being coachable and going out there and executing. The offense is great, I’m very confident and comfortable in it, and hopefully I can just continue on in the regular season.”

              Soon after top receiver Donnie Avery was diagnosed with a stress fracture in his foot, the onus fell on Robinson as one of the young receivers behind Avery to step up and fill the void in this preseason.

              Robinson had already earned his way into the starting lineup and was getting the work opposite Avery as a starter in practice when Avery suffered the injury.

              But with Avery out, Rams coach Steve Spagnuolo made it clear he was looking for any of his young receivers to stand up and make a statement.

              With Avery projected toward a return sometime around the season opener at Seattle, Robinson appears to be the one looming the largest.

              “It’s a great opportunity here for me,” Robinson said. “Hopefully I can just step right in, make some plays, and help the team win anyway I can whether that’s by running, blocking, or catching the ball.”

              In Friday night’s loss to the Falcons at the Edward Jones Dome, Robinson made his presence felt with five catches for 65 yards in about two quarters of play.

              Along the way, Robinson hauled in a difficult 25-yard catch and showed excellent hands on some short and intermediate slant routes. Further, Robinson showed the ability to pick up yards after the catch, an imperative trait for any receiver in the West Coast Offense.

              In two preseason games encompassing about three quarters of play, Robinson has been targeted 10 times and come up with seven catches...
              -08-22-2009, 07:46 PM