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Hakim Highlight reel.... 98/2001

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  • Hakim Highlight reel.... 98/2001

    YouTube - The Az-Zahir Hakim Highlight Video (1999-2001) Part I

    Oh My God..... Were we really this good..?????!

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    Re: Hakim Highlight reel.... 98/2001

    Ahhhhh, good ole' Hakim, too bad he made that one silly mistake in the playoffs that got the best of him to ruin such a potential career.. I can't blame him though, I assume it was Martz's fault for being too impatient on him.

    ♪ R.I.P. Nujabes ♫


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      Re: Hakim Highlight reel.... 98/2001

      You tube has a load of of 1999 highlights. It also has a couple of full games (V *****, V Bucc's, V Viking's etc..)


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        Re: Hakim Highlight reel.... 98/2001

        wow i miss our glory days! the run into the endzone with torry holt is phenomional


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          Az Hakim now in UFL?
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          "Hakim has drawn interest from the Cardinals, but will likely not decide on his future until after the NFL draft, the Arizona Republic reports.

          "It's very early in the game for Az, with a number of teams wanting to talk to him after the draft," Hakim's agent, Chuck Price, said.

          The Cardinals are thought to be a good fit for Hakim, given his his friendship with quarterback Kurt Warner, a former teammate in St. Louis, and because of Hakim's ability to return kicks and punts.

          However, the two side remain far apart on compensation, and Price said he will talk to several other teams, including the Lions, Bears, Rams, Jets, Raiders and Dolphins."

          I'd sure as hell take him back! He's awesome! But I really doubt it'll happen, but hey ya never know
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          Az-Zahir Hakim received calls from around 20 teams after he was released by the Lions on Monday, said his agent, Rocky Arceneaux. The Rams expressed some interest about him returning to St. Louis, but the most interesting possibility could be Kansas City. Hakim could have a chance to work the middle of the field for Chiefs offensive coordinator Al Saunders, who used to be his receiver coach in St. Louis. Hakim could be a factor in the right offense. The Panthers could also be an interesting possibility in trying to find a veteran replacement for Muhsin Muhammad.
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