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We need streamers bad !!!!!

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  • We need streamers bad !!!!!

    Fellow Rams fans we are not representing in the world of P2P streaming. There are many fans who are out of country, such as military and business people who would love to catch our team live on the internet. There are so many venues open to use to accomplish this task, yet we Rams Fans are still not properly represented.

    As a Rams Fan for the past 40 years, I would rather watch our team lose games than not to see them play at all. We need to get some of our more Tech Savvy people involved.

    Please let's try to make it where we will never have to miss another game. Check out sites like Veetle, great HD quality streaming, JustinTV and others. Or check into software like Stream Torrent, TV Ants, Sopcast and TVU. Let's get our team out to the fans who, like me, just can't afford CableTV or Direct Ticket anymore.

    With our current economy more and more Rams Fans look to the internet to have access to our games only to find we've been stiffed.

    Please help, we can do this.

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    Re: We need streamers bad !!!!!

    I hope these links will be helpful for both people who want to watch and for people who want to broadcast. We really need broadcasters. :: P2P TV Software Overview, free P2P TV

    Veetle - Broadcast live streaming video in HD

    Live Channels - Sports - English


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      Re: We need streamers bad !!!!!

      Watching on ATDHE.Net - Watch Free Live Sports TV right now. Not liking what I see, but hey, at least I'm seeing something!


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        Re: We need streamers bad !!!!!

        Yeah, looks like we have one person streaming from St. Louis local. Watched the Cleveland game the other night, stream started late so I missed SJ and the TD by Fells but got to see the rest. Nice. I was impressed with our ST's play.


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          Re: We need streamers bad !!!!!

          Anyone outside of the US can pay a small fee to watch all games live online with the NFL game pass. Also anyone can pay $39 for the entire seasons worth of games, the only catch is they come available to watch on Tue, so it's not live.


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            Re: We need streamers bad !!!!!

            Yep, I also saw the Cleveland game on Veetle and the Vikings game as well (I believe it was on ATDHE). But I completely agree, we need more streamers. It's annoying when we often find Ram games online only being streamed by away-team-fans and their commentary.

            Not to get too off topic, but I re-watched some of the Rams/Browns game on NFL network, and I realized how horrendous their announcer was :o, he would not shut up about the Rams play calling.


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            • itsguud
              Overseas Rams fans; help!
              by itsguud
              I was just wondering if anyone on here is a rams fan from overseas? And if there is anybody, how do you watch games? I am going to hong Kong for the fall semesrer to study, and the only thing I can think of is how do I watch the Rams in hong Kong? Or perhaps someone here is from there and knows of a spot that shows football games?

              -02-11-2008, 04:21 PM
            • RockinRam
              Message To The Fellow Die-Hard Fans On This Board
              by RockinRam
              I'd like to just send a message to all the people on this board. I myself, have today decided to just step back from the Rams.

              "But wait, are you saying you're ditching the team? BANDWAGONER! You are not a real fan!"

              Oh of course not. I'm still going to watch every game, and root for them. But I've realized us over-analyzing every little negative thing about this franchise will do us no good, physically and mentally. It's probably causing us more stress in our lives than we need. With jobs, school, friends, family, we have much more stress than we need, why add more?

              What I'm suggesting is to just, at least for the rest of this season, treat football like what it truly is. Entertainment, and a casual hobby. I'm a die-hard avid football fan, and always will be, but there is no point in causing more grief to ourselves by desperately dragging our mental states to this football team's level.

              This football team sucks. Everyone knows it. But hey, if they suck, they suck. We can't do anything about it. Just enjoy that we have football to watch, and that we have the luxury of buying the GamePass or having a computer to watch illegal links on. Many people don't.

              There's more to life than just this Rams team, let's just step back, and breathe. Maybe take your family on a nice backpacking hike, take a date to a new movie, whatever it may be. Let's stop making this team bring the fans (us) down.

              I don't know if everyone will truly understand the message I'm trying to send, but for those who do, know that life is good and just enjoy it. Don't let a simple thing like football bring us into foul moods, because that affects the people we interact with afterwards, and the atmosphere and your whole day just goes to the $h!t.

              And if anyone calls me a casual, fake Rams fan, I will castrate you.
              -11-27-2011, 07:01 PM
            • RamsFanSam
              Let's All Panic, Demand Firings, And Act Insane!!
              by RamsFanSam
              OMG! We just lost by 44 points! The sky just fell, and NO ONE was prepared for the Rams to lose this game!!! The world is ending!!! It's Armageddon!!!! Next thing you know, there will be a show about amateur singers on Fox!!!

              OK, so I'm overreacting like 90% of you are. Step back and take a breath!

              Haslett has a BIG job ahead of him. First, he has to take this "reject squad" Linehan put together, and get them to believe in themselves again. Some never gave up, but a lot of the guys did.

              So where are the problems?

              1. The O line - they have moments of brilliance, but for the most part, they ALL look pathetic.

              2. Bulger. I was even yelling for him to be benched today - and you all know I rarely give up on our QB. Today, he looked as bad as Rosie O'Donnell in Spandex. I think he needs to sit until he remembers how to play like he did in 2006.

              3. Our secondary. Clearly, half of these guys will be gone next year.

              4. Our RB situation - we put all of our eggs in one basket. We just didn't know that basket had holes in it.

              5. OUR FANS. We really need to look in the mirror. When you are at work, do you do better with a little belief and encouragement, or do you work better with people on your rear end all day long? Personally, if my co-workers and the hospital patients were only spouting negatives at me all day long, I'd be very vocal about things - then I'd tell them where to go, and it sure isn't going to be Tahiti. Seriously, I know it's hard to have faith in a team that sucks like a Hoover, but unless and until the fans change their attitude, the players won't want to change their attitude, either.

              6. The coaching staff - seriously, guys, why do you insist on entering a marathon while you are still on crutches? Watch a movie called "What About Bob?". Then remember - BABY STEPS!!!

              Rant over. Whine and gripe, then fall off what bandwagon is left, or offer some constructive discussion. It's up to you.
              -11-09-2008, 01:09 PM
            • RamWraith
              Keep in mind...thoughts to live by
              by RamWraith
              During hard times I thought this very appropriate.

              Who is an editor?

              "An editor that writes editorials on the battles, are those warriors that come down from the hills after the fighting and kill the wounded".

              Keep this in mind during our state of crisis. Things are tough enough right now for us fans, no need to kick the dog too.
              -11-17-2008, 03:28 PM
            • RamsInfiniti
              What is wrong with the fans?
              by RamsInfiniti
              I would assume that most of the posters on this board are truly diehard and would go to the game at whatever cost, if at all possible ...

              With that said ...

              What is wrong with the fans in St. Louis?

              1300 tickets still left? We are only 1 game into the season and the "fans" are giving up? I realize that for the majority of the third quarter and all of the first quarter, we play like horsecrap against the Panthers. Problem was, I saw fans leaving in the third quarter!!

              I don't live in St. Louis. I live way down in Alabama and I got a chance to finally come to the game last year against the *****. I was amazed at how QUIET the dome was. Where is the passion? Where is the fight?

              I don't understand how there could possibly still be tickets available! Nothing would stop me from going to the game, especially if I could get tickets for cheap. I wish I was able to drive to St. Louis this weekend, but it's just not possible ...

              WE NEED SOME NOISE IN THE DOME THIS WEEK! The morale is this team is seemingly low, and we need a 12th man. Come on!

              I might be the biggest homer ever, but I am sitting down, jumping around, screaming, and yelling at my TV every week, whether we are 6-2 or 1-7. I feel that I am a real fan, and I will support this team, every week, until I die. As a matter of fact, I haven't missed a single game in 6 years now, and sometimes it's hard to find a way to get them out of market. Now I have DirecTV, so I see em all, but I can't tell you how many crackshack bars I've been to in an effort to support my Rams ....

              REMEMBER!!! We were 4-1 last year and lost several in a row. It's still early, and we can turn this around just as well: I have no doubt we'll rebound against the ***** ...

              Rams 20, ***** 17 ...
              -09-12-2007, 08:26 AM