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A Look (ok listen) Behind Enemy Lines

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  • A Look (ok listen) Behind Enemy Lines

    Not sure why I don't frequent this area of the forum more, the good ol Video and Radio section! Anyway, was reading some of Mike Sando, ESPN NFC West Blogger, and found this interesting link to ESPN Seattle. Not sure who the blow hard is, but ESPN St Louis listeners will recognize Bob Stelton's meak voice. They called Sando and were inquiring about our St Louis Rams, neat to see the other side's perspective, take a listen...

    710 ESPN Interviews - Podcasts -

    Love how the entitled, cocky, pretentious, snobby, s.o.b.(think I just describe everyone from Seattle) thinks he is dissing on the STL for being hot and miserable... the toughest steel comes from the hottest fires buddy!

    (and sorry about the link, hey its not spam, on my honor )

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    Re: A Look (ok listen) Behind Enemy Lines

    when is this from? i love how the radio announcer describes seattle as the end all be all of nfl training faculities. ehh good interview either way.
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      Re: A Look (ok listen) Behind Enemy Lines

      Good interview, sally about the heat though :P


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        J-Mac interview on ESPN 101
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        Nice audio interview with J-Mac on the evolution of our offense to date. Some comments on what Lloyd brings to the Rams, and a snippet on Salas as well .. Audio Player - Josh McDaniels
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        hey guys,

        Les is on in ten minutes or so on Colin Cowherd...

        in wanna listen...
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        I can't find the link, I did hear it, though. Stupidly I cleared my browser history.

        Basically the gist of it was that he'd like Jason Smith out of Baylor in the first round to block for him, and has let the Rams FO know it.

        There's not much to make of it other than what he said, the rest of the interview was fluff.
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        Obviously he is incredibly angry about the game, I was. I was rooting for the Ravens...During the end of Rolle's interview, he was asked was the Patriots the most difficult team he has ever played and said no, second. And the interviewer had asked, who is the first and guess who it was? The St. Louis Rams of 99', he was praising our team, and it was kinda nice to hear that these players have a head on their shoulders...All of these talks about this offense being the best ever, bla bla...It is bullcrap, the Ram's GSOT was/is the best ever. Plain and simple...This is just a reminder to be grateful of being a Rams fan although there is not much to be grateful for at the moment. Atleast our history is a great one. (Some of it at least!)
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