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  • Hey

    Just wanted to say hello to you all at the clan. I'm from England so finding people to talk to in depth about the NFL is very difficult. Its even more difficult joining a team in this country. I look forward to reading all your posts.

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    Re: Hey

    Welcome to the clan. We have plenty of international types here. Enjoy and don't be afraid to post some thoughts.



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      Re: Hey

      Welcome British Ram.

      If I can give you any advice about joining a team just let me know. I used to live in Buckinghamshire and there used to be a fair few around there.


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        Re: Hey

        Welcome British Ram! Enjoy your stay!


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          Re: Hey

          Welcome man,Enjoy your stay


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            Re: Hey

            Welcome Mate,
            It's always a pleasure to have some folks from our former American colony join us.

            I've always thought Washington should have kept England as our colony. It was fine to let the Irish go, but we should have kept the English.


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              Re: Hey

              Aaaahhhh, merry ol' England. Fond memories there. I got in a fight in a bar while in the Navy with a bunch of Marines and local ruffies in London. Had a chair broken across my face. Still have the scar on my nose where it was peeled back to the bone. God I miss those days!


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                Re: Hey

                welcome to another european.

                Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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                  Re: Hey

                  Originally posted by coy bacon
                  It was fine to let the Irish go, but we should have kept the English.
                  You never let the Irish go,Anyone who tried to take our country including the English,we got them the hell out of our country


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                    hey yall
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                    i new in this place so every one i am new YEAH!LOL LOL
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                    hey guys!!
                    by Guest
                    I am from, I am a big ram fan And i just wanted to say hi. and i look forward to posting on here.

                    The shoes
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                    hey there
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                    I am Youngblood39 Iam 12 and I know someone on this site anyways I live
                    In Wisconsin AND have been rams fan for seven years. Go Rams:ramlogo:
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                    hey Im Why So serious from Gotham!!
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                    Hey all.. I am from Manchester, And I am the Jokers Biggest fan!!! I am a ram fan tooooo and proud of it... Whoaaaa.
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                  • VegasRam
                    Hey y'all...
                    by VegasRam
                    Brand new, (as you can see), just getting a feel for how things work here. Looks pretty cool.

                    The reason I found this forum was because I clicked on a link to some videos, (on the PD's board), of the Ram-Patriots Superbowl.


                    I'm not a conspiracy freak AT ALL, and I know there's cheap shots that go uncalled in every NFL game, and I know I'm prejudiced, but it looked pretty blatant to me.

                    Oh well, maybe the country needed it.

                    Don't respect the Pats like I used to though...
                    -05-21-2005, 10:24 AM