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  • Hey!

    Id just like to start out by saying I am a huge Rams fan. Unfortunately I live in San Diego. Dont get me wrong i like living out here, but there isnt any tolerance for the Rams at all. Everybody hates them and I seem to be the only one out here!!! It really sucks. Isaac Bruce is the man though and im sticking with the Rams. Yeahh!

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    Re: Hey!

    Welcome aboard. We're all fish out of water now here in Cali.


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    • Guest's Avatar
      hey Im Why So serious from Gotham!!
      by Guest
      Hey all.. I am from Manchester, And I am the Jokers Biggest fan!!! I am a ram fan tooooo and proud of it... Whoaaaa.
      -07-20-2008, 11:34 PM
    • Guest's Avatar
      hey guys!!
      by Guest
      I am from, I am a big ram fan And i just wanted to say hi. and i look forward to posting on here.

      The shoes
      -05-22-2006, 07:26 PM
    • CrAzY_RaMz_FaN
      hey yall
      by CrAzY_RaMz_FaN
      i new in this place so every one i am new YEAH!LOL LOL
      -08-05-2005, 10:39 PM
    • VegasRam
      Hey y'all...
      by VegasRam
      Brand new, (as you can see), just getting a feel for how things work here. Looks pretty cool.

      The reason I found this forum was because I clicked on a link to some videos, (on the PD's board), of the Ram-Patriots Superbowl.


      I'm not a conspiracy freak AT ALL, and I know there's cheap shots that go uncalled in every NFL game, and I know I'm prejudiced, but it looked pretty blatant to me.

      Oh well, maybe the country needed it.

      Don't respect the Pats like I used to though...
      -05-21-2005, 10:24 AM
    • slurbs
      by slurbs
      Thanks for hhaveing me. Its nice to see other great and wise people!
      -05-02-2006, 07:57 PM