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DualHazzarD here, a Pure NFL Fan

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  • DualHazzarD here, a Pure NFL Fan

    Hey guys, Im DualHazzarD, I am a giant fan of the NFL, and have been since 2003. My favorite Team is the Green Bay Packers, as I live in Wisconsin. But I myself, love every team of the NFL, and the Rams are one of my higher likings. They are a well established team, and Marshall Faulk was one of my favorites to watch play the game, who is now gone... But yet, the Rams being 0-7 as of right now, Seems to surprise me. Their team looks well balanced, and they have an offense to die for, and a big defense, but I dont see why they arent winning any games... and have an 11.3 scoring avg. per game. Well hey, It's my first day here, and I'd like to say hi to all you guys, and let you know that im here to have a good time, not start any trouble, and contribute my knowledge and have great discussions around this forum!


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    Re: DualHazzarD here, a Pure NFL Fan

    Hey Dual, nice to see you here. I hope you enjoy your stay, as I have so far.


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      Re: DualHazzarD here, a Pure NFL Fan

      Welcome, both of you, to the best Rams site on the 'net!


      GO RAMS!!


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        Re: DualHazzarD here, a Pure NFL Fan

        Thanks for the welcome guys, and thanks for showing me this place Deuce.


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          Re: DualHazzarD here, a Pure NFL Fan

          Welcome aboard, fellas.
          The more things change, the more they stay the same.


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            Re: DualHazzarD here, a Pure NFL Fan

            Kind of flattering that a fan of another NFL team would want to be involved in our site.

            Welcome aboard, I hope you are active here and not a lurker.
            sigpic :ram::helmet:


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              Re: DualHazzarD here, a Pure NFL Fan

              oh, im a forum fanatic, and Football is one thing that I cant stop talking about, you will see me around here quite a bit.


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                Re: DualHazzarD here, a Pure NFL Fan

                Glad to have you around! This is no doubt the best Rams forums around.
                Packers, eh? I do have them high on the teams I respect list. I really like Brett Favre (and I can spell his name right!).
                It looks like you guys got a real shot at a playoff run. Unless we can pull some miracle and come back, I'd go for either Kurt Warner and the Cards to go deep, or for you guys.
                I don't really think the Cards will make the playoffs, so odds are I'll be rooting for you guys come playoff time.


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                  Re: DualHazzarD here, a Pure NFL Fan

                  Well thanks Keenum for the support! I as well like Kurt and the Cardinals, and the Cardinals are on my list as well. I remember a few years back, a game between the Cardinals vs. the Vikings determined whether the Vikings will go to the playoffs, or the Packers. The Cardinals were down by 6, and with a few seconds to go, The Cardinals QB (not sure who it was at the time) threw a touchdown and was called out of bounds. Then the booth challenged, and the reciever was forced out, and the Cardinals won, Opening the gate for the packers to walk into the playoffs. The packers ended up losing their playoff game, but I still respect the Cardinals for giving it all they got even if it didnt matter for them, to keep the vikings out of the playoffs.

                  Go Cards and Pack!


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                    Re: DualHazzarD here, a Pure NFL Fan

                    Originally posted by DualHazzarD View Post
                    Thanks for the welcome guys, and thanks for showing me this place Deuce.
                    Not a problem Dual, I have no problems in spreading a forum around, when it needs it.


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                      Re: DualHazzarD here, a Pure NFL Fan

                      Welcome to both Deuce and and HazzarD. I'd be interested in seeing your opinion of the Pack's chances after Favre retires. You have the 1st rounder sitting there, but he hasn't proved himself by any means. Will he be able to step in, or will it be more of a Denver always trying to replace Elway and falling short? That said, Cutler seems like he could become the real deal.
                      I believe!:ram:


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                      • TAustin316
                        Brand new Rams/Football fan
                        by TAustin316
                        Hey guys, brand new fan of the game, just wanted to introduce myself.

                        My name's Ty, some friends in school are big into the NFL so I decided to start following the game as well. I've been a Blues fan for about 15 years, and remember watching the Rams win the Super bowl back in '99. So this was a natural choice!

                        Looking forward to learning the game and creating some memories here on ClanRams:ram:
                        -08-26-2013, 09:24 PM
                      • company dog
                        Hey here
                        by company dog
                        Just wanted to say hello, 10 year Rams Fan from SE Missouri, I look forward to
                        interesting debates this year....

                        Warner Fan, Bulger Fan, but overall Rams Fan :ramlogo:
                        -06-15-2004, 07:59 AM
                      • RamDodger
                        Rams Fan in AZ
                        by RamDodger
                        Hello to all!!!
                        I've been reading the forum for a couple months (basically since the start of the season) and decided to finally register.

                        I had a chance to be at the Rams/Cards game here in AZ a few weeks back and was bitin' my nails till the last snap. Nice that we pulled out a close victory. Go Rams!!!

                        Anyhow, I was born and raised in the Los Angeles area (Torrance, CA to be exact) and always tried to keep up on my Rams, Dodgers, Lakers, and Trojans. As I've gotten older my passion for sports has grown along with the love of my favorite teams.

                        One team I didn't mention above was the Raiders. At one time, in the not too distant past, I considered myself a part of the Raider Nation as well. (Hope you all don't hold that against me). Over time I've realized I was just being a part-time Rams fan.

                        Well, this year sealed the deal. With the direction the two teams seem to be taking I decided to mend my ways and focus on being a full-time Rams fan.

                        So, to everyone on this board: Thanks for having me and here's to the start of being a true Rams fan.

                        GO RAMS!!! :l

                        -10-10-2006, 02:16 PM
                      • Suppressor
                        Rams Fan from Germany
                        by Suppressor
                        Hello together

                        I am Suppressor (also René) from West Germany and I am Rams Fan since 2004. I played American Football for two Years (CB) until I have to remove to an other town. In Germany Football is not so big like Soccer but I think Football is a great sport with a big portion of strategy.

                        Best regards.

                        -11-05-2009, 10:58 PM
                      • ramsfan37
                        New User...Longtime Rams Fan
                        by ramsfan37
                        Hi everyone. I'm new to this site and thought I would introduce myself. A friend of mine turned me on to it from NFLDRAFTCOUNTDOWN. Thanks, NGSEILER.

                        I have been a Rams fan since I was about 4 years old. My Dad was born in SoCal and grew up watching the Rams. My Grandpa started following the Rams and listening to them on the radio when they were in Cleveland in 1937. He chose them as his team because he didn't have very good eyesight, and they were the first team to paint their helmets, so he could tell who was who when he looked at photos in the newspaper.

                        I have lived in Seattle my whole life and get a lot of hazing from my circle of football friends. Whenever they rib me too much I just ask them how many rings they have.

                        I am a draft guy and I am excited about this offseason. I couldn't be happier with what I have seen from our new regime. I see great things in our team's future and it is exciting to be a Rams fan again!

                        I used to be a regular poster on a website called, and I was hoping I might find some of the guys from that site here. Anyone?

                        I look forward to having great discussions here and thanks for welcoming me aboard.
                        -03-31-2012, 12:37 PM