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  • UtterBlitz comes calling

    ramgram here to tell you our household had the pleasure of a visit from UtterBlitz & her lovely neice. We talked some Rams, some places to visit, the Bash & enjoyed the moderate (for Illinois in Aug) weather. They introduced the ol' gram to Facebook & agree we can't wait for the Bash. I think she'll be driving out early so we can hook up with some of the other early arrivals.

    Since I have been off the board for many months for health reasons UB had the sad duty to tell me about RammieGirl. We three attended our first Bash together with her hubby & mine. We had a blast & became friends for life. She warned us she'd not be able to attend every Bash (something about kids wanting to eat, or some other nonsense) But her postings were a real link to a young woman who knew her stuff! She brought joy to this old lady & all who had the privilege of knowing her. Bet she's up there giving the whiners what for & asking St Pete how he could have allowed them in! ramgram

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    Re: UtterBlitz comes calling

    Hi Girls Miss you guys. sorry to hear about the health concerns. I miss you gals and your company. I had a great time at the bash. Hope you keep the faith.
    TheField Goal Oscar F Lopez


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      Re: UtterBlitz comes calling

      Thanks for having us over with no notice Carol-Ann. We enjoyed St Louis and it was good to get to see you and the family again.


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        Re: UtterBlitz comes calling

        I also send my condolenses sp? to RammieGirl and her family, they (and you) are great, cool people. Good luck and God bless


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          Re: UtterBlitz comes calling

          What happened to Mr Blond's post? I saw it on here. Nothing wrong with it. He was with us for that bash.

          Wonder if the red button got pushed for him.:o


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          • rampower
            Thinking of coming to the bash?
            by rampower
            If there is anybody out there who is lucky enough to have the time and money to attend the bash and is sitting there wondering if they should attend.

            Heres the answer.

            DO IT!!!

            It will be the time of your life.

            You would love it.

            All these people you post with you could meet for real.

            How could anyone not want to meet big red for real?

            You think this guy is a crazy scream on here?

            Wait till you see him at the bash! He is the guy you want to sit beside when opposition fans are coming!! Strong in muscle and in words.

            Dez is the life and soul not only of the clan but of the party.

            Alpha ram has just the best sense of humour, both he and PA girl just rock.

            Mix in Ramcableking, MaineRam and Majorram and you will not only have a good time and make the best of friends, but you will end up in a bar, always.

            These bashes have changed my life.

            If you can, please come, we welcome all.
            -07-17-2008, 10:11 AM
          • AlphaRam
            Bash Decision Point: What Should We Do?
            by AlphaRam
            Many of you attended the mini-Bash last year when we received the privelege of a visit from a former Dallas Cowboys alternate cheerleader. She was kind enough to do a routine for Steve, Carlos, etc. Lynne and Lis seemed particularly fond of her. I think Julian wanted to take her back across the pond.

            If we encounter her again this year (or someone like her), what should we do or how should we proceed?
            -08-30-2008, 08:10 PM
          • r8rh8rmike
            What A Wild 2009 Bash
            by r8rh8rmike
            Let's see, one member got slipped a mickie at a local watering hole, a few needed to be slipped one, lightning hit ones plane, a wrong way driver nearly killed two, and an impromtu (very unwelcomed and disturbing) strip show broke out in our section. Did I miss anything? Oh yeah, a third of us caught a wicked bug, me included.

            All in all though, it was an absolutly fantastic experience for Fran and I, as usual. Maybe a little more drama than I'd like, but hey, it kept things lively.

            ClanRam members are the greatest people on earth. It gets proven to me every year when I meet and talk to them.

            As far as the game, I couldn't let it ruin my weekend. Too many great times and memories. A friend from across the pond taught me that.

            Thanks to everyone who made it such a great experience, especially Av, who did what he does every year to make things flow and let the good times roll! You guys that have not met him in person would be shocked at what a mild mannered gentleman he is. Sorry to blow your cover David.
            -09-29-2009, 03:02 PM
          • RamWraith
            unoffical head-count
            by RamWraith
            who is planning on making this years trip to St. Louis for this years Bash??

            --Looking at getting a rough estimate for planning.

            OCTOBER 28TH, 2007. Against the Browns.


            You can put my name on the list

            1) Jason - RamWraith +2
            -06-22-2007, 02:04 PM
          • ramsanddodgers
            Anyone remember CaliGirl?
            by ramsanddodgers
            I hope this is an appropriate place for this.

            Caligirl was a regular on this board until Big Red Man passed away and it was too painful for her to visit as it reminded her too much of Randy and the loss she took so hard. Her kids called Randy "Uncle Squishy".

            It seems Cheri passed away a few days ago, here is a post from her Facebook page, "The family of Cheri Hamilton Stinson sadly announces that she passed away in her sleep on August 6, 2017. We would greatly appreciate your patience and understanding while we process our loss. As Cheri's friends we are very sorry for your loss as well."

            The Rams and the Boise State Broncos lost one of their biggest fans.

            RIP, Cheri...
            -08-09-2017, 04:29 PM