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Mr. "Hi, I am a huge Ram's fan"

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  • Mr. "Hi, I am a huge Ram's fan"

    Just to let everyone who has not seen, "Hi, I am a huge rams fan", is just talking smack. I nicely provided the address of Qwest for him, because he didn't know the name of the stadium.

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    Re: Mr. "Hi, I am a huge Ram's fan"

    To correct the pompous CaliGirlRamsFan: Qwest did not purchase the naming rights until three years after our stadium was built. It was officially called Seahawks Stadium for the first three years, and many refer to it as that, although the majority just call it "Qwest", now.

    Evidence: Qwest Field - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (right-hand side)

    Still feeling so arrogant? How can a Lambs fan feel arrogant when adding your total number of wins the past few seasons, anyways; I don't get it. Our 4-12 last year was due primarily to injuries, and our 2nd/3rd stringers still took two of our four wins from you.
    Seahawks fan in Seattle. Not here to troll. Go Hawks!

    Don't make bets with me, though. I'm a notorious welcher and should not be trusted on my honor.

    I'm REALLY just jealous of Sam.


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      Re: Mr. "Hi, I am a huge Ram's fan"

      He is not worth my time to reply to guy's,........sorry.


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        Re: Mr. "Hi, I am a huge Ram's fan"

        Hey Roland,

        Didn't your Mother teach you anything???

        Don't talk to women like that...What a disrespectful jerk.

        Wait till sunday and our Lambs stomp out your stinky Seachickens....

        That will shut you up!!


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          Re: Mr. "Hi, I am a huge Ram's fan"

          Thanks, but don't worry about him. I take it with a grain of salt. And I reported him.


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            Re: Mr. "Hi, I am a huge Ram's fan"

            6. There is one rule concerning other NFL team fans posting. Be civil and talk football. Smack will be deleted without warning and no explanation will be given. This rule is subject to the automated infraction system.
            Let's move on, kids.


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            • macrammer
              Hi, my name is Mike and i am a Ram fan
              by macrammer
              It started when I was very young. I was introduced to the "fearsome foursome." I did not understand much about the game but I liked the color of the uniforms and they sure did tackle that QB quite a bit. The past 23 years have been pretty rough. We had fleeting glory for a few years making all of the misery from the 90's go away. But now we once again toil in the bottom rung of the NFL year after year. I cannot give up my allegiance to this team even though they break my heart time and time again. I just keep coming back for more abuse. I know to many of you, this is may sound strange but I just cannot give them up. Even after they left my home state I still root for this team...Each year, I have a new attitude and expectation that this year will be different. I revel in the offseason signings and salivate over our TOP draft picks. I read all of the hoopla surrounding my beloved Rams and I count the days to the first kick off. Then, reality sets in....

              Again, my name is Mike and I am a Ram fan.
              -09-27-2013, 08:39 AM
            • benton45
              Niner fan here. Let's talk shop.
              by benton45
              Hey guys.

              I am a regular poster on forums.*****.com under the name benton45, and thought I would swing by to say a few things.

              First of all, here is to an injury free game, and a good contest.

              I am not here to talk crap, let me clarify that from the start.

              I grew up about an hour from Candlestick and am now in Phoenix, and suffice it to say the Cardinals fans seem to forget that their ****, in fact, does stink. It can get frustrating.

              My uncle John has been a Rams fan since the 50's and we love the matchups. Every year we bet on the games and watch them together. It is a fun time.

              I do not know much about your team this year. Not to sound rude, but they were not a team that I felt it necessary to familiarize myself with. With the rebuild I see you guys going through personnel just like any rebuilding team does.

              The Niners are playing some tough ball this year. I have been proud and fairly surprised at the level of intensity of which they play.

              With that being said, we are still one step from being a force in the league as far as I am concerned. This game is very big one for the Niners IMO, because it will show how they handle a tough loss..and a victory would make us 3-0 in the division through week 1. A loss, however, would be demoralizing as it would be 2 in a row..and (no offense) against an inferior squad.

              I heard that one of your starting receivers broke his leg.. Sorry to hear. I never like to see a guy get seriously hurt. I also know Bulger got hurt, but am not sure of his status. Is he playing? If not, how has Boller looked?

              We dont have Gore, as I am sure you know, which could really hurt us.

              Anyways. I am sorry for being so long winded. Hopefully we can have some good chat before, during and after the game.

              I promise, as a sportsman, if you guys beat us on sunday I will be here shortly after the game to pay my penence.
              -10-02-2009, 01:54 AM
            • peramoure
              by peramoure
              I think for those of us who post on this board (I myself post irregularly butread frequently), this is a pretty amazing time for us. I don't put the Rams up on a podium above my personal life and I don't spend hours a week reading about the Rams, but I do watch the games, I do pay attention, and I can name every player, starters and reserves. ;-

              I love the Rams. I'm 26, I grew up in LA, and my dad had a serious anger problem. Every time the Rams lost he would punch a hole through the wall or kick a cupboard door. The worst of it all was when the ***** came to town - I knew as a little kid that the ***** meant a grumpy dad later in the day. I didn't know Joe Montana or Jerry Rice as a 5 year old, but I grew up to know them well. As my dad's football expertise and attention level faded, my attention level rose to incredible heights. As an 8 year old I would get the team address from Beckett Magazine and would mail playing cards in for autographs. Jim Everett wrote me back and signed. Bettis, Bruce, Flipper Anderson, Kevin Greene. I have many other teams, but those Rams were important to me.

              The point of this note is that the past 7 or 8 years have sucked. My best friend is a Seahawks fan, and I live in Dallas, Texas.

              But something has changed. My girlfriend got back in town last night and smiled and said "The Rams won!". My neighbor stopped me to yell "YOUR TEAM WON DUDE!". My dad called to talk about how we beat the Seahawks - and that is important to me.

              People know I'm a Rams fun. They didn't typically rub it in my face when we won 1 or 2 games a year but they share my pleasure and satisfaction that my team is (so far) competetive. That is what sports is about - that is what being a Rams fan means to me.
              -10-05-2010, 12:20 PM
            • ljcrayton
              Tired of being a Rams fan
              by ljcrayton
              I'm not a bandwagon fan. I am from the STL and I root for the Rams because as a kid, it was the talk around town. Everywhere you turned, it was all about the LA Rams moving to STL. We were happy to have a football team and were hoping if they were anything like our Cardinals, it was going to be on helluva ride.

              4 years later, something magical happened. I was only in the 8th grade and our hometown was scared when Trent Green went down. They thought no one would watch or buy tickets. So believe it or not, dominoes stepped in. They made a deal when Kurt Warner was named starter that they would take a dollar off for every touchdown the rams scored. I remember the second week of the season, they scored 5 TD's and a pizza was 2 bucks.

              Unless something like this happens, I no longer have a reason to watch football. I know some of you older fans are thinking this younger generation gives up to easy but lets be serious.

              In 2010, we had a chance to get to the playoffs. All we had to do was go 8-8 and we couldn't do it. Our division was the laughing stock. All teams made changes and let me see....The Whiners and Seahawks are in the talk every year about the Superbowl and the Cardinals won 10 games and are now leading our division and look at the Rams.

              We have an old school minded coach who seems to get out coached in every game unless he pulls out some special teams tricks. This is an offensive league period. All defensive minded coaches are looking terrible and Fisher is no exception to the rule. His overall record as a coach is barely over .500. What in the blue hell was he supposed to do in STL?

              I am officially ashamed to be a Rams fan. I haven't touched my Jerseys, my Rams snuggy, my giant sign that reads "Rams Drive," or my Rams coffee cup. I have a co worker that's a Whiner fan and another that's a Cardinals fan and I find myself leaving and actually doing work when football is mentioned. (Doesn't help my boss is a Cowboys fan....)

              People actually feel sorry for me when I say I'm a Rams fan. They genuinely look sorry in the face and it freaking sucks. 5 years ago, I was still having hope even at 2-14. Now, I've just given up. The Rams is just a bunch of excuses with a coach who "can't get with the times."

              You can talk about the Jags or Raiders all you want but we are the worst. We were in the same situation as the Whiners, Cardinals, and Seahawks and in the EXACT SAME AMOUNT OF TIME AND 3 EXTRA 1ST ROUND PICKS we are the same pathetic team and they are all playoff worthy.

              ENOUGH OF THIS CRAP! No more optimism. We've been waiting for 11 years for this mysterious thing called "next season" but in the end, next season ends up being last season over and over and over and over and over and over again. Seems like STL is where football players go to die. Tavon Austin needs to leave so he can...
              -10-28-2014, 09:04 PM
            • LA Rammer
              Rams Fan Brethren
              by LA Rammer
              I had a few minutes to burn a few thoughts. I'm not going to say be patient we will get to the promise land soon or we will drastically improve and become a contender, NO. I'm not "Johnny come lately." I have sat through blowouts at candlestick and been escorted out by inebriated annoying whiner fans with horns, bells and whistles, not good experience. I have been arrested at Anaheim Stadium for confrontation with Raider player and fans, blowout at home, not good. I have also sat through games at home where Redskins and their fans completely took over our house!!! NOT GOOD!!! People in my neighborhood, school, work and other places heckle me "The Lambs!"

              When the Raiders played in LA my former associates took to them and would invite me to their games. THEY WON SUPERBOWL! Still I couldn't turn to the dark side, didn't feel right. I stuck to my team through adversity, even the ultimate heartbreak... they moved.

              The GSOT era awakened a new spirit within me, a victorious one. Now ridicule turned to hate, colleagues would wish painful injury upon Warner and Faulk. Now people took me serious.

              I'm sorry if some here feel they can't take it no more enduring disappointing seasons. Believe me if you walk away and put on another teams jersey it will not make you happier. What will? Going back to why you like this team. The presence of gold horns on the field. Even if we score ONE TD ALL SEASON savor it, there is no better feeling.

              Our new motto will be "together we suffer as one we triumph!" Keep your heads up and enjoy the small moments. I do not take pleasure in the exultation of a mighty one, but the overcoming of adversity from the lowly.

              Together We Suffer as One We Triumph!
              -10-06-2011, 11:22 AM